Are you an adventure junkie? Always looking for that next thrill? Do regular relaxed holidays no longer cut it for you? If yes, the Gold Coast in Australia is perfect for you. A popular holiday destination in Australia, there are many things to do on the Gold Coast, from its numerous theme parks, unspoiled rain-forest, and surfer-friendly beaches. While regular tourist activities include visiting the Sky Point Observation Deck or renting a bike through the suburbs, The Gold Coast has much more to offer and, lucky for you, is filled with adventure and lots and lots of excitement. 

This is your guide to the things to do on the Gold Coast for that much-needed adrenaline fix.


What says adventure better than a jumping off a plane and plummeting to the earth with only a parachute at your disposal? Skydiving in The Gold Coast is sure to be all that and so much more with its scenic ascent to the sky,  incredible views of the skyline and stunning aerial views of the Pacific Ocean. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is sure to take your breath away and what’s more, you can get an HD video recording of the whole bragging-rights-worthy experience so that you can relive all those hair-raising moments for years to come! To book your seat, head to Gold coast Sky-dive

Zip-line Tour

zip lining australiaPlay the role of Tarzan for a day as you fly through the Cedar Creek Canyon at speeds of up to 70 Kmph. Choose between two unique locations of varying lengths and difficulty levels and keep your eye out for a chance to spot some interesting wildlife as well. Head to Treetop challenge for more information on their tours and prices. 

Waterfall Rappelling and Abseiling

Things To Do on the Gold CoastWhether you’re an experienced adventure junkie or a complete amateur, there’s no better way to get away from the fast life of the city than a trip to the Gold Coast Hinterland for a bit an adventure. Be one with nature as you abseil down a waterfall, jump off a cliff into a beautiful natural pool and go hiking through the spectacular rain-forest. Read more about what to expect at treetop challenge.

Theme Parks

Dreamworld Gold CoastRegardless of your age, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the Gold Coast. Choose between land and sea, wildlife and roller coasters and much much more. Sea World, Dreamworld, Wet’n’Wild, and Warner Bros Movie World are just a few of the many options to choose from. For a more comprehensive list, head to Destination Gold Coast.

Jet Ski Safari

Woman on a jet ski in the ocean during the sunsetFeel like you’re part of an action-adventure movie with an incredible tour of all the hidden islands of the city on your very own Jet Ski. An experienced tour guide will take you on an exhilarating ride around the islands and introduce you to the friendly local inhabitants like the Wallabies, Dolphins and Wild Pigs. For more information visit Jet-ski Safari 

Beach activities

The Gold Coast is known for their incredible beaches and thrilling beach activities. Here are a few of the most popular adventure-rich activities:

  • Jet-boat: Go on an hour-long tour on the waters in a lightning fast Jet-boat and feel your heart pop out of your chest as you make some incredible spins stops and turns while you watch the blurry coast pass you by.
  • Fly-board: This newly popular water sport is all the rage at the moment. Your feet are strapped onto a board that is attached to a hose that shoots out water and propels you into the air where you can zip around like all your favourite superheroes.
  • Others: Besides this, you can also go surfing, parasailing, water cycling, jet skiing, kayaking, buggy riding and whale watching. While some of these might not be as much of an adrenaline rush as the other activities, they are definitely worth a try.

With this list of activities, you’re sure to have your heart thumping and palms sweating from all the excitement and anticipation you are bound to experience so get packing and be prepared for a trip of a lifetime, Australia is waiting for you! Also, check out these other places where you can get that adrenaline fix.


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  7. Have just learnt that there is so much to see and do in the Gold Coast – Theme Parks, Sea World, Jet Skiing, Kyaking and so much of water sport are just some of them. Would love to visit soon!!


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