Take It off At The Best Nude Beaches In The World!

Aren’t you a little bit curious to just forgo the swimsuit and try skinny dipping in the ocean? I mean I don’t know about you, but I would certainly like to have this freeing, uninhibited experience! While it may still be a taboo in many places, there are a number of beaches from North and South America to the Caribbean and Europe that cater to naturists and those who want to feel the sun and air on completely bare skin. Here are some of the best nude beaches which are also known as clothing-optional, free, or naturist beaches, where you can just shed your skivvies and work on an all-over tan:

Haulover Beach, USA

Nude Beaches
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located just between Miami and Fort Lauderdale; south of the ‘Sunshine State’, lies the state’s only “legally recognized” nude beaches. This half-mile stretch of sandy beach is quite popular across the world. As it is packed with amenities, from lifeguards keeping you safe in the water, to security guards protecting against gawkers, the beach receives almost 7,000 visitors a day from all over the world. It also has perfect weather for most of the year and a non-obtrusive family-friendly atmosphere. You can find also ice cream vendors and organized group activities, such as swimming and volleyball.

Plage de Tahiti, France

Nudist Beaches
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tahiti Beach in France is known to have started the topless sunbathing movement in France in the 60s. Located in Saint-Tropez, the beach great food and music everywhere, apart from the blue waters of course. While many celebs also frequent Plage de Tahiti,  is accessible via an unpaved road, giving it a vibe of nonchalance and privacy.

Valalta, Croatia

This dedicated naturist site located in Istria, Croatia has everything you could wish for.  Along with the lodging options that it offers, Valalta Beach also offers other luxuries, like food, sailing and alcohol. This 3.2 km long beach is located an area lined by olive trees and idyllic vineyards, giving you an excellent view no matter where you look. Known to be the only naturist harbour in the Adriatic Sea, Valalta has both sandy and rocky areas as well as intimate covers for exploring. 

Little Beach, USA

Source: Flickr

This calm and clear beach located in Mui is widely known as the “unofficial clothing-optional beach”. Despite nude sunbathing being illegal in Hawaii, the nudity law isn’t really enforced here. Therefore, it has become a favourite hangout for naturists. This isolated stretch with its turquoise waters is surrounded by high shrubs, craggy volcanic rocks and driftwood, making it one of Hawaii’s most beautiful spots to lounge by the water. Visitors can swim or go body surfing and whale watching.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil

Nude Beaches
Source: Flickr

Located in the southern state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, Praia do Pinho (Pinho Beach) is said to be the first sanctioned au naturel beach in Brazil. While this beach is a staggering 7.5 miles (12 km) long, just 1.2 miles (2 km) are reserved for naturists. About 50 miles north of Florianopolis, in the town of Balneario Camboriu, the beach can only be accessible by a single road followed by a 0.9-mile (1.5-km) walk.

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Red Beach, Greece

This intimate and secluded beach with its clear cerulean waters, sun-bleached cottages, ancient ruins and red sandstone cliffs- is truly picturesque. Located in Crete, the Red Beach was made famous in 1968 when hippies from all over Europe flocked to its shores to experience nude beaches. The beach got its name from its rusty red- coarse sand and can be accessed via a 20-minute walk from Matala. Around the beach, visitors can also find caves, ancient ruins, and red sandstone cliffs. 

Samurai Beach, Australia

This naturist beach in Australia lies about 2-1/2 hours north of Sydney via the Pacific Motorway and is well-maintained year-round. Samurai Beach is a 1/2 – mile expanse of white sand that lets its visitors hang all out while playing volleyball, tug of war or frisbee.  To reach the beach, the visitors must traverse the tricky terrain along with the nearby One Mile Beach. There are a number of resorts and lodges available to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. 

Wreck Beach, Canada

Nude Beaches
Source: Flickr

This Canadian Beach is situated on the western end of Vancouver, right at the base of a steep trail that descends from the campus of the University of British Columbia. Due to its secluded location, this 3-mile long beach is a beautiful, uninhibited and forested water paradise. This beach was named after a hulking, wrecked vessel that once stood on its sand and is also Canada’s first-ever government-sanctioned, clothing-optional beach.

Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barts

Nude BeachesWhile we all know that the Caribbean is filled with wonderful, chilled out beaches, this white sand beach located on the rear side of St. Barts is what dreams are made of! The Anse de Grande Saline beach is peaceful and secluded, making it a perfect tourist destination. While nudity is not officially allowed here, it is tolerated (sunbathing naked is technically prohibited in St. Barts). This beach is a self-catering beach. Guests would need to bring along everything they need for a day at the shore, especially sunscreen, as there is no shade.

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