Iceland is famous for its stunning landscapes, but it also has some delicious and hearty local food. Icelandic dishes are made with wonderful high-quality ingredients, such as fresh fish and grass-fed lamb. One of the best ways to experience a culture is through food, so here are 7 Icelandic dishes you have to try.


While eating in Iceland

Plokkfiskur, which literally translates to ‘plucked fish’, is a hearty fish stew. A popular Icelandic comfort food, it is usually made with cod, haddock, or halibut, along with potatoes, onions, butter, and milk. It is served with a side of dark rye bread and some butter.


a-delicious-summery-rhubarb-cake-with-crumble icelandic dishes

This delicious tart is made from rhubarb jam, oats, and brown sugar. The name hjónabandssaela translates to “happy marriage cake,” and the story goes that the cake, like marriage, gets better over time.


Kjotsupa, traditional Icelandic Lamb Soup

A traditional Icelandic soup, kjötsúpa is made with lamb with the bone still in and vegetables (such as potatoes, rutabagas. and carrots). It also usually has leeks, onions, and dried herbs.



Icelandic skyr is quite similar to tart Greek yoghurt. There lots of different flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, banana, and vanilla. It is put on top of graham cracker base to make skyr cake, which is like a low-fat cheesecake, which is often topped with blueberries.



This dark sweet-tasting rye bread is extremely popular in Iceland. It is traditionally baked in a pot placed on the embers of a dying fire and then covered in turf overnight, though it can also be baked by burying it next to a hot spring (in which case it’s called ‘hverabrauð’). It is usually served with fish dishes, such as plokkfiskur.



Kleinur are Icelandic doughnuts that often accompany a strong cup of coffee for breakfast. They are usually deep-fried in tallow and flavoured with cardamom. You can also get versions dipped in chocolate.

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Icelandic dried fish and Icelandic butter

The long winters in Iceland have often meant that people have needed to preserve a lot of food. Harðfiskur is salted and dried fish (usually cod) that is eaten with butter spread on top.


Icelandic famous Hot Dogs

Made famous by Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavik, Icelandic hot dogs are usually made from a blend of beef, lamb and pork. Toppings include crunchy deep-fried onions, sweet brown mustard, and creamy remoulade.

9Lobster Soup

Homemade Lobster Bisque Soup with Cream and Parsley

Seafood is extremely popular in Iceland, and one of the most popular dishes is lobster soup. Creamy and rich, it is made by boiling the shells of langoustine with peppers, celery, and onions, and then adding further chunks of lobster and cream.


Rolled pancakes with berry filling on blue background with copy space

These thin crepe-like pancakes are cooked in a special pan and are flexible in both preparation and shape. Pönnukaka can be either folded or rolled and is traditionally filled with anything from strawberries and whipped cream to jam.


Specialty of iceland called hakarl fermented shark in open warehouse

Hárkal, or fermented shark, is one of those traditional dishes that are now almost only eaten by tourists. Most locals would not be caught dead trying fermented shark. The Greenland shark is poisonous when fresh, so it is buried in a hole to ferment for 6-12 weeks before eating.

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Have we missed any of your favourite Icelandic dishes? If so share them in the comments below.


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