Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a would-be mother’s life. A phase where mothers bring a new life in this world. During pregnancy, mothers make sure that their babies are safe inside and are being taken care of, but what they forget is that they need to be taken care of equally. No worries ladies. We are here to do that for you. You just go ahead and plan your babymoon. Your first babymoon should be as pleasant as you want it to be. Take all these essentials for travelling while pregnant. Since this is a crucial phase, your hormones will be all over the place. So you can sweat more and you might feel too cold. We are going to help you with what maternity clothes for travel you would want to take along with you on a babymoon.

Tips for choosing Maternity clothes for travel


Cotton is breathable and sweat-absorbent. You might sweat a lot because of the hormones. If you are heading to a summer destination, choose cotton as a fabric for your maternity clothes for travel.

Even if it is a winter destination, choose cotton because it is light and very comfortable for you to be in all day. Fabrics like synthetics, chiffon and Georgette can make you sweat easily. Avoid them. Comfort should be your first preference when choosing maternity clothes for travel. If it is cold or chilly, opt for soft and comfortable woollens.


Your belly and your breasts tend to increase in size during pregnancy. Replace your old inners with new ones for your comfort. You do not want your strap to hurt you or your undergarments to make you sweat even more because of being tight. Your skin will be sensitive and you might not get time to change during travel. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing.


Choose to wear elastic over belts. Belts can hurt you and can cause rashes. But make sure the elastic is not too tight. Or you can choose clothes that can be tied with a scarf or a drawstring. It will be easy for you to loosen it and you’d be more comfortable in a drawstring rather than a belt or a zipper.

Wrap around

Wrap around dresses are not only trendy, they are so much more comfortable than being trendy. Or you can buy wrap-around skirts and match them with some tops and you are good to go on a trip.

Wraparounds are a clear choice of maternity clothes for travel. You might have to hit the loo frequently, so these happen to be comforting for you in that situation too.

Another benefit of a wraparound is that you can wear them even after you have your baby and lose the pregnancy fat.

Clean clothes

Wear clean clothes during pregnancy, getting an infection is the last thing you want. In fact, not only your clothes but your hands should also be clean. Keep an anti-bacterial gel or wet wipes in your handbag and stay as clean as possible.

How to choose sizes for your Maternity clothes for travel

Just keep in mind that your tummy is going to grow day by day while choosing maternity clothes for travel. Choose your size in a way where you can use them in the later stage of pregnancy (or maybe even post pregnancy).

Maternity clothes are usually available in pre-pregnancy sizes. This means that if a woman whose pre-pregnancy size was 32, then she will be comfortable in a maternity pant of size 32. The actual size of the maternity pant is not 32, but they will fit a woman whose waist size is 32 comfortably.

They are stretchable pants, so the pant will stretch according to you, happily increasing baby bump. XS to XL, 0 to 14 or plus sizes are available in the market or online. ASOS, Destination maternity, H&M are few brands which have maternity clothes in different styles and sizes. These can be your maternity clothes for travel also. They are trendy, comfortable and made of breathable material. Choose your style.

Types of Maternity clothes for travel


For all the would-be mothers out there, here is a tip. You need plenty of these t-shirts with you when you are travelling while pregnant. Your maternity clothes for travel should be filled with t-shirts. Reasons for that is, that you need to be comfortable while travelling and also pack light.

Choose to buy cotton t-shirts for yourself. They are breathable and light. You can take enough of them on the trip with you and there still will be room for you to put things into your luggage. Motherhood is the place where you would want to visit for t-shirt shopping for your baby-moon.

Maternity clothes for travel
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Tank tops

Tank tops are a way you can flaunt your style wardrobe as well as stay comfortable in the entire journey. Plus there are plenty of ways by which you can accessorise your looks. A shrug, pretty neckpieces and bracelets and what not.

You can select your tops your way. Tank tops can be skin fit if you want your baby bump to be flaunted or a loose airy one that can be paired with maternity leggings or maternity jeans or even with a skirt. Tank tops are the best way to style your attire and still be comfortable throughout.

Maternity clothes for travel
Tank tops as maternity clothes


A blouse is usually worn by work women. It is semi-formal wear that can be worn for a formal meeting. It is typically gathered at the waist or hips so that it hangs loosely over the wearer’s body. A blouse is usually fully buttoned from top to bottom or partially buttoned which makes it highly light on the body and light to pack as well.

Maternity clothes for travel
Blouses for pregnant women


Sweaters, majorly worn in winters are cosy and soft on the body. Maternity sweaters and cardigans are widely available online on Old Navy.

Cardigans and woollen shrugs can be open from the front for you to wear it your way. And the woollen sweaters are warm enough to provide you with the required body temperature. Wool is soft on your skin so you needn’t worry about rashes and skin irritation.

Warm sweater as maternity clothes for winter travel
Warm sweater for winter travel


You needn’t compromise with fashion if you are looking for comfort. Maternity jeans are regular jeans having waistbands to support your baby bump.

You can always wear regular jeans and keep the button open and to support it you can wear a bump band. But doing this might be uncomfortable. Also, It can give you a rash which obviously you don’t want when you are travelling.

Even when you are not travelling, you do not want rashes. Keep calm and buy maternity jeans for your mental and physical peace. Motherhood is the place where you can find the best ones for yourself. Make sure you choose the correct size for yourself. 

Maternity clothes for travel
Maternity jeans


Skirts are a very comfortable form of maternity wear. The most obvious reason is that you might have very frequent bathroom visits. You do not have to unbutton your jeans every time.

Skirts are also very comfortable when travelling. But prefer to take a wrap skirt. They do not have elastics around the waist area. If you are planning to take an elastic skirt, make sure it is not very tight.

Maternity clothes for travel
Cotton maternity skirts


Maxi dresses are as equally comforting as skirts. You do not have to worry about the top to match with your skirt though. Just take a maxi dress or a short dress but comfortable and loose enough for your comfort while travelling. Many types of maternity dresses are available online on Pink blush. Go buy your style and look amazing.

Maternity clothes for travel
Cotton maternity dress


Exercising is a good way to relax your hormones while on the go. Your hormones are all over, so just relax yourself a little. But definitely, maternity jeans or dresses are not good attire to be in when exercising.

Carry your tracks or active wears with you when packing for maternity clothes for travel. The material for active wear should be sweat absorbent and comfortable.

Maternity active wears are not tough to find. Many brands online sell maternity activewear that is comfortable and good to be in for the entire day.

Active wear for pregnant women
Comfortable activewear for women


Chlorinated water is a good disinfectant. And there is no harm in swimming while you are pregnant. Avoid swimming on beaches while on your maternity period, as the beach will not have disinfectants and you can catch infection easily.

Take care of yourself though when on the beach or even in a swimming pool. Slipping is not good for you at all. But swimming is a good exercise for you. Carry a swimwear for yourself in your bag, and decide if you will swim or not later, but keep one with you while packing your maternity clothes for travel.

Maternity clothes for travel
Maternity Swimwear

These were few tips and attires that can make you feel comfortable throughout your journey and also be light on packing.

Let us know in the comments section if you found this article informative for your baby-moon.

Happy babymoon to you. Travel safe!


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