Maafushi Island, a budget friendly island in the Maldives is located at Kaafu Atoll, south of Male. Its sparkling waters, lavish island resorts, and the many things to do here has earned it a place in the top three islands in the Maldives. This tropical paradise is inhabited with a population of approximately 3,000 people. There’s something magical about this island, for it has everything one can ask for. With awesome attractions to enjoy that are affordable to budget travelers, this place has become a popular choice for all. 

9 Top Things To Do In Maafushi Island

There are so many wonderful things to do and see in Maafushi Island Maldives that you might never want to leave once you are here. Here are some of the best Maafushi island activities to check out while on your Maafushi island tour.

Snorkeling To See The Marine Life

activities to do in maafushi island maldives
Snorkel to see the beautiful world underwater

By far the most favorite underwater activity of all is snorkeling. It can be experienced either on a snorkeling trip or can be done independently. There are around three diving companies in Maafushi that offer exciting trips. They offer snorkeling courses for beginners and also provide guided tours for information on what you see under the ocean. Any beach in Maafushi is great to experience marine life. The water here is so clear that you will easily spot plenty of colorful fishes and spectacular coral reefs. Whether you are a beginner or pro, snorkeling is one of the best things to do here.

Go On A Sandbank Excursion

enjoy maafushi island activities with a trip to Maldives
Snow white sand with the blue waters makes for a beautiful sight.

One of the most relaxing activities to do in Maafushi Island is to go on a sandbank excursion. Sandbanks are snow-white sand that form in the shallow areas which make them look like an infinite beach. The colors emanating from the azure sea and the sandbank are different shades of greens and blues which makes for a great backdrop for a photo shoot. By signing up for a private sandbank tour you will get to enjoy the beautiful beach all to yourself. Visiting sandbanks are top Maafushi island activities that you just cannot miss.

Spot The Cute Dolphins

interesting maafushi island activities
Cute little girl playing with a Dolphin

Watching these lovely creatures on a Dolphin Safari is a perfect thing to do while at Maafushi Island. There are numerous operators who organize Dolphin safaris where you can see them from your boat. Seeing them swim really close to the boat, jumping out of the water and showing off their skills are the best memories that you will take back home. If you are not scared of the deep waters, why not take a swim beside these beautiful sea creatures right in the middle of the ocean.

Book A Maafushi Island Hopping Trip

go island hopping with maafushi island excursions
A boat taking people from one island to another.

To maximize your experience at Maafushi, book an island hopping day trip to the beautiful islands around. Tour operators, Hotels and resorts will gladly arrange them for you. There are trip packages that will take you to the happening Male city capital and there are also quieter local islands if you wish to spend a relaxed day. If you are the one who loves to explore, opt for the overnight stay in a water bungalow on the island you visit. 

Enjoy A Drink At The Floating Bar & Safari

chill after indulging in some maafushi island activities
People enjoying some drinks while chilling in Maldives

Maafushi being an Islamic island, consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the Island. However this rule is not applicable on the sea, so hop on to the Floating Bar & Safari for some food and drinks. It offers Italian and fusion food along with beer, wine and many cocktails. Since the floating bar is docked about 500 meters from the island it can be reached via free shuttle services by boats. Book an evening tour so that you can enjoy your drink along with the mesmerizing sunset. 

Get A Sun Tan On The Bikini Beach

is maafushi safe for tourists
Lady enjoying her time in the beach

The best beaches in Maafushi are Bikini Beach, Public Beach, Coral Beach, and Water Sports Beach. However Bikini Beach is the only beach where tourists can flaunt their swimwear and soak in the Maldivian sun. While all other beaches require that tourists dress modestly, bikini beach is an exception. Bikini Beach is separated from the rest of the beaches by trees that act as a partition. It is in an isolated part of the island due to which women and girls are allowed to wear their swimsuits. One can go swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling in the turquoise waters.

Socialize With The Locals

socilising with locals is great maafushi island activities
Couple enjoying time exploring the local place

After you have explored the many Islands and beaches it’s time to socialize with the Maldivian people. This Islamic country has taken strong influences from the Indian and the British cultures. Take a stroll through the streets where you can see a lot of locals hanging out. Get a feel of the local culture from the souvenir shops, mosques and dozens of bistros. The locals here have a great respect for people who want to learn about their culture. 

Catch Fishes On A Fishing Tour

maafushi island tour with fishing experiences
Fishermen laying nets to catch fishes

Going fishing and then cooking the catch on your own is a unique experience in itself. Most of the guest houses or resorts in Maafushi organize fishing tours not just during day time, but also during the night. If you wish to go fishing alone, simply walk up to some fisherman who would take you along with them. When back on land after fishing, the hotel will arrange for the fish to be cooked or you can even set up a barbeque at the back of your stay. If lucky you can get your hands on some delicious tuna, emperor fish, barracuda, dolphin fish or squirrelfish. 

Savor On Some Local Cuisine

enjoy the local cuisine while maafushi island hopping
Beautiful beach side restaurants and shacks

Maafushi has ample restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and bistros. As the influence of India and Britain is more, one can find a lot of dishes made of rice and fish. From beachside restaurants to fine dining venues, you can find them all here. The dishes are packed with fresh and bursting ingredients to satisfy various taste buds. So don’t forget to enjoy a freshly cooked meal by the sea while at Maafushi Island.

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Initially Maldives was an ultra-luxurious destination but with the guesthouses coming up exclusively in Maafushi, this island has become a great destination for all types of travelers. Everything is affordable on Maafushi Island in comparison to the other islands. Come spend a few magical days on this budget island and make memories for a lifetime. If we have missed any, do mention in the comment box below.

What is Maafushi Island famous for?

The sparkling ocean waters, splendid resorts, Maafushi island water villas, food and the many things to do here makes it one of the top Islands in Maldives. 

Is Maafushi safe for tourists?

Maafushi is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. This beautiful Island welcome tourists from all parts of the world.

What is Male to Maafushi island distance?

Maafushi, the most popular Island in Maldives, is around 27 kms away from the Male in Kaafu Atoll. 

How many days are enough for Maafushi island excursions?

Two to three days are good enough to enjoy this Island, however you can stay there for a week without getting bored.

Which is the best time to visit Maafushi Island?

Although Maafushi is a year-round destination, the best time to visit this Island is during the summer months from January to April.

How long is the ferry to Maafushi?

Ferry from Male to Maafushi takes around 1 hr 30 min, and operates on all days except Fridays.



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