A true traveller’s idea of travelling is not to tick off the tourist spots but to explore the real hidden beauty of the place. When there’s a place like Australia on the cards, you have to ditch flying from one city to another, instead hit the road and manoeuvre the wheel. Being blessed with natural beauty in abundance, this country screams for getting explored through a road trip. Of many reasons why a road trip should be the only way to see Australia, here are a few which will make you cancel your flights within the country and hire a self-drive car.

Gorgeous landscape of the small towns

Australia boasts of some huge cosmopolitan cities which are also the business centres of the country. But if you are in Australia for leisure, then skip those crowded business cities for the gorgeous small towns and villages of Australia. The insanely striking and peaceful towns of Australia surely give the metro cities a run for their money. The likes of Lakes Entrance and Eden are mind-boggling pretty. The lakes, the ocean, the beaches and plethora of flora won’t let you blink even for a moment. The soul gets pampered with bluest of oceans and greenest of natural bounty while you halt at these fascinating towns on your road trip.

Beautiful view of the sea in Australia
Image courtesy: Saakshi Rajat

Wildlife encounters

Australia is extremely rich in a wide variety of animals but watching them in the zoo won’t serve enough justice to the wildlife of the country. That’s why you should hit the road and see them in their natural habitat where they are untamed and playful at their best. Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, whales, pelicans and many more species of fauna will greet you all throughout the road trip and your halts along the coastline of Australia. There’s nothing like seeing a kangaroo hop through the road. Koalas are so adorable that you cannot move forward without hugging one. Whale watching is actually the highlight of a town called Eden in Australia.

Kangaroo in Australia
Image courtesy: Saakshi Rajat

The smooth buttery highways

Cruising on the highways which are well kept gives a feel of sliding through the roads. Anybody who loves driving will definitely fall in love with the awesome roads of Australia and also the provisions made for the drivers along the highway. Everybody follows driving rules to the T and honking is considered extremely rude there. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy the relaxed drive on the terrific roads of Australia!

A truck on a smooth road
Image courtesy: Saakshi Rajat

Observe the lives of locals

The best way to understand a place is to get near to local people and precisely the reason you should make pit stops at the small towns and villages.  If you think that you can peep into the lives of natives of Australia in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you are mistaken, my friend. While people in cities are on a move all the time, it’s the locals in small towns like Narooma and Bateman’s Bay who would be happy to share stories about their lives. You might get a chance to go fishing with them or cruise on one of their boats if you plan to take the road and live a few days in the cosy towns of Australia.

Photo opportunities at every turn

When every corner of the country is dazzling, how do you keep yourself only to the crowded beautiful places? Pictures clicked at those swarming places need to get heavily photoshopped. If capturing exquisite landscape and ravishing architecture interests you, you need to take the road in Australia. With the entire place to yourself, you can envision the place in all possible frames. Beware of the drop-dead stunning vista, it might take you forever to reach the destination because the journey on road in Australia is so enticing.

Amazing blue-green colours of the waters in Australia
Image courtesy: Saakshi Rajat

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