The original Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ also known as ‘La Casa de Papel’, has gained immense popularity since its release in 2017. This crime drama series has captured hearts all over the world with its action, suspense, inventive storyline and unforgettable characters. The show is famous for its mind games and elaborate strategies. Not to forget the portrayal of the robbers using distinctive Dali masks and red overalls. But one of the key draws of ‘Money Heist’ has been the filming locations. Despite the fact that season three has scenes from all around the world; most of Money Heist filming locations are predominantly in Madrid, Spain.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers

Money Heist Filming Locations That You Can Visit IRL 

1Royal Mint of Spain: Spanish National Research Council

The building in which our favourite robbers locked themselves in (with the hostages) was in fact, the headquarters of at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in Madrid. The building was said to have been picked due to its resemblance to the Royal Mint of Spain, and because the authentic building is located down a narrow street, making filming nearly impossible. The gardens that you see in the Parts 1 and 2 of the show belong to the courtyard which gives access to the CSIC building. This feature makes it ideal for filming without having to cut streets or redirect traffic.

Now as far as the interior scenes are considered, they were shot in some Madrid surroundings like Colmenar Viejo. The reason why it was not filmed inside the authentic building is obviously: security. If you remember the area which showed the inside of the Mint where the money was printed in the show, is actually Spanish newspaper ABC’s Office. So, the printing equipment that you saw on the show is real equipment.

2Callao Square

Madrid, Spain – March 17, 2015: Plaza del Callao with unidentified people. The city square lies in the middle of the famous shopping street Gran Via and was developed between 1910 and 1940

The famous bank notes shower that takes place at the beginning of Episode 2 of Part 3 was filmed in the Plaza de Callao. Known to be one of the most central squares of Madrid, this square is where The Professor hacked the big screens to announce the incarceration of Rio to the public. If you are visiting Madrid, the Callao Square (more like Times Square of Spain) is definitely an unmissable stop.

3Guna Yala Islands (Tokyo And Rio’s Escape)

Money Heist
Relaxing on calm island

The most recent Part 3 begins with some beautiful paradisiacal scenes of “Isla Pelícano”, the place where Tokyo and Rio are hiding. Remember Tokyo calling it “a romantic movie in the Caribbean”? Well, yeah. She wasn’t lying. Filming of this scene took place in the tropical paradise of Guna Yana Islands, which is an archipelago of almost 400 islands scattered along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

4Bank of Spain – Ministry Of Public Works And Transport

Part 3 of the series has a new target (not really new as Salva, Berlin and Palermo started planning five years ago): Bank of Spain. The bank in the series is actually the complex of headquarters of The Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

5House Of Toledo – Finca El Gasco, Torrelodones

Remember the mansion where the heist was planned? Yes, it’s this one. Professor Salvador brings the gang together to prepare for six months. In reality, this house is not located in Toledo city, but in the Torrelodones (Madrid). In this little village, Fianca El Gasco is a wedding venue located in the middle of the regional park, very close to the Guadarrama River.

6Italian Monastery – San Frutos Hermitage

Hermitage of San Frutos in Spúlveda, Segovia, Spain.

Remember the Italian monastery where Berlin pretends to be writing his discourse on theological philosophy while it acted as his planning den? Yep, that’s San Frutos Hermitage in Madrid. This big mansion is 140 km away from the city centre, in the province of Segovia. While the hermitage is very popular due to its best panoramic views of the Duraton River, the interior scenes are not shot here. The spectacular cloister that we see in the series is Abadia De Parraces which is part of a renovated venue that in real life is used for all kinds of events.

7Florence – Piazza Del Duomo, Piazzale Michelangelo

the Piazza del Duomo at dawn, Money Heist
The Galleeria Vittorio Emenuele II and Milan Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo, Milan

The flashback of the first season’s episode (where our beloved Professor meets Berlin), takes place in Florence. The two locations picked out for this flashback are Piazza del Duomo and Piazzale Michelangelo. We get to see Pedro Alonso (Berlin) again with his little brother (Professor) in Florence as according to the timeline of the series, its five years back in time, when they started to plan the Bank of Spain heist.

So, be a loyal fan and visit these Money Heist filming locations around the world. Do let us know about your experiences below!

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  1. I started watching Money Heist late last year. I was introduced to the movie by a friend of mine. Since then i have been anxiously waiting for the season 4. I heard it would be released on the third of april by 12 am. Thanks, Amigo!


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