So you’re going to Thailand, said friends smirking and envious…we beamed back, yes, family holiday!! All erupted in laughter, giving naughty looks to hubby dear who was oblivious to the fact what their wide grins meant. Well, armed with luggage, hubby and not to forget my dear kids, we finally reached Bangkok. Our friendly tour guide Natalia or Chandramukhi as she called herself, swiftly packaged us to Pattaya where we comfortably settled into Ibis, completely in love with the ocean facing the street which ran all around like a boundary of happiness. 

The Famed Walking Street in Pattaya 

On the extreme corner of this elitist circle, lay Walking street, ahem…the famed and illustrious walking street which topped my itinerary as exciting as exploring the garden of sin. FYI, hubby dearest was completely vague and clueless about the Walking street or what it was so famous for and my excitement to show him grew stronger minute by minute. The bright neon-lit street, swarming with men and women of all ages, let me not forget our gender-less friends who actually form the pride and crowd of the vibrant road, added to my excitement like I was heading for some great adventure. Dancers sliding up and down poles, shop windows with sexy women on either side, clubs blaring loud music and smiling cheery men shoving pamphlets advertising their wares with rates and discounts, and amidst all, the Turkish ice cream seller who created enough drama to keep an awestruck group amazed at his sleight of hands and playfulness for delivering an expensive ice cream, which to my utter dismay didn’t taste good at all.

Pattaya, Thailand: Tourists on the Walking Street in Pattaya
Tourists on the Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand Image Courtesy Reema Suri
Sleaze, attraction, seduction and all sins are completely legal

Coming back to the wicked world, sheer determination and curiosity refused to let me leave the forbidden streets without sampling what was on offer. The curtained doors offered sleaze, attraction, seduction and all sins for a meagre prize, not to forget as they claim legal and completely valid too. The show as the menu card claimed had more than 15 things in line and eager, we took our place around the dancing ring. Woman after woman arrived on the floor, doing un-explainable things to herself and shades of all emotions ranging from amusement to disgust to complete disbelief shuttled across my poor hubby’s face as I continued getting amused at his complete lack of adaptability and helplessness at being stuck in a place where his manhood refused to even raise the flag in appreciation. The small framed Thai women, scantily clad or even naked at times, seemed mechanical and bored as they continued their daily grind catering happily to American dollars while we rationed Baht tourists seemed not worth even a glance to them.


The red-lit ambience seemed like a third-rate Chinese gangster premise as hubby now deciding enough was enough pulled me out of that ring, amazed at how I could find humour in such an awkward situation while he felt nothing but disgust. HAPPY ENDING, how could this ever  be said he, I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter as we literally gulped in fresh air on the street, when the truth struck my darkened mind and I exclaimed excitedly, maybe we were in the wrong place and as everyone claimed the Russian babes and shows were better! By then few more touts scanning fresh clients had already covered us and the manhood which refused to salute these multinational beauties came into being as hubby firmly held my hands and swiftly took me out of the single lane filled with lights saying, I think my Indian beauty is a better option as my smile grew wider and I strutted out as vain as a peacock while the cute man-boys dressed all shiny and glittery kept trying to attract my Indian good looking man with all their wares, both genuine and plastic.  

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