Marriage is probably the most important event of your life after your first birthday that you obviously don’t remember. After a few years, you might not want to remember your wedding as well, but on that particular day, you feel out of the world. So if you are planning a Spring wedding, here are the top 10 spring wedding destinations for you to plan the second-best day of your life. Thank us later. Or now. Your choice. Let’s begin!

For girls planning a wedding starts from the moment she gets a proposal, actually even before she starts dating a guy. I am not sure about the scenario with the guys. So here are a few spring wedding destinations for you to plan and pack accordingly. These destinations will make you fall in love even if you are not in love.

Here Are The Best Spring Wedding Destinations

Spring is the best season to get married. It is pleasant, it is beautiful. You will neither shiver nor sweat. So why not get married in one of these beautiful destinations this year? Here is a list for you to refer to and choose where you want to get married. 

1. Miami, Florida, USA

This third most populous metropolis is located in southeastern Florida in the United States. This city has the third-highest skyline in the world. How do you think you will feel getting married in the clouds?


A warm place that welcomes change and celebrates life like no other place. This makes Miami one of the best Spring wedding destinations. This is a perfect destination for couples who want a simple ceremony and a hot reception. Southern Florida gets amazing and the rains very little during the spring months. But make sure, you don’t go beyond the spring months. Summers in Miami are unbearably hot.


Miami has great beaches, cruises, gardens, and open spaces in resorts. When in Miami, don’t go for indoor weddings.

2. Mackinac Island, USA

Unforgettable sunsets and beautiful horizons make the best combinations for a beautiful wedding picture. It is definitely one of the best places to get married and make a beautiful memory of your wedding.


The best thing about this island is that is it sandwiched between the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas — where lakes Michigan and Huron meet. Automobiles here are prohibited so the guests can take air taxis or ferries. The beauty of the city can be checked out by bicycle or on foot. It is a perfect Spring wedding destination. Just avoid making a large guest list. A guest list that is more than 300 people can be a problem in terms of transportation and accommodation.


Island, resort gardens, or any other outdoor place will be more than perfect.

3. Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. It is the location of one of the largest National Historic Landmark districts in the country. It’s known for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, and antebellum architecture. A beautiful wedding can be planned in one of these parks and what else do you need? A bride and a groom? Sure!


The best time to visit the place is in spring. Even if you are not getting married, even if you are not a guest. Go there is spring. Flowers are in full bloom, the temperature is moderate, and is perfect for wedding shoots. There are a lot of things to do here. They can enjoy one of the oldest celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day in America in March, or feast on succulent white Georgia shrimp at the Riverfront Seafood Festivals in May.


The huge dramatic mansions or leafy gardens are more than just beautiful for a destination wedding.

Spring wedding destinations
Savannah, Georgia











4. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

One beautiful city of Vegas will give you a perfect place to get married. You can hurriedly get married in one of the chapels and save all the money to start your honeymoon at the same place. Vegas has so many things to offer you that you will not regret.

Umm… Well, that’s not the case! You are married everywhere.


There is no reason to celebrate the best day of your life here. The city has amazing ballrooms and beautifully landscaped resorts and a great natural ambiance. The city offers much more than this like a drive-thru chapel and casino tables. And not just marriage, but also bachelorette parties can also be planned here.

Just don’t get drunk before getting married. I mean you can… it’s your day! But Don’t!


Vegas has many hotels and resorts that have wedding packages for every budget. If you don’t want a hefty wedding, you can always head to many little wedding chapels around the city. These chapels have a 20-minute speedy ceremony.

5. Caribbean, Jamaica

Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation, will offer you a lush green topography and reef-lined beaches that give you diverse choices to plan your dream wedding. With its British colonial architecture, you will have many different locations to shoot on for your wedding shoot. So what exactly are you waiting for?


The Caribbean offers you much more than just beaches and palm trees. This place is steeped in culture and can be one of the most affordable islands to get hitched in. It has resorts, villas, and Georgian-style houses with huge gardens. When you have a place that is this pleasant and beautiful. Why search for other places to get married then?

Spring wedding destinations
Caribbean, Jamaica

Avoid getting married here from June till November. It is hurricane season there.

6. The Big Island: Hawaii, USA

The largest island chain that allows you to be a part of breathtaking topography is what Big Island offers you. Makalawena Beach, Waialea Beach, Punaluu Beach, Hapuna Beach, Kukio Beach, and Mauna Kea Beach are the top beaches for your spring wedding destination list. Its colored sand beaches will give you amazing picturesque beauty to plan and shoot your wedding. 

They are all equally beautiful and choosing one in them can be tricky. But you can rest assured that all these beaches are best in their own way. And every Spring wedding destination is beautiful when it’s your day!

7. Columbia Winery, Woodinville, USA

Sounds weird? No, actually it isn’t! Columbia Winery is actually open to outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies, and if you want you can put up a grand reception. Depending upon your choice, you can have a grand wedding ceremony or a simple ceremony with a grand reception. The Victorian Mansion, allows you to do both. They put extra effort to make your wedding day special and beautiful. Plus you get an opportunity to taste of selected fine wines to go with every meal perfectly.

These were the spring wedding destinations for you. You might also want to know what to carry on a destination wedding if you are the guest, the bride, or the groom. Here it is!


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