The Kingdom of Bahrain is a hidden gem of the Arabian Gulf. Despite its little size (780 sq. kilometers), there are millions of thrilling experiences that Bahrain has to offer. As this country has very easy entry access via land, air, and sea, Bahrain quickly became a popular destination among the Arabian Gulf states. It was once the site of the traditional Dilmun civilization, the remains of which still linger to the present day. Towards the tip of the twentieth century, Bahrain shifted towards a non-oil-dominated economy. The beauty of Bahrain stems on the far side of its wealthy culture and pristine shores. However, it offers art, shopping, and historical destinations to its tourists. Here is a quick Bahrain guide to the best things to do and places to visit in Bahrain.

12 Fun Things To Do In Bahrain

Discover the best of Bahrain with our guide to the must-see attractions and activities. From historical sites to luxurious experiences, from the vibrant culture to stunning Mosques, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Explore The Alluring Hawar Island

bahrain city
Manama Skyline during sunset

A 30 minute ride from Bahrain city by boat brings you to this beautiful and alluring island which is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The serene and pristine Hawar Island is made of 6 big and 30 smaller islands of which 8 Islands come under protected life reserve owing to many coral reefs, endangered species and birds in the area. Be it for people seeking a plush getaway or for people looking for an affordable vacation, Hawar Island has a little something to offer for everyone.

Go Scuba Diving For Oysters

things to do in bahrain

Though Bahrain is monetary well centered due to the discovery of oil and gas, there was a time when the economy of Bahrain was completely dependent on pearls. Nearly half the male population was employed to scour the ocean floor for oysters. It was a difficult and relatively dangerous operation that killed many people. Diving for visitors was off-limits, however with the new technology one don’t need to hold breath so as to gather oysters from the ocean bed. With the help of licensed pearl-diving operators in the Kingdom one can now go scuba diving in the clear blue waters to collect oysters. And if you are lucky to find any pearl, you can keep it. So why miss out on a chance to go scouting for pearls. 

Tour The Al Fateh Grand Mosque

travel to bahrain
The Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Named after the founder of Bahrain, the Al Fateh Grand Mosque is far quite an area of worship. Be it the imported marbles from Italian, the beautiful glass from Austrian or its teak wood from Indian, there is something to talk about every aspect of the mosque. The library holding many historic volumes is in itself a place to learn everything about Islam in the Kingdom. Knowledgeable guides who speak in various languages will take visitors through the mosque and answer any questions during the free guided tours. Being one among the largest mosques within the region, it is one of the best things to see in Bahrain. 

Desert Camping At Sakhir

weather in bahrain
Desert camping to add an element of adventure in your trip

Going camping in the desert can bring about an element of adventure in your trip. Camping in Sakhir is one of the best things to do in Bahrain. The large tents, comfortable sofas, tables, plasma TVs, sand dune buggies and most importantly bathrooms adds on to your experience. The camping season in Sakhir Desert runs between October and March when the weather in Bahrain is great. Indulging in some exciting games, building bonfires and star gazing adds on to the overall experience.

See The Mysterious Tree Of Life

bahrain nightlife
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Right in the middle of the Arabian Desert is the Tree of life which you can reach in 45 minutes’ from Bahrain city. The very fact that a 400 year old tree in the desert abundantly covered in green leaves attracts more than 65,000 people every year. In a region where no vegetation is to be found, this tree in the middle of the hot and dry desert is a unique wonder of nature. It stands at the highest point in Bahrain (25-foot-high) on a sandy hill and to this day continues to grow despite the extreme heat, lack of water, and nutrients. This natural wonder truly represents the power of nature and magic of life.

Watch The Sun Set Over Bahrain Fort

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The majestic Bahrain Fort is pretty spectacular during the day, but it is at night when the ruins are floodlit, that you really get a feel for the enormity of the place. Sunset is the best time to capture the fort on your camera while the colors of the setting sun reflects beautifully on its walls. Plan your day in advance and reach here two hours before sunset to take in the magnificent views. This amazing place is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. A museum on the seaside, glorious sea views and a coffee shop where you can chill while sipping a drink are other attractions here.

Drive Through The King Fahd Causeway

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The 25km-long King Fahd causeway is a series of connecting bridges that links the Kingdom of Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. The dreamlike causeway starts in Saudi Arabia at Al-Aziziyyah and extends up to Al-Jasra, west of Manama in Bahrain. But, for many Saudi Arabia isn’t the attraction – it’s the drive through the dramatic ocean with spectacular views and the eating house tower at the causeway is what they’re going for. Luckily, you don’t need a Saudi visa to eat at the causeway house.

Watch The Bahrain Grand Prix

places to visit in bahrain
Formula one motor racing, Bahrain

If you’re visiting Bahrain and haven’t been to a Formula one motor racing yet, then you must add this to your list of things to see during your Bahrain tour. Officially known as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, it has been delivering some of the most iconic moments of F1 since its inception in 2004. The Bahrain International Circuit which was built in the desert instantly stood out for being different when it first appeared. The ample parking space and the free shuttle bus services provided makes the experience even more comfortable.

Shop For Spices, Perfumes And Souvenirs

 bahrain tour
Shopping for perfumes

A Bahrain tour is incomplete without shopping for spices and perfumes. Most famous Souks such as Souq Waqif, Manama Souq, Muharraq Souq is a paradise for aromatic spices. It is certainly a treat at this fabulous very little perfumery which allows for sampling the regionally mixed perfumes and the European-sourced perfumes. A stroll through the open-air market which is the soul of Manama is obligatory for tourists. Both sides of the lanes are set up with make-shift stalls that display Bahrain’s unique and rich collection of goods. The souks are a one-stop destination if you want to shop for the best of spices, clothes, woods, perfumes and gold. You name it and they have it!

Indoor And Outdoor Amusement At Lagoon Park

things to see in bahrain
Fun time with family and friends at amusement park

At the guts of Amwaj Islands in Muharraq is one in all Bahrain’s most spirited destinations; the lagoon park. Its wide area of about 55,000 square meters provides space for indoor and outside amusement, retail venues, and cultural events. At the lagoon Park itself, you may notice a myriad of things to do in Bahrain that vary from art and culture to fashion and fine dining. It’s a perfect place to hang out for kids and adults alike. 

Get Wild At Al Areen Life Park And Reserve

Flamingos in bahrain
Beautiful Flamingos

This nature reserve and menagerie is Bahrain’s solely protected space onto land. With a vicinity of seven sq. kilometers, its home to species native to Bahrain, Africa, and South Asia. Located in Sakhir, there are 100,000 planted flora and trees. Moreover as over forty five species of animals, eighty two species of birds, and twenty five species of flora can be seen here.

Unwind At The Beautiful Beaches

nightlife in bahrain
Sunset views from the beach

Home to some of the best beaches, Bahrain is the perfect place to unwind with yourself or with loved ones. Al Jessayah, a Soviet-inspired stretch of sand, Coral Beach Club, the dockage Club and the Novotel Al Danu are all best clubs in Bahrain that have nice beaches. One can even get to enjoy beach activities like kayaking, dolphin watching and fishing which are major attractions amongst travelers.

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This little hidden gem has given you a lot of reasons to put travel to Bahrain high on your list. If you have already visited Bahrain feel free to share your thoughts on this Middle East destination with us in the comment box below.

Where is Bahrain located?

Beautiful Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Is there a great nightlife in Bahrain?

Yes, Bahrain nightlife is great. You’ll be amazed to see the wide variety of clubs, restaurants, exotic cocktails and great music that will keep you entertained the whole night.

What do I need to know before visiting Bahrain?

Though Bahrain is a liberal country there are people who hold conservative social views. It is always advisable to respect local traditions, religions, customs, and laws at all times. Be extra cautious especially during the holy months of Ramadan.

Which is the best time to travel to Bahrain?

The winter months from November to March is the best time to visit Bahrain.  


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