Georgetown in Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is quite famous for its architecture, food, nature, and of course, its street art. The city thrives rich in history and culture, and you’ll see many old buildings, which make the city with a combination of the artistic lanes a living museum. Visiting here will not disappoint you, as the streets of George Town have plenty of awesome murals, steel sculptures, and wall painting on every corner you go.

Penang’s street art has evolved over time from cheap spray paint to amazing wall-to-wall murals that have today become a great hotspot. Graffiti has even become a profession in the city and is endorsed by the Penang Public Arts Review Panel (PARP).

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I love street art and had great fun hunting down the interesting murals and capturing photographs while also learning about their fascinating history, heritage and culture. The street art you see depicts the daily life of people living in Penang in a sweet yet funny manner, almost like cartoon characters. As you walk in and around George Town, spotting the murals, they will surely put a smile on your face or make you think about the local way of living in Penang. Here are 5 of Penang’s street art murals you must see in George Town:

1. Ah Quee

Ah Quee - Aahna Penang's Street Art
Image Credit: Aahna

This art piece “Ah Quee” is located in the Ah Quee Street and shows a European businessman greeting Ah Quee, a millionaire philanthropist. But he seems to be having difficulty in pronouncing his name. He tries “Ah Quee?”, “Ah Kwee?”, “Ah Kooi?”, and “Ah Kui?”. I can totally relate this with people struggling to pronounce my name or even spell it correctly. Ah Quee built his home in Lebuh Gereja in George Town and today his home is converted into the museum named – Pinang Peranakan Mansion which is well worth a visit.

2. Old Motorcycle

Old Motorcycle - Aahna Penang Art
Image Credit: Aahna

This is my favourite wall painting in the area. It is by Ernest Zacharevic and I absolutely love the faded colours and how old the door actually looks in contrast to the boy with the helmet. This vintage motorcycle was abandoned by a German tourist who travelled from Vietnam to Penang. It was found near the Love Lane in George Town and was then incorporated into a wall painting. 

3. Cat In A Window

Image Credit: Aahna

This cat mural in George Town is shyly peeping out of a corner on Cannon Street which looks cute too. Looks a bit like the other cat – Skippy, an art mural you’ll notice around the town. It matches the colour but however, this one is not painted by Ernest Zacharevic. 

4. Kung Fu Girl

Image Credit: Aahna

Another great piece of street art by Ernest Zacharevic is the Kung Fu Girl in blue. It was quite interesting to see how the windows are part of the art too. And the size of this mural is very impressive and quickly catches the eye. The artist has captured the expressions of the girl making it very appealing and realistic. 

5. Boy on a Chair 

Boy on a Chair - Aahna Penang
Image Credit: Aahna

This is one of the sweetest murals I came across. It’s fantastic to see how the art showcase this old wooden chair with a boy standing and lifting himself up; it exactly fits into the painting as the boy tries to reach the hole in the wall. Since this mural is under a roof, it is well protected from the rain and other weather conditions. So, it’s comparatively in better condition than many of the other murals you see. 

Besides, the 5 must-see murals, you can check out other of Penang’s street art murals too, such as The Indian Boatman, Children Behind Window Bar, Main Street, Cheating Husband, and Kids On A Bicycle.

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So have you been to see Penang’s street art? If you have do share your experiences in the comments below



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