When you start a journey to a destination, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?? For some people, it might be the hotels, for a few it might be the tickets, for me it is packing. I usually make sure that I pack in a way that I can have a comfortable journey. For that, I first choose the luggage type that I want to take along. For me comfortable luggage means Backpacks.

Wondering why backpacks?

Why not??
Firstly you don’t need to carry them. They are there at the back and your hands are free to carry your favourite book and coffee.


Travelling with suitcases is easy and necessary when you are travelling with kids or you have plenty of things to carry or you are on your vacation mode for more than a decade, undoubtedly. But it is far better to carry a backpack with you when you are travelling alone or when you love to travel comfortably.

Another reason to carry a backpack is that when you are travelling by air, you don’t need to wait at the conveyor belt for your luggage to come, you are carrying everything with you. So you can get down at the airport, book a cab and reach home and relax. See?? Easy and helpful!


Your backpack is your best friend for the journey. Choose it wisely!

How to select your kinda backpack??

There are some key factors that you have to keep in mind when you are buying a lifetime of happiness and comfort for yourself.

Size matters! Whatever you are packing, wherever you are heading, you should know what backpack size is comfortable for you. Travelling can be very frustrating when you have to manage unmanageable things. So make sure you plan accordingly. I always choose a size bigger than required, in case I go shopping, I would rather put that in my bag than carry it in my hand.

The material is an important aspect when you are looking for a backpack. You want a material that is waterproof so that even if you are stuck in the rain, your belongings should not get wet. Simultaneously you want a material that dries up quickly. No one wants to keep their stuff in a wet backpack. Materials like Cordura, cotton canvas, nylon, polyester and PVC fabric are perfect for your waterproof vacation.

When you decide all these aspects, move a step ahead and decide on the compartments. You definitely don’t want to put your moisturiser with your expensive dress or your shoes with your makeup. These things do not go well together. You need to separate them. Since you have already answered the questions like “where am I going?”, “for how many days are we going?” in your head, so you know how many things you need to pack for yourself. So based on that, decide on how many compartments do you require. Usually “the more, the merrier” works here.

Thick padding on the straps is a must for a comfortable journey. A dual density foam is what you should opt for. Adjustable straps are something that is usually always present in backpacks, but if there isn’t, don’t buy it! Sternum straps and padded hip straps are good while carrying a backpack, it distributes the load of the backpack on your body and it becomes easier to carry them.

Now you have enough information about how to choose your backpack. You are ready to…
Umm.. well not that far, but okay!

Moving on to which backpacks are good for you to select

Few backpacks that are just beyond perfect for your journey, are made of waterproof material and are stylish enough to flaunt. Here they are:

Deuter Aircontact 65+10 Backpack: This backpack has many features including compression straps, forward hip belt and positionable lid pocket with a compression strap that helps the head to move freely. This is an amazing backpack for people who are not organised and want to take everything along with themselves and still wish to be comfortable (ME).

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack: This backpack is smaller in size but the comfort it provides is unexplainable and that too at a very affordable price. You can easily carry these onboard with you and stay away from the conveyer belt, HAPPILY! They are available in different versions like 55 and 70 litres. The best part about this backpack is that it perfectly fits your back.

Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag: This product is available on Amazon in 46L which is perfect for your travel. It has a zippered top accessory pocket which can be used for the liquids that you carry with you like sunscreen, moisturisers, vodka… Few other features like foam padded sidewalls, padded shoulder harness with adjustable sternum strap are the reasons it is one of the best backpacks today.

Kelty Redwing 40-Liter Backpack: This is for people who want something smaller in size. It is big enough to hold everything you need and still be small enough to carry it with you easily. This bag is for the people who like to stay organised. It has many compartments that allow it to do that. Since there are many compartments, there are many zips to give you easy access to those compartments. On top of this, there is a water bottle holder. Isn’t that crazy??

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack: This backpack has extra of everything like the extra room, extra compartments and extra comfort. It is very durable and has a large opening to the main compartment with zippers and adjustable side compression straps, heavily padded back, airflow ventilation, and built-in suspension. There are so many other features that make your travel super comfortable and easy.

So this was it about the backpacks and I hope this article was informative enough for you to buy your favourite backpack.

Let us know in the comments section below if there is any other backpack you want me to review and what is your favourite backpack type.

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