An Adventure That Stayed With Me In Pattaya

Adventure trips are always fun, but a thrilling experience is what makes it an extraordinary memory. Thailand – known as the land of smiles, is a country that explodes with the boundless energy with its spectacular attractions and activities. Even more than the sights, travelers always seek for a one-of-a-kind experience and here is what I experienced on my journey 10 years ago. An adventure with ‘water,’ which is one of my biggest fears. And all I knew when I appeared to be on the edge of an adventure called ‘Under Sea Walk’ in Pattaya.

I went to Thailand in 2008 (took me forever to write this experience I suppose, eh!) and what surprised me were the people, the language, the food, the city of Bangkok, shopping, the plentiful attractions and oh! The no honking signs/boards too. I stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya for a while, did the usual things a tourist would do. But, an experience with the Under Sea Walk was my first and only joyful thing amongst the other things to do in Pattaya.

Under Sea Walk is to be booked as a tour that takes you to the coral island by ferry from the beach.

Sea walking experiience on the ocean floor
Now why did I do it if I’m not a water baby?

To be honest, I did it for my twin brother who simply loves water (too much love here). This trip was planned with my family, and this activity was one of the sober things we could do as siblings. The Under Sea Walk in Coral Island, Pattaya is one of the most famous and number one sea activities in town.  A leisure tour that takes you through the marine life on an island was worth a try. Therefore, I explored the marine life in a different way and spent about 30 minutes walking on the ocean bed.

Parasailing at Pattaya, Thailand.

The staff in-charge gave me a really heavy oxygen helmet to be put on and asked me to walk down the steps, right into the sea. The oxygen was obviously connected through a pipe and soon, I was fully immersed in water (under 20-25 feet underwater). Breathing was a little difficult, but I managed with small breaths. The best part about this tour was that, we were allowed to hold hands and were taught the emergency signs too (phew, what a relief it was). The tour is done in batches of 10 people – so I had a lot of help around. Now, while I am walking, the staff opened up the bread packets and fishes came close trying to eat the bits and pieces, but won’t let me touch them. Besides, I also spotted a few coral pieces and other exotic creatures.

And finally, I was photographed too. And if you want a photo/video of this adventure, you got to pay a few baht. I got mine, and you must opt for it as well. The island offers other marine activities which are fun such as parasailing, banana boat etc.

Why should you go for it (even if you’re scared of water?)

It’s totally worth it! There is no better place that I know gives you a complete tour of the marine life. If you really do, please let me know your experience. But, if you are in Thailand, on this island, do ensure this is on your bucket list.

Some precautions to keep in mind:
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • People with medical conditions should avoid this walk
  • Alert the staff through the emergency signs, if you feel numb, breathless, have a headache etc
  • Indicate with the thumb that you need to go up

Happy Voyage to the bottom of the sea?



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