Greenland is a part of North America. Located between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, it has an arctic to a subarctic climate with cool summers and very cold winters. With magnificent deep fjords, floating icebergs, and warm areas in the southwest coast, Greenland attracts tourists and scientists with its magical Arctic beauty.

1. Aurora Borealis
Aurora Ilulissat, Greenland

The Qaleraliq Glacier, which has small floating icebergs even in summer, is known as the best viewing spot. Mid-August to late April in the south and late August to mid-April in Nuuk is the best time. Click here to read about the best places for viewing the Northern Lights.

2. Dog Sledding 
Dog sledging, Tasiilaq, Greenland

February to April is the best time to try out this adventure. This is the most traditional way of transportation in Greenland. The Huskie pack love to run and they pull you with focused determination across the shimmering snow-covered area in East Greenland as well as in Disko Bay in West Greenland.

3. Kayaking 
Kayaking in Greenland

During the early immigration times, the kayak and the larger umiaq were the most common and efficient means of transportation compared to arduous treks across the rugged Greenlandic mountain terrain. Kayaking is the best way to explore the glistening landscape, paired with cultural and historical importance.

4. Nuuk
Colourful Inuit houses at the fjord, Nuuk

Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland. This picturesque Arctic city, full of vibrant coloured houses is located on the western coast of Greenland. Some of the popular tourist attractions include mummies at the Greenland National Museum, Nuuk Art Museum, fancy restaurants, fashion boutiques and lot more.

5. Blue River 
Blue River, Greenland

Visit during winter for kayaking in the crystal clear blue water and explore the Arctic beauty. The unique colour of the water is due to the melting Petermann Glacier filling in the lower areas of the glacier.

6. Ilulissat Icefjord 
Hiking, Big icebergs in Ilulissat, Greenland

This icefjord is one of the northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can sail between the soaring icebergs. The ice looks glorious during the ‘golden hour’, late into the evening. You can also hike along the marked Blue Route trail.


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