Call me a girl with Bollywood dreams or simply admire me as a passionate traveller, those grand weddings glorified in some of the most pretty properties in films like ‘Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani’ have always had me full of awe. With dreams as such, it was but obvious that a trip to what I would rather call ‘Dilli’ (I think it sounds much better than Delhi) would have me pining for a road trip to Jaipur and Udaipur. Udaipur has to wait but Jaipur gave me my chance of experiencing palatial eloquence and grandeur at its best.

Pink in its entirety, living up to its much precious heritage, a drive down the well-planned city is sure to restore your belief in the ideality and authenticity of Indian culture. After all, amidst all the cacophony our media seems to host and boast, there’s a lot that tells you that there’s really nothing like India.

Expressing what Jaipur feels like is almost like talking about the most common fashion mantra we talk about these days- Simple, sweet, rooted and peaceful. Its like that perfect kurta and pyjama you have been wanting to wear after a heavy dose of western jeans and crop tops. And oh! There are plenty of those kurtas awaiting your glance at prices you’d wish existed back home. Authentic antique jewellery handcrafted with excellence in every detail coupled with beautiful bags exquisitely imposed with mirror work and infused with the best combinations of bright colours is surely trés magnifique.

Launching you into this world of what I’d like to call extremely enchanting and mesmerizing, there are a couple of specifics I believe make Jaipur a must-visit.

Properties That Make for Picture-Perfect Polaroids

Whilst my phone switched to silent and as I zapped into the craziness of being amidst the best of family, ‘ITC Rajputana’ made sure I was comfortable and treated to the royalty touché Jaipur. Designed almost like an ode to the flamboyant Rajput tradition that Jaipur is home to, this property is stamped with the five stars at its entrance that presents warmth in its very first welcome.

A lobby exquisitely built with white marble invites you to dining options that boast of some of the best cuisines served with taste and ambiance all at once at the hands of some of the best chefs. The service staff extends the regal air into their service and at their hands you can be sure your stay is going to be a memorable one. Every room offers world-class amenities and facilities that go much above expectations to make your holiday a perfect fit into your album of smiles.

Amber Fort Jaipur, India
Forts That Host Technology of Their Own

They may not have had the ‘smart’ revolution we seem to be so intimidated by today but they had the planning one can only attribute to a mastermind now. The history bustling within every intricate cut that builds the most beautiful forts glorifies a regional past that went much beyond hind-sighted beauty or recreation; to exemplify fine architecture and town-planning.

Among-st the many multi-storeyed forts spread across acres and acres of land surrounded by the richness of greens and desert views, we chose the ‘Jaigarh’ fort. All I could say about this engagement is that it enlightened me with how we humans are potential storehouses that could conquer so much if we wanted to. Fort hideouts that were earlier military secrets are now lovers spots, fort terraces are now family picture reunions and the narrow gates roofed by interesting inscriptions are now shadows from the heat. Timeless beauty is all that persists.

Jaipur, India – People visit Streets of Indra Bazar in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Everything at Once- ‘Chowki Dhani’

If you had just two days to experience Jaipur, ‘Chowki Dhani’ hosts you in all its finiteness and splendor to every significant thing you need to know about Jaipur. A mini replicate of the Jaipur city enlivens your journey from the start with its typical Rajasthani dhol and lassi. As you survive the ticket queue to enter an old time space of Jaipuri culture, you shouldn’t miss the authentic thali.

The love pouring like the white butter and ghee filled meal full of nutrition, variety and richness makes you feel satiated in a way that not even the most boutique dining could offer. After a hearty meal, a delightful shopping experience awaits you with beautiful must-have’s from Jaipur at throw-away prices that are much better than the market rates. Stocking up on exclusive batik prints, desi jhumkas and heavy neck-pieces can be one challenge considering the variety they offer here,

After a terrific time full of hilly climbs up-to the mahals and tummy full of yummy, when its time to finally head out of the city, I am sure you’ll miss your share of memories in what I would call a perfect blend of history, comfort, splendor and simplicity.



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