We wrote about women’s bathing suits so we thought to put some light on men’s swimwear too. If you thought men do not have many options for swimwear, you should check out the list below and then go shopping after that.

We mentioned swimwear fabrics in our article about women’s swimwear. In a nutshell, fabrics that are used for swimsuits are the same be it for men or for women. Nylon, polyester, polyester PBT, spandex, and cotton are the main fabrics used for making women’s and men’s swimwear.

These fabrics are blended with each other for more durability and stretch-ability making the fabric better for you to wear. Here we will tell you what to wear and how to make the outfit comfortable for you to be in.

At the end of this article, you will be able to decide once or all the men’s swimwear for your next beach vacation. And you’ll get a few insights and tips that you didn’t know (or maybe didn’t care to know?). But it’ll be interesting either way!

First, let’s start with:

Types of Men’s Swimwear

1. Swim trunks

Swim trunks are also known as bathing trunks; these are short, loose bottoms, worn especially for swimming. They vary in style and design and are available online in a wide range.

Most of the swim trunks are made of nylon or polyester and have a mesh lining for quick drying. They feature a polyester liner inside the shorts. It is one of the most popular men’s swimwear and undoubtedly the most comfortable one. H&M takes orders worldwide for swim shorts. If you are around one of the H&M showrooms, rush and buy as many as you can.

Men's swimwear
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2. Broad shorts

Boardshorts are a longer version of trunks. Their length is close to or past the knee. They usually have a non-elastic waistband and this is meant to give a tight fit around the torso. Broad shorts are loose in fitting.

Because it’s made from polyester and nylon, they are designed for a quick dry procedure. Board shorts have evolved over the last 50 years. They have separated themselves from the simpler swim trunks category from which they originated. Quicksilver is a place from where you would love to shop for broadshorts.

Broad shorts for men's swimwear
Broad shorts

3. Jammers

Jammers are the type of men’s swimwear that is primarily worn by competitive athletes. It somewhat resembles cycling shorts or compression shorts. They are generally made of nylon and Lycra/spandex material.

Jammers have a form-fitting design to reduce water resistance and attain speed while swimming. Jammers provide a huge coverage to the body that helps the body to get less dragged therefore reducing the overall skin friction.

Also, this reduces the possibility that a high-forward dive will remove a diver’s swimwear. Adidas ADIZERO XVIII is the best jammer for you if you take swimming very seriously. Plus drying is not at all a problem. It has a quick dry procedure.

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Fun Fact:

Engineers have designed jammers in a way that it replicates the skin of sea-based animals, sharks in particular.

4. Briefs

Brief is a type of men’s swimwear that has a V-shape front and a solid back providing form-fitting coverage. Briefs are used as an undergarment as well as swimwear. Usually, the swimwear briefs are made from polyester.

The undergarment depends on the wearer’s choice. The market has an availability of cotton, polyester as well as nylon, and spandex as fabrics for men’s swimwear.

Unlike other men’s swimwear where material extends below the thighs, briefs run along the pelvis to the buttocks. Briefs are also considered as competitive swimwear which means that they help in achieving speed while swimming.

Men's briefs swimwear
Briefs for swimming

5. Square leg shorts

Square-leg shorts are longer than briefs but shorter than trunks. They give better front coverage and are also one of the shorts that’s better for competitive or ‘serious’ swimming. Apart from this, they have wider side panelling that helps in eliminating the arc appearance on the leg.

Swim Outlet has a collection of great competitive shorts. Attaining speed with them is as easy as a pie. Square-leg shorts are comfortable since they give a better grip and are more fitting than briefs or trunks.

Men's swimwear
Square leg shorts

6. Swim shirt

Enough about the swim bottoms, it’s time we talk about swim tops. Swim shirts are chlorine and sun resistant and are comparatively a little loose in fitting than rash guards.

If you are planning to buy a swim shirt for yourself, look for one which has a fabric more or equal to 50+ SPF/UPF.

It is available in short or long sleeves and is best for you if are not planning to get out of the pool for a long time or if you are planning to spend your entire vacation in the pool or surfing.

Men's swim wear
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7. Rash guards

Men’s Rashguard shirts prevent the skin from excoriating while surfing or swimming. Apart from these, they offer a level of sun protection by blocking the ultraviolet rays. You can easily wear rash guard shirts alone. You do not need to wear anything beneath them.

Rash guards are made up of spandex and nylon or polyester. Keep in mind that no matter how warm the sun is on the sand, it will always be cold in the water. But this is not what a rash guard is made for. If you are looking for something warm, you should go for swimsuits. No doubt, the rash guard is an option when it is too warm for a full swimsuit.

Check Amazon for your choice and get swim-ready boys.

8. Wetsuits

Wetsuits are made up of a material called Neoprene. Neoprene is primarily a synthetic material and its job is to provide insulation to the wearer. Though they come in different sizes, the maximum thickness of the wetsuit is 10mm. The theory is that the thicker the material, the more insulation it provides.

Wetsuits are not designed to keep the water out.

Wetsuits do offer insulation but they are not meant to protect you from cold water. The water is allowed inside the wet suit thus not making them a right choice for cold water.

wet suit men's swimwear
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9. Dry suits

As the name suggests, it is a dry suit which means it does not allow water inside. Dry suits are made for your protection from cold water and air temperatures. They are made from layers of fabrics that allow them to do so.

Unlike the wetsuits, the wearer does not have to make contact with the water. Dry suits have waterproof zippers and seals on most parts that helps to not allow water inside. They are the perfect thing to wear for scuba diving.

Men's swimwear
Dry suits

Important points to know about wetsuits and dry suits

  • Dry suits and wetsuits are not made to provide warmth to your body. They slow down the process of heat loss.
  • Wetsuits slow the process of heat loss with the help of neoprene fabric from which they are made of.
  • Dry suits use air to slow down the process of heat loss.
  • Dry suits are heavy, doesn’t matter outside or inside the water. They are just heavy. But Wetsuits are light outside the water and get heavy inside. When you are used to diving or swimming in a dry suit you easily handle the weight of a wetsuit under water.
  • Wetsuits compress with depth. Since dry suits allow the diver to add air and help them decrease the air pressure.

Tips to look good in your Swimwear

Here are a few tips for you to look great in your swimwear. These tips will make you comfortable while swimming and make you look amazing as well.

We really hope this article helped you to choose your destination swimwear. Do like us if it did. And tell us in the comment section about your swimming or diving experience. We would love to know.

Happy diving to you!


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