Australia, the land of dreams is an incredible destination because of its ability to satisfy everyone’s wanderlust. Lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans, the world’s smallest continent is not as small as you think. It comprises six states and two territories with stunning sand islands, beaches, deserts, and vast rainforests. Each of these states and territories offers a lot of amazing attractions which are all awe-inspiring. With so many options spread across the continent, it may be hard to choose where to start. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, this compiled list of the best tourist places in Australia will help make your vacation an amazing one.

tourist places of australia
Australian City

Important Things To Know Before Visiting Australia

Before packing your bags to visit the best places to visit in Australia, it’s always good to be updated with some useful information about the destination. To ensure that you have a fun-filled trip we suggest you update yourself with these basic facts before embarking on your journey. You never know when it might come in handy.

  • There’s a common misconception that Sydney is the capital city of Australia, however, it’s a fact that Canberra is actually the capital.
  • Australia may be the smallest continent but there are many tourist places in Australia that are a must-visit. Pick your favorites and talk to your tour operator before booking to ensure they cover whatever you want to see.
  • Each of the eight states of Australia has different climatic conditions. December to February is summer, so basically, winter time is the summer of Australia. Be always prepared for anything.
  • Budgeting is very important as Australia is an expensive country. It’s always good to opt for an all-inclusive package that works out much cheaper.
  • Irrespective of which month you are traveling to Australia, you can be assured that there will be lots of events and festivals happening.
  • Because of higher working wages the Aussies generally do not follow the tipping culture here. If you are really happy with the service you can leave a tip but they really don’t expect anything.
  • Wi-Fi at hotels, cafés, restaurants, or some public places can be slow. The best way to stay connected is to carry your own hotspot.
  • With English being the national language of Australia, there won’t be much of a communication barrier, however, they tend to have slang which may take time to understand.

Check Out These Top Tourist Places Of Australia

Over 7 million tourists visit this continent every year because of the many great places to see in Australia. Read on to know more about the best places to visit in Australia.

Sydney Opera House

best places in australia
Sydney Opera House

Australia’s most iconic building, the Sydney Opera House located in Port Jackson, New South Wales is an architectural wonder in itself. From the outside, it is designed to look like a huge sailing ship but from the inside, it is a multi-venue performing arts center in Sydney. The multiple venues of the Opera House are used as theaters, studios, a concert hall, exhibition rooms, and a cinema hall. This magnificent masterpiece that opened in 1973 is still today one of the most photographed buildings in the world. To top it all The Sydney Opera House was added to the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. Taking a tour of the building, attending a concert, or dining at one of the fine restaurants are a must-try when here.

Great Barrier Reef

australia tourist attractions
Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

If you are in search of a breathtakingly beautiful natural world, then your search ends here. The Great Barrier Reef is naturally blessed with hundreds of picturesque tropical islands making it one of the most visited tourist places of Australia. Located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, this UNESCO world heritage site is one of the largest living structures on the planet. You will be surprised to know that The Great Barrier Reef is visible from outer space. The world’s largest barrier reef system covers a huge area of around 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of scenic Islands. It’s also home to 1500 fish species in addition to an array of other marine life that includes whales, marine turtles, dolphins, sea snakes, and birds. There are specially designed glass bottom boats for tourists to get a glimpse of the colorful underwater marine life.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

best places to visit in australia
Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge also affectionately called “the Coat hanger” by locals is an inherent part of the city. The iconic bridge made of 53,000 tons of steel is the largest steel arch bridge in the world and is among the best places to visit in Australia. This engineering marvel by J.J.C. Bradfield is the most celebrated Australia tourist attraction. It took eight long years to build this iconic bridge and was finally opened in 1932. To know more about Sydney Harbor Bridge do visit the museum on the southeastern pier. One can walk or cycle across it or even climb to its peak (134 m above the harbor) for incredible views. To get a better view of the harbor bridge from another angle take a ferry or go on a harbor cruise.

Great Ocean Road

places to visit in australia
The sun sets along the Great Ocean Road

A four-hour drive through a winding stretch of the best roads with the most scenic natural beauty on either side guarantees the best road trip one can ever ask for. The 108-mile long coastal drive along the southeastern coast of Australia takes you through spectacular limestone sea stacks, secluded coves, pockets of rainforest, wine lands, gorgeous waterfalls, and endless eucalyptus trees. Stop by the Twelve Apostles to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. Twelve Apostles are limestone rock formations formed by the lashing of the rough and treacherous waters of the Southern Ocean. Renting a car and driving from Torquay to Allansford is something you just cannot miss while in Australia.

Yarra Valley

australia places
A sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia

Surrounded by the Yarra River in Victoria, the Yarra Valley is host to hills and valleys, meadows, and vineyards. Australia is one of the few countries in the world where you can get to experience sunrises and sunsets from a hot air balloon. The lush and green landscape of the winery regions offers breathtaking views from above. With over eighty vineyards dispersed throughout the region, the areas are relatively cool. The pleasant climate here makes this place one of the most popular Australian places to visit. Spending a couple of days relaxing and walking through the beautiful vineyards while sipping on some fresh local wine are some of the best things to do in these tourist places in Australia.

The Sydney Tower

places in australia
General landscape view of Sydney Tower and Hyde Park, the oldest public parkland in Australia located in Sydney New South Wales Australia.

The skyline of downtown Sydney stands out because of the Sydney Tower soaring to the height of 309 meters. Did you know that the Sydney Tower is approximately as tall as the Eiffel Tower? It is the highest building and also one of the major tourist places of Australia. This tower which is situated in the heart of Sydney was opened in 1981 and the Skywalk above the restaurant was installed in 2005. The glass Skywalk which is 268 meters high is accessible only on pre-booked guided tours. The upper section of the tower has 8 floors, of which 2 floors are home to some of the top restaurants and cafes that offer spectacular views of the city. The panoramic views from above is worth the visit.

Whitehaven Beach

australian places
queensland scenes Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday island group.

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands is not just one of the top tourist places of Australia but is also one of the best beaches in the world. The seven-kilometer arc of powdery white sand across the shore with the background of the crystal clear blue water makes for a picture-perfect click. At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is a stunning inlet (Hill Inlet) where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a striking contrast of colors. Whitehaven Beach can be reached either by ferries, power boats, or cruising yachts that depart from Airlie Beach.  If you want to save time, hop aboard a seaplane and soar over the swirling seascape. This view from above is sure to make your holiday a whole lot more memorable. The southern end of the beach provides day trips and camping facilities for tourists.

Sea World Marine Park

tourist places in australia
Pair of dolphins in blue water

Sea World is one of the many amazing tourist places of Australia that entertain adults and kids alike. It’s a great amusement park that allows visitors to interact with dolphins. This marine park promotes animal conservation by educating, rescuing, and rehabilitating wildlife and marine life. The main attractions of Sea World include exciting rides, animal exhibits, interactions with Dolphins, Fish Detective Show, and much more. Buy tickets for some unmatched fun and adventure with the dolphins and sea lions. If it’s your day, you could even spot some polar bears, penguins, and small sharks.

Must Visit the National Parks Of Australia

National parks account for about 3.5% of this continent. Australia has thousands of national parks with each having its own distinct characteristics. Most of the stunning scenery lies within these National Parks. These parks help to protect Australia’s landscapes, native plants, and wildlife. The common factor among them is, all are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here are some top national parks that you have to visit while in Australia.

places in australia to visit
Buffalo’s grazing in a National Park

Kakadu National Park – Located 240 km east of Darwin in Australia’s tropical north, Kakadu national park is Australia’s largest national park and the second largest in the world. It is home to 300 different species of birds, a range of endemic plants and animals, magnificent waterfalls, rivers, and gorges. It is also home to an amazing diversity of wildlife. The extraordinary natural beauty makes it one of the top Australian tourist attractions.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – Australia’s most prominent landmarks, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is famous for its spectacular geological formations. It is home to both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. What one needs to look out for here is the striking red monolith sandstone formation in Uluru and the rock domes in Kata Tjuta. Visitors flock here to watch the ruddy red hue formation on the rocks during sunset. Apart from this, there are other group tours and bike rides for visitors to enjoy. This is one of the must-visit tourist places in Australia to add to your itinerary to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the place.

Blue Mountains National Park – Sprawling over 664,000 acres of wilderness this national park is a popular destination for a day trip from Sydney. From majestic mountains to plateaus, dramatic gorges to stunning waterfalls, and the stunning views of the dense forests are simply mesmerizing. Three Sisters, the towering sandstone rock formations, the exotic wildlife species, Katoomba Scenic Railway, and the Scenic cableway and walkway are the highlights of this place. Abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding are some of the popular things to do here.

Royal National Park – One of the world’s oldest national parks, The Royal National Park is located in Sutherland Shire which is just a 50-minute drive from Sydney. Don’t forget to carry your hiking shoes as the 151-square-kilometer national park is a hiker’s paradise. There are many trails you can choose from. Each offers spectacular views of the flora and fauna. Open grasslands, pristine beaches, walking tracks, swimming spots, littoral rainforest, and abundant wildlife make this place ideal for visiting with family.

Daintree National Park – Located in Far North Queensland, Daintree national park is only 90 minutes from Port Douglas. This wet tropics world heritage site is one of the most beautiful tourist places of Australia. The park has two main parts: Mossman Gorge, where crystal-clear waters gush over granite boulders; Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets reef along the white sandy beaches of the Coral Sea.  Book a scenic cruise along the Daintree River, a zip-line ticket for a bird’s eye view from above, diving into the freshwater swimming holes or wildlife safari tours, are some of the exciting activities that you can do here. This is the place where two World Heritage Site-listed areas meet.

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Top Cities Of Australia And Things To Do Here

Australia is a huge country that’s home to some fantastic cities that are just waiting to be explored. Each city is unique in its own way. The best way to experience their uniqueness is by visiting them. Here’s our list of the top must-visit cities in Australia.

Sydney – This Modern, vibrant, and sophisticated city is best known for its fantastic beaches, Blue Mountains, dazzling harbor, and top entertainment venues. Sydney has grown into Australia’s most diverse and cosmopolitan city with its vibrant culinary, arts, and entertainment scene.

Melbourne – The coolest city in Australia, Melbourne has a vibe that’s much more European than any of its cosmopolitan rivals. Apart from great sporting events like Football League, Formula 1 Grand Prix, and Aussie cricket, this city has plenty to offer in the field of arts too. Riding the free City Circle Tram to see famous landmarks such as the Parliament House, Federation Square, City Museum, and Docklands are sure to keep one busy while here.

Brisbane – Built around the winding Brisbane River, Brisbane is one of the oldest and most upcoming cities in Australia. If you enjoy music, and water and love the outdoors, Brisbane is one of the tourist places in Australia that you just cannot skip. Riverfront promenades, ferrying down the beaches of the beautiful island, chilling out at the top hotels, listening to music at excellent music venues, and browsing for artisan goodies are some of the things to do here.

Adelaide – Adelaide is home to some stunning vineyards, great museums, amazing eco-adventures, outstanding festivals, strong urban arts, and lively local mouthwatering food scenes. This city is always known for its arty, bohemian vibe that is more like a big country town than a buzzing metropolis. It’s also an ideal place for exploring local vineyards.

Perth – It is one of the most isolated cities on earth, but the natural wonders and unspoiled coastline makes this place a fast-growing tourist destination. The clean sandy beaches, parks, great bars, and restaurants, thriving nightlife, and over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year makes this place worth the visit. It’s both refreshingly imperturbable and excitingly vibrant at the same time.

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With so many best places in Australia, this is a great place for a vacation. Hope you enjoy this list of the best tourist places of Australia that we have put here. Plan your lifetime trip to Australia and do share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Which city is the most beautiful in Australia?

Adelaide is the most beautiful city in Australia because of its beautiful rural landscapes, historic sandstone cityscapes, and gorgeous scenic places.

What are the top 5 beaches in Australia?

Bondi Beach, Bells Beach, Lucky Bay, Cape Tribulation, Cable Beach, and Whitehaven Beach are the top beaches in Australia.

How safe is Australia?

With a stable political system and low crime rates, Australia is generally a safe and welcoming place.

What Australia is famous for?

Apart from the large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, Australia is also very popular for its unique natural wonders and exotic wildlife.

Which part of Australia has the best beaches?

Australia’s east coast has some of the best beaches. Ellis Beach, Bondi Beach, Broken Head Beach, and Hyams Beach are some of the best beaches in this part of the continent.


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