There are plenty of romantic destinations for couples to go on Valentine’s day. But people tend to forget the people who don’t have any partner to go with. I am here for them. No, not for dates but to tell you, single people, where to spend your Valentine’s day to make couples feel bad for not being single.

Valentine’s day for singles can be a solo trip for which these are the choices:

Machu Picchu

Take this place off the “things to do before I die” list and add it to the “this Valentine’s day” list. This breathtaking place should be travelled alone. I will tell you why! You can take a group tour and meet new people. You can go on a Quarry trail and experience the beauty of that place.

Valentine's day for singles
Machu Picchu, Peru.

New York City

Hit the city if you are single. Go to the bars. A few famous ones are Botanica, The Local, and The Nomad. The nightlife in this city is one of the loveliest things to enjoy. You won’t be bored in this city. New York City has something for both sides of the coin. It has museums for whoever is interested and it has shopping centres for people who find museums boring.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas welcomes all the singles for their valentine’s day celebration. Be as single as you want to, this city will entertain you with its nightlife, bars and what not. You want to remain single and have fun, go ahead. You want to get mingled, the city is here for you to help.

If you know what I mean…

Like parting and dancing… what did you think?  

South Beach 

Plenty of singles will be looking forward to visiting this place. And why not? This is a vibrant place with an amazing nightlife. Miami has a social scene set for local singles and tourists. These gatherings can be really intimidating. Tourists, bachelors have an amazing party there to celebrate the singlehood. Clubbing, dancing, mocktails and cocktails, Maimi has it all for you.


There are many things to see and do in Amsterdam. Apart from cute coffee shops and picturesque canals, there is something more for Valentine’s day for singles. This day can be as exciting as you want it to be here. You can have day trips. Commuting in this city is easy. The ticket is mostly valid for 1-3 days and also comes with a public transport guide and sightseeing tips. Then why not explore this wonderful city.

And, don’t forget to click a picture with…

Valentine's day for singles
I Amsterdam


Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world was carved out of the land by glaciers, lakes and rivers. But that has made it a valiant place. You can hike up to Bob’s Peak which is a part of Ben Lomond mountains. And, the food is just amazing! You cannot come back without having an Umami Burger or Fergburger.


The city is divided into the north and south sides by river Liffey. There is so much to see in the city. Starting from museums and galleries to the Temple Bar and shopping centres, this city has everything to entertain you. Valentine’s day for singles can be well celebrated here. In fact, there is no better place to celebrate self-love.


Berlin is famous for its nightlife. So if you are going to Berlin, you should know what people do there after 10:00 PM. For Berlin, night means…

But not only this, but Berlin is also famous for its culture. Famous theatres, the opera houses and concert venues are other options for you if you are are not a party person.


Visiting Prague once will make you leave your heart there. Let the couples be in love, you go and fall in love with this city. Get soaked in culture. The Charles bridge divides the city. On one side of the bridge is Prague castle and on the other side is the Old Town Square. Apart from these places, you will find Prague’s culture in tiny streets. Explore the culture, the city and wish to never come back.

Valentine's day for singles
The old town square in Prague


This gorgeous city will leave you with a happy tummy. Plenty of food options are there for you if you are a foodie and you want a romantic evening with yourself and your food. The best part is that you won’t have to share your food. Also, it has picturesque islands, fascinating art and history to explore. Enjoy the city and fall in love with it!

These anti-Valentine’s day destinations are perfect for your solo-trips. Make sure you enjoy every moment of it and never forget to love yourself.


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