La Tomatina, a popular annual Spanish festival starts the end of August every year. This festival is a representation of all the crazy festivals Spain hosts. La Tomatina is held in the Valencian town of Buñol and leaves the town painted red. The crazy festival involves participants throwing thousands of ripe tomatoes at each other.

History Of La Tomatina 

The last Wednesday of August in 1945 is when the Tomatina festival started. Some young boys went to participate in the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade with musicians and the figures. In the enthusiasm, one of the participant’s big head fell off and that is where the rage took place. There was a vegetable market that fell victim to this rage. People started throwing tomatoes. Later the local forces ended the war.

The next year to that some people got involved in a pre-planned argument and got their own tomatoes from home. This started a trend/tradition.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
The Tomatina Festival (Excel Entertainment/ Eros International)

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Tomatina Survival Hacks

This festival can be really messy and might need lots of hacks t to survive. So here are some Tomatina Survival hacks that you can try and save yourself, a bit.

Take Out The Old Clothes From Your Wardrobe

You need to understand that your clothes are going to get ruined. So no need of wearing that H&M t-shirt and those levis jeans. They will get ruined! Wear something old so that you don’t mind throwing it off later.

Say No To Flip Flops

The festival will have trucks roaming around throwing tomatoes and wearing a flip flop can make it slippery for you to walk or run. Make sure you wear something that has a good grip or else you can slip very badly. In this much crowd, accidents are already prone to happen. Do not increase the risk by wearing something that is unsafe.

You Don’t Want To Take Your Bags Along

It is not a place where you can bring your bag and think you can go back with it. Instead, keep your bags at home or in the lockers. The locker charges are expensive but then your bag will be safe. Carry minimum things with you; like your cell phone or some cash. More than this can lead to…

Keep Some Extra Clothes Ready

Since it is very much clear the clothes you will be wearing will get ruined. So make sure you get some extra clothes for changing when you are done fighting over/with tomatoes. You will find changing rooms there, so after cleaning up, you can go ahead and change.

Keep A Decent Shampoo With You

There will be washrooms available for you to take a bath. So make sure you keep a decent shampoo with you as too much tomato can ruin your hair and make your scalp dry and itchy.

Too Much Alcohol Will Not Help

Summer temperatures there can pass 30 degrees. Getting way too much hammered can cause you dehydration and you can pass out. Understand that you are at a place where drinking water will be hard to find.

Zip Locks Are Very Helpful

Whatever you are planning to carry with you, including cash and phone, make sure you put them in a waterproof zip lock pouch and keep it in your pocket. Damaging your items will hurt the fun you will be having.

Tomatina Is Not An Expensive Camera Friendly Place

Your phone camera is enough to click your pictures because your DSLR won’t survive the fight. Investing in an expensive camera is a good idea, bringing it to the festival is NOT!

Goggles Are A Must

If you wear contact lenses, please protect your eyes by wearing the goggles. Invest in good goggles so that they don’t break and fall off while fighting. In the streets of Bunol, you will be able to find some goggles if you forgot to bring yours. But they won’t survive much. You wear contact lenses or not, make sure you invest in decent goggles so that you don’t end up hurting your eyes. Tomatoes in the eyes can be very unpleasant.

Remember Your Pickup Point

After the fight is over, there will be hundreds of people trying to get out of the street or still partying. Make sure you remember where was your bus parked. Since you will not be having much cash with you, it can get tough for you if you missed your bus. Make it, remember it or draw it on your body, but reach the point before the bus leaves you.

These were your Tomatina Survival Hacks. I hope you enjoy the festival and tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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