Fashion comes with two factors – style and comfort. If either of the factors is missing, you can not produce a fashion statement. So when it comes to fashion while travelling, many things need to be considered. Starting from what to pack, where to head wearing what, accessories, shoes, and even watches. Yes! Types of watches available in the market these days are multi-functional. Nowadays they are not only present on one’s wrist to tell time, but also to monitor your health, to tell you that your phone is ringing, and are water resistant as well.

And when I say, types of watches I mean, watches for men, watches for women, and watches for kids. Depending upon what is your destination and what type of activity you are heading to, you can select a watch for yourself and present yourself as a trendsetter. Here is a list of types of watches for men, women, and kids with their brands and availability. Check out your type!

Types of Watches for Men

Suunto Spartan Trainer wrist HR

Suunto Spartan Trainer comes in a compact package. It is a beautifully designed watch that can keep track of your daily activities and also your sleep by tracing an estimated heart rate from the wrist. It is embedded with GPS navigation. If you want to keep track of your calories burned in the gym or while swimming or running or cycling, this is the perfect watch for you to buy. These types of watches help you to maintain a balance between your exercise and your cheat days.

Can be worn while Trekking, Diving, Camping

Types of watches for travel
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Casio G-shock G-steel

The Casio G-shock G-steel are high-quality watch with G-shock toughness. Stainless steel and resin are together layered to form an unbreakable pair. Types of watches like these that have a premium shine give a metallic finish. Casio G-shock G-steel is almost perfect amongst the various watches for men. They consist of a double-layered bezel, that makes them light in weight and rigid. The solar panel inside instead of batteries is helpful in converting even weak illuminations into electric power which means, your watch will always be charging itself.

Can be worn while: On business trips, Meetings

Types of watches for travel
Picture source: G-shock

Citizen Men’s Eco-drive Pro Master Diver watch

Citizen Men’s Eco-drive Pro master Diver watch is solar charged so your watch is battery-free. The stainless steel case and the polyester leather strap make it classy and sporty at the same time. 200 m water resistance, 43 mm case diameter (48 mm including crown), and date function at 4 o’clock are some of the key features that make it different from others.

Can be worn while: Diving, having a Casual day

Types of watches for travel
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Timex Intelligent Quartz fly-back chronograph

The Timex IQ fly-back chronograph offers affordable style in a leather strap. Timex IQ fly-back chronograph is 100-meter water resistant and its case is made of stainless steel. The measurements of case width, strap, and lug width are 43 mm and 20 mm respectively. The lens is made of mineral glass.

Can be worn while: Business meets, Trekking, Swimming, Casual day

Types of watches for travel
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Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic diving

Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic diving watch has a strap with a diver’s buckle. There are 10 different models to choose from, which have different colours and features but this guy can handle a pressure of 30 bars underwater. The glow-in-the-dark feature is useful underwater as well as up above the water. There are certain types of watches for men that can be worn anywhere – this is one of them.

Can be worn while: Diving, Trekking, mountain climbing

Watches for men
Picture source: Tissot

Fanmis Men’s Sport Digital LED Watch Casual Military Multifunctional Wristwatch Water Resistant

Fanmis Men’s Military Multifunctional Wristwatch has many purposes for you to buy. Its functions include a display of the calendar (date and day). Its display has a compass too which helps you to see the directions. Apart from this, these watches are shock and water-resistant. If you take fashion seriously, these types of watches are what you are looking for. You can flaunt your sporty look and your style statement. You may not want to use it for diving, but for swimming. It is water resistant to 30 meters.

Can be worn while Trek, Sports, Swimming, or Casual day out.

Watches for men
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Types of Watches for Women

Griffin Courier band & Slap nano

Griffin courier band & Slap nano plays music for you, gives you space to attach your earphones or headphones, and shows time too. This deal is savage. Why carry two things when you hit the road when you can get the job done with one? When you can wrap music around your wrist, you can dance to every beat that your heart feels. Plus you do not need an alarm clock when you have this around your wrist. Griffin courier band and slap nano watches make you feel the same, plus they look amazing with every outfit you wear.

Can be worn while: Traveling, during flights, or on road journeys

Types of travel watches for women
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Teal Resin Chronograph Digital Sport Watch

Teal Resin Chronograph Digital Sport Watch includes digital features such as the hour, minute, second, day/date, dual time zone, alarm, and lap timer. It has a backlight with a three-second duration and a soft touch because of its resin strap and comes with a stainless steel buckle. It is water resistant up to 330 feet. Your fashion statement and style are enhanced by wearing this watch.

Can be worn while: Swimming, Traveling

Types of travel watches for women
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Armitron Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Nylon Adjustable Strap and Red Accents

Armitron Digital Chronograph Watch’s black nylon slip-through strap with black plastic buckle help maintain the grip. It keeps you and your workout sessions going, irrespective of day and night. Keeps a check on time, date, and day. Amitron digital chronograph has a stopwatch for your precious seconds to be monitored.

Can be worn while: Swimming, Traveling

Types of travel watches for women
Picture credit: Armitron

Letscom smart wristband

Letscom smart wristband is another smartwatch that helps you track your workout and is waterproof. You can monitor your sleep, and the calories burnt while working out, help you take calls, and is easily chargeable. If completely charged can run for seven continuous days. Letscom smartwatch gets charged with a simple USB cord. It is one watch that you can wear all the time. Its sleek making makes it fashionable as well as comfortable to wear.

Can be worn while: Doing everything!

Types of travel watches for women
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Casio LRW 200h 2BVCF

Casio LRW 200h 2 BVCF is a round watch that features blue contrast bi-directional bezel and an Arabic hour marker, luminous hands, and a date window at 3 o’clock. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. In general, it is suitable for swimming and snorkelling, but not scuba diving. White colour watches for women bring out the best in them.

Can be worn while Swimming

Types of watches for women
Picture credit: Casio

Torch Burch Collins leather strap

Torch Burch collins leather strap is meant for when you want to be simple with a touch of class. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face allows you to be carefree about the scratches. Your outfits in combination with this watch will look fabulous. Torch Burch Collins leather strap watches for women are elegant and as beautiful as the lady herself.

Can be worn while: Any party attire

Tory burch collins leather strap, watches for women
Picture credit: Tory Burch

Types of watches for kids

Ziera digital

Ziera digital watches for kids are sporty and cool. Kids have different choices on different days. One day they would hate to wear a watch but the next day they would want one. So These types of watches are good enough for kids. Ziera digital watches are rigid, so you don’t have to worry about damage. They come in various shapes and colours so that you have enough choices for your kids to make.

Types of watches for kids
Picture Source: Amazon

Titanium Slap watch for girls

Titanium Slap watch for girls is smart, classy, and specially designed for kids. The base material used is stainless steel or silicon. For kids who love wearing something fashionable, this is the appropriate watch for them.

Types of watches for girls
Picture source: Nordstrom


Rumba Time Kids’ Firefly Blue X-Small Watch for Kids are cute and colourful, just the way kids like it. It glows in the dark which is definitely a plus point to buy for kids. It is completely safe in the water and in case your kid is a diver, this is water resistant to 30 meters.

Types of watches for kids
Picture credit: Google

Popochos LED watches

Popochos LED watches have got stretchy silicone bands and an LED screen that shows the day and time. They come with watch skins and are sold separately but packed together if you buy them with the LED watch.

Types of watches for kids
Picture credits: Popochos

LEGO watches

LEGO watches come in a wide variety of colours and styles. The Lego watches come in age ranges too. They are waterproof and rigid enough to tolerate your karate master’s skills.

Types of watches for kids.
Picture Source: LEGO

While you contemplate which watch to buy for your tots, you can also read about travel packing for your kids as well as tips for travelling with small kids.

Style up your personality with some (or all if you have the money :P) of these classic and new-generation watches. We hope the list above has helped you select the outfits you are planning to wear. And these are recommendations based on the types of watches you can use for different activities but do go through a few user reviews before making your final choice. Also, if you are a perfect attire person you would want some head wears to take with you.

Let us know below if there are any other watches you take for trips with you.


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