Bahrain, a small island in the Persian Gulf. This Islamic kingdom is the most liberal and coolest Islamic country within the whole of the Arab World. The Islamic laws and regulations in Bahrain are a lot more relaxed than many of its neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia or UAE. Not only this, you can find some of the best clubs in Bahrain where a traveller can enjoy the nightlife.

The clubs are in abundance and deliver everything a party lover could ever desire, from top DJs and live music to karaoke and pub quizzes. People might not associate with the fact that Bahrain being a Muslim country has the best nightclubs, but it’s true. It is the most relaxed state in the Middle East. So, all the party lovers get set to experience the best clubs in Bahrain.

Party culture offered by the best clubs in Bahrain

During the day Bahrain offers a great and beautiful view of amazing beaches around but as the sun goes down the island becomes alive with a great nightlife featuring one of a kind exciting clubs and bars. Bahrain’s nightlife has something for everyone. The location of this island makes it a hot spot for Americans, Europeans and Middle Eastern travellers and hence, one can experience a mix of various clubs and bars that depicts the diverse nationality in the region. Bahrain nightclubs also offer alcohol which is barred in the other countries of the Middle East and so the relaxed drinking rules in Bahrain makes it popular among travellers.

Bahrain nightlife, best clubs in bahrain
Bahrain nightlife

Music is an integral part of the party culture seen in Bahrain nightclubs. The nightlife is more than just pubs. Many of the best clubs in Bahrain have regular live music performances featuring trending bands from all around the world. The top location hotels have a massive combination of outdoor pools and indoor steam pools. Many hotels offer bars, lounges and multiple restaurants which target the high-class business travellers.

Different things people can do in Bahrain

Bahrain has many entertaining activities in its kitty for their visitors. The country has a rich culture with dense history and perfect getaways like:

Close front view of a red race car on a track. High resolution 3D render. best clubs in Bahrain
Close front view of a red race car on a track. High-resolution 3D render.
  1. The Formula 1 race:

    The most famous event with a great race and fine cuisine, held at the Bahrain International circuit.

  2. Bahrain cultural events:

    One of the things which attract the most tourists. Spring of Culture, which takes place in April is a popular event that brings music, poetry, theatre and arts together.

  3. Bahrain National Museum:

    Home to many exhibitions that are always changing and updating, this museum gives a different experience every time you visit it.

  4. Visiting the largest mosque in Bahrain:

    Al Fateh Grand mosque should be on your bucket list. It is open for Muslims and non- Muslims.

  5. Sign up for Pearl diving

    Make it a daytime activity and enjoy collecting oysters in the underwater world.

Although Bahrain is a relaxed place there are few things to keep in mind:
  • Always avoid driving when under the influence of alcohol, in case you get caught you can end up in jail for one week plus pay an expensive fine.
  • Avoid getting drunk in public as you can be arrested for that.
  • Females should refrain from wearing revealing clothes. It’s best to wear decent clothes to avoid the unwanted situation.
  • If you are a man, never shoot photographs or videos of local women without their permission.
Bahrain nightlife guide
  1. The Warbler:

    The most popular typical British nightclub with a well-equipped kitchen that offers all types of pub food one can think of. This pub generally has promotions and events every mid-night like ladies night out with unlimited free drinks.

  2. Rock Bottom:

    This club always has a live band playing. The venue is huge enough to mix pub and club scenes, they have pool and snooker tables and a dance floor.

  3. JJ Murphy:

    An ideal after party meetup nightclub. It offers the latest hits played by top DJs. This is one of the best clubs in Bahrain. It offers drinks, a dance floor, good music and a lounge.

  4. Z Longue Club:

    This club is always filling with people because of their DJ parties and live band performances which continue from dusk till dawn.

Bahrain has ample to offer in its kitty for people who are party freaks and enjoy drinking till the night drops. Consider the above options and see how Bahrain becomes your favourite destination for a party for a lifetime.

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