Road trips are some of the most fun and enjoyable ways to travel. It allows travellers to be flexible with both times and destinations, and you can choose exactly how long you want to spend at any destination. As an added bonus, you can carry whatever you want on your summer road trip – from your favourite cushion to all kinds of snacks, and even your pets. 

But road trips require lots of careful planning and arrangements to avoid sudden break downs and smooth sailing. Burst tyres, gear failures, and leaking radiators are things you obviously don’t want along the way.  So, here some tips to keep in mind before leaving on your summer road trip.

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Prepare your vehicle

Check whether your vehicle is fit to travel for long distances. Ensure that things like tyre pressure, leakages and all other systems are up-to-date and checked. Also, make sure that the car tank is full before you set out. Keeping an extra tyre for the journey is also a wise choice.

Family Loading Luggage Onto Car Roof Rack Ready For Summer Road TripStore enough fuel in your car

Always try to store some extra fuel in the car in case of an emergency. It may be hard to find any on the roads and highways you’re travelling on. Having fuel stored in your car will keep you ready for any eventuality, and can even save the day. Keeping some radiator coolant handy is also advisable. This will cool down your car’s engine and prevent it from overheating.

Remember to pre-book hotels and accommodation

A long and tiring road trip means that you’re likely to want a quick rest in the evenings. To ensure that you’ll always get this, try to make an advance booking at the hotels you plan to stay at along the way. It can be quite strenuous to look for hotels after reaching your destination. Pre-booking also means that you’re likely to get the best price. So, it is always better to make an advanced booking to avail the best price as well as the room.

travelling with kidsWhen you have a baby on board

If you have a baby sitting beside next to you, always remember to take extra care for the infant. Baby food, milk, thermos flasks, diapers, and other baby essentials should be packed and easily accessible. If possible you can also carry small toys and games to keep the toddler engaged. This is also true if you’re travelling with a pet. 

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Carry sufficient food for your journey

You’re sure to get hungry as you drive along. So, load your bags with lots of food and drink. Biscuits and baked items chips, dry fruits, chocolates and of course lots of water and juices are just some things to take. You can also carry tea or coffee in a flask to rejuvenate yourself after a long day. Avoiding buying roadside food and drinks in summer as far as possible.

Have the basic tools in your car

Keep some of the basic and important mechanic tools in your car. Things like spanners, torque wrench, screwdrivers, and pliers are a boon in an emergency, as it can be difficult to find a garage or a mechanic on the highway. Similarly, it can be useful to have a basic knowledge of car repairs (like changing tyres and gear controls), 

Have a map, not just data connection

A map is one of the most important tools while on a summer road trip. While most of us rely on the internet and Google maps, they may not always be the best option while on the go. Poor data connection is a common problem when travelling, so ensure they you have offline copies, or even physical paper maps to fall back on if you lose connectivity. 

Shot of two friends looking at a map while out on a roadtripKeep all the car documents handy

Check twice for your car papers. Your driving license, pollution papers, and insurance papers should be kept handy. After all, these documents will save you from landing up into any unwanted situations.

Carry enough cash with you

Money is a very important thing to have in a crisis. Carry enough cash with you as there may be a scarcity of ATMs on the road. You can also add some money to an online wallet which can easily be used at places like petrol pumps, restaurants, and hotels. This is a wise option, as carrying a lot of money (or even cards) leaves the chance of theft or misplacement.

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There are lots of other smaller tips to keep in mind for your summer road trip. Remember to avoid continuous and long drives and taking regular brakes; this is beneficial to both car and passengers. Keep to the speed limit, don’t rush, and generally follow the driving rules of your location. 


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