Undoubtedly swimming is the most loved when it comes to physical activities. Scientifically proven is the fact that swimming helps in reducing stress off your body, and builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Apart from this if you are a water baby, you do not need reasons to get into the pool. You just go for it because you know you want to. And if you’re not a water baby, don’t worry, we know it’s just as much fun to lounge by a pool or on a beach in your favourite bathing suit. Here we will let you know about the hacks to not get tanned while in the pool or beach, women’s bathing suits, and what material for women’s bathing suits you should use.

Let’s start with something informative.

Tips to save your skin from chlorinated water

Most of you must wonder how to protect your hair and skin when getting into chlorinated water. Chlorine is a gas that helps as a disinfectant but it can damage your skin and your hair very easily. Here is something to help you with the same.

A quick tip: Wet yourself before getting into the pool. If you are wet, chlorinated water is less likely to absorb. Dry hair and dry skin can absorb this chlorinated water very quickly and can damage your hair as well as your skin.

Fabrics used for swimwear

Most of us are confused about the fabric that should be selected for swimwear. Choosing a fabric that suits your skin and is also comfortable to be in is very important. Here are a few fabrics that are important for you to know so you can select your style according to your comfort.

1. Nylon

The fabric Nylon is lightweight and offers a great fit. Nylon has a known feature of moisture-wicking capability, which helps in speedy drying. If you are in a hurry of drying your clothes, maybe nylon is a good option to take along.

But Nylon has disadvantages too. Nylon is not chlorine resistant and not as long-lasting as polyester. Nylons also fade away if they face prolonged exposure to the sun.

2. Polyester

The fabric Polyester is entirely chlorine resistant. Polyester is made to go back to its original form because of which it can be less stretchable. Polyester can be stretchable if it is blended with cotton or nylon. Nylon being stretchable can help polyester fabric be stretchable too.

Polyester is a long-lasting fabric. But polyester can absorb water and can make your swimwear heavy. Most of the women’s bathing suits come in polyester or blend polyester and nylon fabrics.

3. Polyester PBT

Polyester polybutylene terephthalate is a polyester blend that reduces the water absorbency. It reduces the drying time and also has much more elasticity than polyester.

The best part about Polyester polybutylene terephthalate is that prolonged exposure to chlorine does not affect the elasticity of the fabric. It is yet another fabulous women’s bathing suit fabric.

4. Spandex

It is a synthetic fibre that is made of a minimum of 85% of polymer polyurethane. Spandex is made from several chemicals that are known as sensitizers. It is also known by the brand name Lycra.

Spandex can expand up to 600 percent of its actual size. The fabric is breathable and dries quickly. Spandex is a good choice for swimwear.

5. Cotton

Cotton for a women’s bathing suit is a good choice no doubt. It is breathable, stretchable, and fits you perfectly. But it will not stop chlorine from touching your body.

Cotton is not at all chlorine resistant and might not stay long. To make it last longer, blend it with polyester or spandex. Blending will make it more durable and skin-hugging.

List of Women’s bathing suits

The that we have covered knowledge about skin and hair care while swimming and which fabric is good for you to wear, now we will tell you about different styles of women’s bathing suits that you can take along for a hassle-free trip and look great every day.

The best part about swimwear is that they are light and small, hence you can carry multiple pieces of swimwear without increasing your luggage load by much, how awesome is that?


One of the types of women’s bathing suits we all are aware of is the bikini. Bikini is the most fashionable and alluring swimwear for women. Even in bikinis, there are styles of bikinis that can help you set style goals and are so easy to carry along.

Strapless bikinis

As the name itself suggests, these do not have any strings attached. Strapless bikinis usually have bandeau bras and bottoms designed according to them. This gives them a sensuous yet elegant look amongst the various women’s bathing suits.

Women's bathing suits
Strapless white bikini
Multi-string bikinis

Multi-strap bikinis have multiple strings that give it a halter look. Instead of the normal two straps at the shoulders, it has strings that give it a different look. The bottoms can be contrasting or similar to the top. Any way it is a “stand out of the crowd” outfit.


Microkinis are made for girls who are confident enough to flaunt their bodies. Microkinis have fabric that is just enough to cover your genitals attached with a string. The bottoms too might have strings on the side instead of a normal bottom.

Women's bathing suits
Woman wearing a white microkini
High neck bikini

High-neck bikini is less revealing as compared to other women’s bathing suits. It has a mesh or a high neck top that covers most of your bust paired with bottoms. If you are into some water sports, this probably should be your most loved choice.

High neck bikini for women's bathing suits
High-neck bikini top

The reason why it is called a trikini is that there are triangular cups that cover the breasts paired with bottoms. It is one of the most revealing and sensuous forms of a bikini. You can pair it with a cute pair of danglers and a cute little chain.

women's bathing suits
Woman wearing a blue Trikini bikini

A skirtini is a bikini with a skirt. It provides a good amount of coverage and is the best swimwear to date. A bikini top, skater skirted at the bottom. Skirtini is comfortable to wear for women who like coverage. A smart way of dressing in a women’s bathing suit is a skirtini.

women's bathing suits
Black Skirtini
High waist bikini

High-waist bikinis are a good option if you want to hide your stretch marks after pregnancy. They are above the navel and provide full coverage to the waistline. These are made for women who like wearing bikini but hate flaunting their waistline.

Women's bathing suits
High waist bikini
Fringe bikini

The Fringe bikinis have fringes attached to the bottom and the top to make them even more sensual and elegant. Fringe any top or a skirt or even a bag, and it all of a sudden becomes irresistible.

Women's bathing suits
Brown Fringe bikini
Flounce bikini

This is the outfit you were looking for to make you look ravishing this summer. Flounce bikini has a halter top with a flounce fall in the front to make your bikini top look beautiful.

women's bathing suits
Blue flounce bikini with a hat
 Halter Neck Swimwear

Halter-neck swimwear is the cute swimwear outfit that can be worn on the beach or even when you want to hit the swimming pool. Halter neck swimwears do not have a chain or a hook. It has a band that goes from behind the neck and provides additional support. Halternecks can be either two pieces or one piece. Equally classy, equally sensual and equally comfortable. The best part about halter neck swimwear is that this is made for all the body types. Swimwear 365 is the best place from where you can shop for halterneck swimwears.

women's bathing suits
Halter neck black bikini
 One-piece Swimwear

One-piece swimwear is a broad term. It is much more modest than a two-piece bikini and provides good coverage. One piece is comfortable enough if you are planning to do a sports activity or if you are planning to spend a lot of time in the water. They come in full-sleeve and short sleeves as well. Banana Moon provides you with a great variety of one piece swimwear and that too in amazing colours.

Women's bathing suits in one piece
One piece swimwear

The tankini is a bathing suit that combines a tank top and a bikini bottom. Tankini is mostly made of spandex-and-cotton or Lycra-and-nylon fabric. These fabrics make it stretchable and comfortable to be worn and stay in for a longer duration. Swimwear 365 again is a place for you to buy tankinis from. You will not regret your decision.

 Sport top

Sport top swimwear offers more coverage and support than other bikinis. This allows you to participate in beach and water-related activities. It’s comfortable enough for you to not worry about your top. Swim outlet is a place where sports tops are hugely available in various colours and different patterns.

sport top women's bathing suits
Sport top swimsuits for water activities
 Full bottom

Full-coverage swimsuit bottoms provide complete coverage of the buttock area. Because it is completely covered, it gives a subtle yet sensuous look to the beach or swimming pool. The full-bottom suit is available in plenty of styles and colours online and in the market too. It is a modest swimwear and anybody can pull it off very nicely.

 Cover upskirt

Cover upskirts are a way to keep your bottom half covered while keeping you cool from the hot sand and super hot sun. These skirts can be short or long, depending upon the wearer’s choice. It is made from light fabrics for you to be completely at ease for your beach vacation.

 Tie side bottom

Tie side bottom is a bikini bottom tied from the sides. This is a way you can spice up your basic swimwear into something more fun and attractive. Tie side bottom is a normal bottom just tied on the sides to give it a cute and stylish look. If you are looking for them, go to Amazon.

 side tie bikini for women's bathing suits
Side tie bikini

You can continue swimming as long as you are healthy enough to do so while you are pregnant. You need to buy swimwear very cautiously when buying maternity swimwear. The fabric should be chlorine resistant, comfortable to be in, and should not give you rashes. Seraphine says ‘Get fashionably pregnant’. So they have amazing styles of women’s bathing suits during pregnancies.

women's bathing suits
Maternity Swimwear
Plus size swimwear

Not all brands provide you with plus-size women’s bathing suits, but Swimsuits for all literally have swimsuits for all. Carry your love for swimming with you via them. Amazing colours and a wide range of products will not disappoint you when you are searching for a plus size swimwear for women.

Plus size women's bathing suits
Plus size swimwear for women
 Tan through skirt

Tan-through cover-ups is thin fabric bottoms that are made for you to tie around your waist and let the sun do the rest of the job. They are available in the market as well as online in a wide range and in different prints and patterns.

Women's bathing suits
Tan through cover-up skirts

You can also read about other amazing, stylish, and different beach outfits you can wear for your beach vacations and the bags to carry with them.

These are the women’s bathing suits you should have in your travel wardrobe. They are light and easy to carry with you. Plus you will look perfect in them. Let us know in the comments section if this article helped you.

Happy swimming!


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