Can’t handle the FOMO looking at your Instagram feed? Dreading another Monday morning meeting? Is the pressure of the job getting to you? Are you itching to drop everything and book a one-way ticket around the world? Or do you just need a break- PERIOD? If the answer to all these questions is YES, and a hundred times yes, here is a quick check before you decide to QUIT and JET OFF! While there is obviously nothing wrong in opting for the traditional ‘school-college-job-family-retirement’ outlook, now, it seems that more and more people are picking up the #wanderlusting  and fulltime #globetrotting.

Travelling, Quit

And, of course, all of the above are genuine reasons to leave your current job, the question arises: Should you really? With everyone jumping into the travel and tourism industry, should you, this person reading this- be quitting their well-cushioned job and start travelling as well? With an economic market that keeps dipping lowest of the low, climate change that has just begun to create some waves (literally and metaphorically) and the rise of rightist governments (don’t get me started), should you be taking this big of a risk?

Monsoon, Quit

Questions that you need to be asking yourself before quitting your job to travel:

Do you really wish to travel? Or you just need to want a different job?

Not liking your job isn’t impetus enough to quit it and start travelling. Are you just romanticizing travel? Even if you yearn for new beginnings with your travel duffel bag, let’s clarify this doubt first: don’t get fooled by bloggers or travellers who advertise “just quit your job and travel,” because, they are leading you to a false reality.

So before pressing send to your resignation letter (actually before writing it), think carefully: whether you really want to travel long-term, or whether you simply want a different job? And if the answer is latter begin a job search to find a job that fits your needs and interests. The 9-5 job usually makes one feel the monotony of life with the constant backache (Yes, I don’t want to think about the movie SHUTTER, so shut up!).

I understand the urge to make hasty decisions to travel. I understand why you must be craving adventure. But, instead of following the herd (thinking that I am just trying to rise above the norm of mediocrity), first, ask yourself the questions above. Please don’t tell me you wish to change the world with travel *eye-roll* because, NO.

Could you take a long vacation? Sabbatical?

One thing you have to understand is that this vacay’ is obviously going to cost you. And by costing you, I don’t mean- budget-travel or hostel stays, I mean a MAJOR hit to your wallet. Make sure that you can take the number of days off without harming your career trajectory (I mean, only if you plan to return). Will you be happy travelling for a week, a year or do you wish to take a sabbatical?

It’s better to figure things out in advance than just ‘not showing up for work the next day’. And if you are planning to take a loooong break, are you prepared to fall off the career track? Is travel going to be your career now or do you plan on falling back to it after satisfying the travel bug?

Do you have the money to travel long term?

Collecting money for travel with accessories of traveler, Travel concept, budget travel tips, Quit

As I have explained in the previous point, you need to have financial security. Can you stretch the money for the whole period? If not, what are your plans? Any way to earn money abroad? How to earn money without a job? Until and unless you have the answers to all these questions, please don’t be a reckless idiot and just jet off.  Travelling constantly is going to be exhausting. Not just for you physically, but mentally and monetarily as well. You have to be prepared for all of that and not just jump into it blindly.

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Can you quit?

With the financial insecurities and of course familial responsibilities that one has, it’s vital to not make any quick stupid decisions. Before quitting, think about all your responsibilities. Do you have dependents? Do you have a pet? Do you own a house? Any furniture that you need to store? Come up with a plan for all your responsibilities, so that you can be ready to pack up and leave.

Are you in for a quick buck or you actually like travelling?

So this is one of the important questions here. Due to the rise of all kinds of influencers, content creators or bloggers, one can be easily fooled how they make money easily (debatable) or how easily they get to travel (again, debatable). So before resigning, think long and think HARD about this decision. Research and plan, because as the old saying goes: Things are not always how they seem to be”.

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I hate to give a typical ‘parental check’ to your travel dreams and experiences, but I had to just set the record straight. While all of us are easily influenced by social media influencers, travel bloggers, fashion-travel bloggers and whatnot, we need to accept the reality of the industry.

Travelling is work and doing it for a long duration even worse. In spite of all that, I would also like to say that if travelling is your true calling, if that’s what you truly wish to do- as a profession or even as just a break from your monotonous life, GO FOR IT! Own Your Dream!


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