An Exciting Day In the Second Largest City of Denmark , Aarhus!

Recently, I visited the happiest country in the world, Denmark! Though I happened to visit this country for educational purpose, I still enjoyed myself like a traveller. The two months I spent in this beautiful country were some of the most memorable days of my life. In fact, those two months changed my life in many ways! I had to attend lectures at the university from Monday to Friday and then the weekend used to be free.

Well, then the first weekend I decided to visit Aarhus which very near to where I was staying, Herning. Aarhus is a 2-hour distance from Herning and I decided to travel via train. While boarding the train, I decided to take a quick nap but, as my journey progressed to the alluring countryside of Denmark, my sleep just went away. It cost 180 kroner (1800 INR) from Herning to Aarhus

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After a journey of one-and-a-half hours, I was in the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus. Like any responsible traveller, I had already researched the places to visit and things to do before-hand and well, Aarhus didn’t disappoint. It is a city that is easy to navigate as I walked around the streets all by myself. After reaching the Aarhus Railway Station, I took a quick break to feed my stomach. There are a lot of shops lined outside the station but I chose to eat some Chicken Shawarma. Well, I also managed to click some photos outside the station’s beautiful architecture and obviously, good lighting was a bonus.

That’s Aarhus Railway Station in the background. (Image Credit: Shalmali Jadhav)

Aros Art Museum

My first spot was the famous Aros Art Museum. Located at a distance of 1.5 km from the station, this museum was on my list because of the beautiful rainbow panorama. It took me around 7 minutes to reach this the main art museum in Aarhus. Established in 1859, Aros is also one of the largest museums in Northern Europe and is a house of art. Here, the guests are pleased, enlightened and challenged. The architecture is of international class. The same is with art.

The architecture as well as art, both offer different experiences – from light to thrill, from attitude to entertainment and from joy to challenge. The museum has a grand entrance with enormous stairs and from there itself you can get a clear view of the rainbow panorama at the top. I was enthralled. When you enter the museum, there’s a reception counter at the right where you buy your tickets from.  The ticket costs and opening hours of the museum are as follows:

#ProTip – The tickets cost 120 dkk (1200 INR) for adults and 90 dkk (900 INR) for students and visitors under 28. But, children under 18 enter for free.
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
The Rainbow Panorana on the roof of the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.

After buying my ticket, I took the lift straight to the 11th floor and there I was at the Rainbow Panorama. A beautiful picture to look at where you can see all seven colours at a glance. My personal favourite is yellow, and so I ended up clicking a lot of pictures in yellow. The view was worth the climb. You get that Dutch feel after seeing over thousands of European houses and buildings from the top. Every floor of this museum has something in store for you!

Infinity Bridge

After spending a good 3 hours, my next destination was the Infinity Bridge. Before visiting Aarhus, I heard a lot of about this unending loop bridge, so this was a must-visit. Located on Varna Beach, it was built in the year 2015 and you need to travel 4.8 km in order to reach the bridge. I took a bus that cost me 22 krona (220 Indian Rupees) and took around 14 minutes to the destination. The buses of Denmark are the best with comfortable sitting and have a different sitting arrangement for the senior citizens. And, most importantly you get free Wi-Fi on the buses.

Imagine a bridge on which you can walk and walk and walk, without ever reaching the end. And, the breathtaking scenery is a bonus. This is exactly what you get when you visit this wooden pier. You can do whatever you feel like; whether it’s putting on your bathing suit or simply walking around and enjoying the view of the beach, the sea and the forest. The infinity bridge is simply the best place to spend the day with your friends and family. I spent almost 2 hours enjoying the scenery, walking by the beach, and finally, I took a dip in the cold water too.

Varna Beach (Image Credit: Shalmali Jadhav)

Aarhus Street Food

While it was really tough to leave the beach but, as I was my hungry again, my next stop was the famous Aarhus Street Food. It is a permanent street food market in Aarhus where you can enjoy various kinds of street foods from more than 30 kitchens and bars. I decided to walk from Varna Beach to the Aarhus Street Food as it was 3.4 km but only took me 5 minutes to reach there. While I had a lot of food items, an oreo popsicle stole my heart!

Aarhus Street Food
Aarhus Street Food (Image Credit: Shalmali Jadhav)

Well, it was 6.30 by then and as my train was at 7 pm to return to Herning, I walked back to the railway station (just a 2 minute walk from Aarhus Street Food). That was my Aarhus experience!

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If you are looking for an off-beat city in Denmark, this would be it. Cities like this shouldn’t be missed! If you’ve visited Aarhus yourself, do share your experiences in the comments below


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