Nestled in the southern region of India, Mysore is an enchanting city that charms visitors with its magnificent palaces, colorful festivals, and thriving cultural heritages. Steeped in history, with old-world splendor exhibited in the city’s architecture, Mysore presents a host of activities to take part in. From visiting the royal palaces and enjoying the landscaping of the gardens to watching traditional art performances and experiencing the mouthwatering local cuisine, a traveler would have an unforgettable adventure in Mysore. Prepare to dive into the journey of discovery as we explore the most amazing things to do in Mysore.

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Adventurous Things To Do In Mysore: Land And Water Sport Activities

adventure things to do in mysuru
Adventure activities in Mysore.

There are many places and activities to do in Mysore that adventure enthusiasts can hit the jackpot with. Here are some activities to do in Mysore for thrill seekers. 

Trek To The Chamundi Hills

Be a part of an outstanding expedition that takes you on an interesting trip through the rough unbeaten paths of the Chamundi Hills. Feel the adrenaline rush as you trek through the steep height of the summit, and you will enjoy all the stunning panoramic views of nature around you once you reach the summit. Also, make sure to visit the Chamundeshwari temple that stands perched on top of the hill, it’s where you can find that spiritual relief.

Go On A Wildlife Safari At Bandipur National Park

Prepare yourself for an unbelievable wildlife experience trip to Bandipur National Park beyond your wildest dreams. Hop on a jeep safari, where you might catch a glimpse of the majestic tigers or the regal elephants in addition to spotted deer and birds. Get your camera out and ready to photograph mind-blowing moments from the wild, and take a dip in the beauty of nature.

Paragliding At Bill Hill

Bill Hill attracts adventure junkies with its picturesque surroundings and moderate wind speed making it an ideal spot for paragliding. Feel the excitement of flying while you rise sky-high, admiring the enchanting surroundings and shooting pictures that take your breath away. If you like excitement, thrills, and liberation, be sure to enjoy that during this exhilarating experience.

Go Mountain Biking At Karadigodu

Gear up for an adventure-filled biking experience in the rough terrains of Karigodu. Witness the rugged, winding paths amongst the picturesque scenery of Mysore trails and experience the rush of adrenaline as you pass through twists, turns, and steep roads diving into the beauty of nature.

Enjoy Water Sports At The Kabini River

Jump into a spectacular aquatic adventure at the Kabini River which is only 30 Km away from Mysore City. Participate in numerous water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting. Experience the adrenaline surge as you navigate through the frothy rapids and create everlasting memories among the wilderness of the river and its natural beauty.

Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Connect to the sky and enjoy the amazing adventures of a hot air balloon ride in Mysore. Be stunned by the spectacular view of the city below, its architectural masterpieces, beautiful gardens, and busy shopping centers. Savor the beauty of a sunset as you enjoy your ride on the hot air balloon. Adore the moments when the world stops and you find yourself in the middle of this magic.

Spiritual Things To Do In Mysore: Attend Yoga Retreats

one can travel from bangalore to mysore by train, plane, car and bus.
Lady meditating by the lake side.

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute

Enroll yourself in Ashtanga Yoga classes at this institute. With the supervision of well-versed experts, this institute teaches Yoga most authentically. Visitors could attend the regular sessions of Ashtanga yoga, covering the primary and advanced classes. The Focus is on self-practice, with individual attention and guidance given by skilled trainers.

AyurYoga Eco-Ashram

This eco-friendly ashram offers both yoga and Ayurveda treatment making it an all-round wellness retreat. Along with daily yoga classes, guests can also enjoy Ayurvedic treatments which include massages and therapies to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. The ashram also provides vegetarian meals cooked using Ayurvedic to nourish and maintain balance in the body.

Atmavikasa Center Of Yogic Sciences

Amidst beautiful natural surroundings, lies an ideal retreat with Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. People who are at any level in their Yoga learning journey can attend. Participants take part in daily yoga classes, pranayama (breathing technique), and meditation sessions among others while engaging in nature walks. The ambience of this retreat brings total contentment which promotes relaxation and self-reflection.

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Situated on the outskirts of Mysore this center is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga. The retreat is comprised of self-practice guiding sessions, workshops on technique and alignment, and pranayama and meditation classes. Participants can also take part in nature walks and do self-reflection.

Traditional Things To Do In Mysore: Attend The Famous Festivals

Dasara is the best time to visit mysore
Most famous Dasara festival in Mysore.

Dasara Festival

‘Dasara’ festival is a magnificent ten-day celebration in Mysore that brings out the excellent cultural heritage of the area. It symbolizes the great battle between Goddess Chamundeshwari and the demon Mahishasura. The festival is marked by grand processions, and cultural events, along with flashy and spectacular fireworks that make it unforgettable and unique to the region.

The highlight of the festival is the world-renowned Jumboo Savari which takes place on the day of Vijaya Dashmi where the idol of Chamundi Devi is placed on a ‘golden howda’ made of pure gold and weighs about 85 kg. The throne is placed on the decorated elephant and is taken on a procession through the city of Mysore where lakhs of devotees gather to take a view and express their devotion to Goddess Chamundi Devi. It is an impressive procession including elephants, horses, floats, musical bands, and dancers all decked up in their costumes. The Mysore Dasara Festival remains beloved by locals and visitors alike, allowing them to live the jubilant festivities and to behold the rich heritage of Mysore.

Karaga Festival

The Karaga Festival which is celebrated at Mysore is a traditional and significant celebration that recognizes the deity Draupadi. In the festival, an individual from the Tigala tribe symbolizes the goddess and with the sacred pot atop his head, performs in a grande parade. The music, dance, and devotees express joy in the background as he dances and performs numerous rituals. Finally, he proceeds to immerse the pot in the Karaga Tank. The festival is a colorful manifestation of the worshippers’ devotion, cultural identity, and shared social ties that make the whole event a great attraction for both locals and visitors. An annual event that attracts thousands of people, the Karaga Festival is very special to the people of Mysore.

Fun Things To Do In Mysore: Best Of The Best

mysore, the city of palaces
People shopping in the streets of Mysore.

Shopping In Mysore

A shopping trip in Mysore city, which is renowned for its vibrancy, is a stupendous experience for tourists. The city offers something for everyone, from the marvelously connected Devaraja Market with loads of fresh produce and local snacks, to the outstanding craftsmanship of sandalwood products at the Government Sandalwood Oil Factory and Showroom. The authenticity of Mysore silk sarees is the attraction at the Government Silk Weaving Factory, while the Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium with a varied range of traditional handicrafts is the icing on the cake. The city is also home to its traditional sandalwood and incense products, which add a touch of Mysore fragrance. On the whole, Mysore’s shopping ambience is a joyful fusion of culture, heritage, and unique finds that captivates shopaholics.

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Lip Smacking Eateries

Indulging in the culinary delights of Mysore is like stepping on a flavorful adventure. This vibrant city is renowned for its unique blend of traditional South Indian cuisine and Royal delicacies. For a true taste of Mysore, one must savor the iconic Mysore masala dosa, a crispy dosa stuffed with fiery red chutney and served with coconut chutney and sambar. Another crowd favorite is the aromatic Mysore Pak, a rich and mouthwatering sweet made with ghee, gram flour, and sugar.

When it comes to famous food joints, Vinayaka Mylari in Nazarbad stands tall with its fluffy and buttery Mylari dosas that melt in your mouth. The bustling Guru Tiffin Room attracts food enthusiasts with its signature khara bath and Kesari bath, a delightful combination of savory and sweet flavors. To savor the true essence of Mysore’s culinary scene, a visit to these iconic food joints is an absolute must. Prepare to tempt your taste buds and discover the unique flavors that make Mysore a foodie’s paradise.

Attend A Musical Performance At Ganabharathi

Ganabharati is a prominent cultural center in Mysore that has been of significant importance in portraying and retaining the classical music and dance traditions of our Indian culture. Ganabharati has been serving since 1958 and hosts a wide range of events, including concerts, recitals, talks, and workshops of the finest performers and classical music and dance. Besides, it sponsors young talents through youth festivals as well and offers music and dance classes for all age groups. Your trip to Ganabharathi will transport you to the amazing world of Indian classical art and will leave you spellbound. 

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Concluding Thoughts

Mysore is proof of India’s rich cultural heritage and remarkable architectural creativity. This city shines with its magnificent palaces, vibrant festivals, and diverse attractions. Visitors find themselves drowning in the beauty that shines through from every corner and the regal charm. There are a variety of things to do in Mysore, whether you are an avid history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a foodie trying out culinary delights, Mysore has everything to offer that will leave you in awe. With this, go ahead and bask in Mysore’s charming atmosphere, connect to its traditions, and forge new memories that will last forever in this marvelous city of wonders.


What can we do in Mysore at night?

Some of the best things to do in Mysore at night are witness the magnificent Mysore Palace, Explore the local markets of Mysore, experience the soulful impact of music and dance performances, take a stroll through Devaraja market, and indulge in some of the mouth-watering delicacies at local eateries, hotels, and high-end cafes.

What are the best romantic things to do in Mysore?

The most romantic things to do in Mysuru are to explore the romantic Brindavan gardens in the evening time, take a boat ride at Karanji Lake, visit GRS Fantasy Park, and enjoy the waterfalls at Balmuri with your significant other.

What is the popular food of Mysore?

Mysore Masala Dosa and Mysore Pak are two of the most popular dishes in Mysore.

Which is the most visited place in Mysore?

Mysore Palace is one of the most visited places in Mysore attracting thousands of tourists every day.


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