What are the up and coming travel trends to look out for in 2019? With technological improvements and a world that is more connected than ever, travel is set to move to unexplored heights. From artificial intelligence-stimulated holidays to engaging in activities that look to offset the environmental impact of your stay, 2019 is sure to be an exciting year for travel. 

While it’s important to choose where you want to travel to, it’s also about time that we start thinking about what all we can do when we get there. So, here are the trends that people will be jumping on this year.

1Travel to learn

Young girl sitting at the steps and using laptop

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s a summer course overseas, a volunteer placement, or even just learning yoga at the seashore, getting out there forces us to step out of our previous limitations and learn something brand new. This serves as a way of discovering oneself and can become something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

2Discovering the Unknown

Scuba diver exploring the underwater cenotes.

This year will be a time to spend far away from familiar routines and to embrace the things we haven’t seen and done before. In a few years, tourists will be able to take their adventures outside the planet and into space. Until then, however, we can explore the unknown in other ways. To enjoy something truly fantastic more and more human beings are finding methods to peer uncharted territory with their very own eyes – from underwater inns to deserted islands and mountain top retreats.

3Using Apps 

travel apps

Technology has really stepped up in the last few years. From checking train timings to booking hotel rooms, technology has never been more important when it comes to travel. This year will also see apps such as Airbnb making tailored suggestions of destinations and accommodations, which can affect travel trends.

4All-Inclusive Trips

Hiking in Turkey. Lycian Way. Backpacker by the sea. The track is completed, Hiking Shoes

More and more travellers are looking to include lots of varying activities in one holiday, rather than dedicate the vacation time they get to one activity alone. Maybe it’s a retreat that combines surf and swimming with hiking and nightclubs afterwards, it’s becoming easier and easier to find all your favourite activities and sights close to each other to save travel time.

5Staying at “Home-tels”

Hotel Room Hacks eco-friendly travel

Listing sites like Airbnb are now adding hotels to their platforms, and with more and more hotels looking to create a more local experience, hybrid “home-tels” are becoming more popular.

6Short Trips

Most of us don’t have the luxury of quitting our jobs and travelling the world, so with limited time and sometimes limited cash, people are looking to make the most of short journeys whenever they can. Instead of getting away once a year, travellers are getting away for two or three days at a time and taking more frequent trips as a result. 

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So these are some exciting travel trends to look out for. Also, keep an eye out for new travel start-ups and businesses dedicated to pioneering an eco-friendly future for our planet’s destinations, as they are also seeing an increase in popularity. 


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