The Dreamy Side of Brazil

When you think about Brazil – the small street, kids running around, houses over houses, a long shot of the Rio De Janerio and crowds of people at the beach is a typical imagination for anyone. But this place is beyond what the movies have shown, beyond anything you have seen before and certainly beyond anything you would expect from a place like this – welcome to the Dreamy side of Brazil.

Two faced:

Brazil is a country that has ‘extreme’ written all over it. But there is always a flipside to things that have such differences. You will understand the natural beauty that is Brazil on this epic journey with me. The city of Rio is by the sea, and that is one of the most beautiful sights. There are very few countries that can boast of such beauty. As mountains surround the city, the sea completes this picturesque view. This metropolis is a mix of colonial times and modern marvels with nature, and that is the appeal that captivates even the greatest of artists.

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro at sunset
Heads – Biodiversity:

Landscapes can be part of a fantasy novel, animals and plants that should be protected by the law for their contribution to the ecosystems, beaches that are one of the best in the world and waterfalls that will give other water bodies a run for their money – are all part of Brazil. The diversity is epic and the collection is definitely one of the best. The iconic species of Brazil include toucans (the bird shown in the opening of Earth Song by MJ), howler monkeys, capybaras and pink dolphins.

Toucan (Ramphastos toco) couple sitting on a branch
Toucan (Ramphastos toco) couple sitting on a branch
Tails – Festival and celebrations:

Another image of Brazil that can never escape the mind is the Carnaval. Costumes, parties, dance, beautiful men and women – celebrations all around. The enthusiasm and tradition that goes into making sure the world takes notice of such a massive feat, is beyond amazing. For centuries tourists from all around the world make sure to take notice of Brazil for this sight. After football and samba, this would be the 3rd most famous reason why people know Brazil.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Flip – Dance and Music:

Your head will spin with the lifestyle that is there in Brazil. Carefree and lost in a zone, Brazilians know how to party and create an atmosphere that makes your foot-tap, knees bend, head spin, and hips move. This rhythm keeps Brazil ticking from samba clubs to the streets. The crazy sounds that are constantly created to keep the song alive is an amazing sight for tourists. It is inclusive and compliments the carefree lust for life that is part of Brazilian DNA.

In your Hand – The Coin:

In my opinion one of the most captivating places in the world. Colours, emotions and the will to be free-spirited with mother nature and city life makes this one of the most fun places to visit.



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