There’s been a surge in experiential travels and many people are now planning their trips based on experiences offered in the destination. According to TripAdvisor’s 2019 Experiences Trends Report, family-friendly activities, outdoor and themed activities and wellness experiences are the fastest-growing experiences amongst avid travellers.

When I plan my travels, I ensure including some of the great experiences the destination features or is popularly known for. The Oriental Village in Langkawi is one such complex of business enterprises that offers leisure time by alluring travellers with plenty of options in food & beverages, souvenirs, and activities. 

Oriental Village, Langkawi
Image Credit: Ahana

An experience-based attraction, this village is best known for the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge. However, this village also offers a unique experience with holistic offerings. A one-stop village for many attractions and activities here’s 3 activities I experienced during my trip. 

That Time I Held A Snake

Me holding the snake, Langkawi, Oriental Village
Image Credit: Ahana

Are you someone who adores reptiles? If not, you wouldn’t understand why I decided to experience this like a fearless woman. On entering the Oriental Village in Langkawi, while you keep walking, ahead to your left is a small stall run by a family who owns and pets two snakes. Well taken care of, they have been doing this for over years and decided to earn money from alluring travellers who are willing/interested to click a picture with the snakes. One is a 3-year-old Python the other is a smaller one. Holding a snake was always on my bucket list. Finding this experience in Malaysia was a bliss and I couldn’t have left the destination without doing this. 

Perplexed By The 3D Art

3D Art at Langkawi, Oriental Village
Image Credit: Ahana

Have you been to an interactive museum as yet? Perhaps, in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines or Malaysia? The 3D Art Museum in Langkawi is dubbed as the largest art museum in the world, and is one of my favourites so far, having visited many museums across the world. The 3D Art Museum located in the Oriental Village in Langkawi hosts many elaborate paintings and murals offering optical illusions.

3D Art museum in Langkawi, Oriental Village
Image Credit: Ahana

At this venue, you will find some of the most incredible illusion art that will appear as a 3D image and can also fool any enthusiast! It houses more than 200 impressive artworks with interesting angles to it. The best part about this museum is that it shows you the spot you can stand at, to see the 3D reflected image and get a good shot of the photograph. 

A Wellness Break

Image Credit: Ahana

Travelling can always be tiring. Exploring the city from point A to point B on foot can also drain a lot of your energy. While staying hydrated is important, staying well on the road is vital too. In most cases, getting a luxury spa experience is what people look for! If you happen to be in Langkawi, do try out Baron Bodyworks for a unique experience. The place is clean and the staff is very attentive. At this venue, you can try out the foot massages (which I did), body treatments, reflexology, and other massage treatments. Nothing soothes your body and mind, after a hectic day as much as a relaxing massage does.

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Have you been to the Oriental Village in Langkawi? If so do share your experiences in the comments below!


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