Maldives, a heaven for beach vacation has earned itself this name not just because of its impeccable beaches but also because of the number of enthralling water sports adventures it offers. From snorkeling to parasailing, wreck diving to scuba diving, there are umpteen number of water sports to get engaged in. Here’s a comprehensive list of the popular water sports in Maldives for an adventure filled holiday.

Top Water Sports In Maldives To Look Out For During Your Visit

Come join us to explore the underwater sights of the Indian Ocean with our list of the top water sports activities to try out. 

Banana Boating – For That Adrenaline Rush

water activities in maldives for that adrenaline rush
Closeup of side rear view senior couple and a young couple enjoying a banana boat ride. They are lit by the Sun at its peak through the misty air. Image Source: istock

Banana boating is a super fun activity to experience while vacationing with family and friends. This fun filled activity gets you zooming over the turquoise water crashing the blue waves. People with life jackets are strapped on to a banana shaped bloated yellow floater. There are two types of boats to choose from: a single banana boat (5 to 6 riders), a twin banana boat (10 to 12 riders). This super thrilling, kids-friendly water sports activities in Maldives can be enjoyed not just by adults but by kids too. It is one of the most thrilling water sports in Maldives for you to try.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Malé, Baa Atoll, Ari Atolls, Kaafu Atoll

Time Duration: 20-25 minutes

Flyboarding – Gravity-Defying Futuristic Ride

Flyboarding is a great water sports activities in maldives
Closeup side view of a young man enjoying flyboarding session at sea on a sunny summer day. Image Source: istock

Flyboarding is the latest water activity in Maldives that tourists are going crazy about. This gravity-defying sport introduces one to the futuristic ride that’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for many. It is one of the best water sports in Maldives for people who are ready to take a little risk. A flyboard propelled into the air is attached to a jet ski by a hose that allows people to fly high on water. This adventure activity can take one up to 12m above water, so it’s very important to be precautious of balance and safety measures. Ensure that you stick to the guidelines provided and you are all good to go. If you have nerves of steel, make sure you sign up for this, for the experience will stay with you for a long time to come.

Best Time: May to October

Best Location: Lhaviyani Atoll, Maafushi Island

Time Duration: 30 minutes

Surfing – Take In The Waves By Storm

water activities in maldives
Man surfing during the sunset in an excellent surfing destination

No vacation to the Maldives is complete without a surfing experience. This Island paradise is an excellent surfing destination as it offers perfect conditions for surfing. Be it a newbie or an experienced person, Maldives is an excellent surfing destination for all types of surfers. For first time surfers, qualified and experienced instructors will help get started. Surfing in the Maldives is tempered by the two monsoon seasons: northeast that arrives from March to April, and the southwest monsoon that arrives from May to October. To experience the cool tropical breeze on your face, do give it a try when you are here.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Baa Atoll, Thulusdhoo Island

Time Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Underwater Scooter Rides – Rides Without Traffic Jams

best water sports in maldives to try your hand at.
Image Source:

Riding a scooter underwater, did we hear right? Yes, Maldives has come up with this unique underwater activity to experience the deep ocean without getting your hair wet. Riders are provided a motorized scooter with a bubble helmet that helps keep the head dry underwater. It is one of the must try water sports in Maldives that every tourist should experience. So, no more traffic jams, at least in the blue waters of Maldives!

Best Time: December to March

Best Location: Maafushi Island, Malé, Hulumalé, Baa Atoll

Time Duration: 1 hour

Parasailing – Fly High Up In The Sky

fun filled activities in maldives
Two tourists enjoying breathtaking views of Maldives

If you are not scared of heights, then parasailing is the best way to experience the breath-taking views of the Maldives. The boat speeds off into the sea with you in a parachute attached to the motor boat. Once up there, the bird’s eye view of the beautiful island is sure to take your breath away. An occasional touch with water before and after lift-off is extremely enthralling. Almost all the resorts in the islands arrange for the sport with professionals accompanying you for the experience. Soaring high up in the air with a multicolored parachute behind you is one of the best things to do in the Maldives.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Malé, Hulumalé and all resort Islands

Time Duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Snorkeling – Explore The Underworld

Snorkelling adventure in maldives to experience while vacationing in Maldives
Snorkeling, a top water sport activity in Maldives

Snorkelling, an absolute alternative to scuba diving, is one of the top water sports in Maldives. Even non-swimmers can explore marine life, all that one needs is an oxygen mask and a pair of fins. This is an excellent way to get a full glimpse of the underwater world that is hidden from all. Not just the private island resorts but the local inhabited islands too offer opportunities to explore the hidden secrets. Species like sharks, napoleons, reef fishes, turtles, octopus, and clownfish can be spotted easily. What you see underwater is sure to leave you spellbound!

Best Time: January to April

Best Location: Ukulhas, Thoddoo, Dhigurah, Biyadhoo

Time Duration: 1 hour

Scuba Diving – Meet Aquatic Species

scubadiving is one of the must things to do in the maldives
Divers exploring the underwater wreck of a ship

Scuba diving and wreck diving are two of the most enjoyable water sports in Maldives. This adventurous sport is what brings the majority of the tourists to this Island. One does not need to know swimming to explore the colorful coral reefs, many aquatic species and the most fascinating of them all, the mysterious wrecks at the ocean bed. Scuba diving is done after a small diving course under the guidance of trained instructors. There is nothing to be stressed about as you will be accompanied by experienced divers. So just follow the instructions and enjoy the world underwater. 

Best Time: January to April

Best Location: Maaya Thila, Rainbow Reef, Alimatha Jetty, Manta Point, Nassimo Thila

Time Duration: 45 minutes

Kayaking – Explore At Your Own Pace

adventure in water is a great way to enjoy a vacation
Couple Kayaking in the Ocean on Vacation, Image Source: istock

This mainstream water sport of Maldives allows one to experience this paradise at one’s own pace. A kayak and two paddles are all that you need to glide over crystal clear water. A kayak is a small canoe made of light material and has only a small opening on top for the person to sit. Unlike other water sports, knowing to swim is the key here as you will be on your own throughout the activity. However, before you embark on your kayaking trip, onsite instructors will train you. If you wish to experience adventure in water all by yourself then kayaking is the perfect fit for you.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Even small beaches provide kayaking facilities

Time Duration: 45 minutes

Kitesurfing – Riding The Waves Using The Wind

sign up for a package tour of maldives
Lady enjoying kite-surfing while the perfect winds are blowing her hair

Kitesurfing is often labeled as extreme water sports as it is twice as thrilling as all water sports put together. Here a large power kite is used to pull the surfer with the power of the wind. So it’s basically, you, the wind, and the water. Riding the waves using the wind requires a great deal of balancing. However, experts will instruct you before you indulge in this adventure in Maldives. So let go of all worries and enjoy the mighty ocean like never before.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Malé, Hulumalé

Time Duration: 20 minutes

Glass Bottom Boat Tours – Underwater Exploration Without Getting Wet

maldives tourism is adding great activities to boost tourism
A man looks at the deep underwater life of the Red Sea through the transparent bottom of the bathyscaphe. Tourist marine service in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Image Source: istock

How about experiencing the magical marine life without getting wet? For people who don’t like getting wet, the Glass bottom boats are a blessing in disguise. These are types of boats that have a section of its bottom covered in glass. The bottom of the boat need not always be glass, it can also be of other transparent material which are light in weight. This activity requires people to either sit in a boat or dinghy on the floor to observe the diverse aquatic life. Both private and public islands in Maldives provide Glass bottom boat tours to glide into the deeper pockets of the white sandy beaches. This is a fun activity in Maldives that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Best Time: April to October

Best Location: Rangali Island, Meeru Island Resort, Bandos Maldives, Kuramathi Island Resort, and Veligandu Island.

Time Duration: 45 minutes

Safety Tips To Know While Indulging In Water Sports In Maldives

Water activities are always fun but it’s also important to know how to stay safe while having fun out in the water.

there are a lot of underwater activities in maldives
Surfing in the blue waters of Maldives

All Ears For Instructions

Rules and regulations vary from destination to destination, so make sure to listen to all the instructions given by your guide before hitting the waters. In case of any doubts, clear it before the activity.

Keep your Lifejacket On 

The Ocean can be very unpredictable, so it is always important to wear a life jacket during any water sports even if it’s not compulsory. Even if you are an excellent swimmer, keep it on as it’s always better to be safe than over-confident.

Disclose All Information

Please disclose any previous or ongoing ailments in the disclosure form. Revealing your medical history is for your own safety because if not disclosed the insurance cannot be claimed in case of a claim.

Protect Flora And Fauna

Do not touch or disturb the corals and marine life from its natural habitat for photos or for any other reason. It is our duty to practice safe and responsible activities to protect our nature.

Stay With The Group

Finally, never distance yourself from the group as the wild waters can easily make you drift away unknowingly, making it difficult for others to reach you.

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Beauty of the place plus the unique activities it offers is what sets Maldives apart from other destinations. With so many options available, the list of water sports in Maldives goes on and on. So pick yours and gear up for a thrilling holiday with your family and friends. If there is anything else to add to this list, do let us know in the comments below.

Which island in Maldives is best for water sports?

Veligandu and Maafushi Islands with stunning beaches and sparkling crystal clear waters makes them the best places to experience water sports in Maldives. Snorkeling, fishing, island hopping, surfing, scuba diving, dolphin watching etc are top sports activities in the island of Maldives.

What is the best island in the Maldives to see dolphins?

Thaa Atoll and Meemu Atoll with 85% chances of spotting dolphins takes the top spot for dolphin watching in the Maldives. Months from December to March is the most ideal time to see them as the weather is much more favorable during this season.

What is the most famous water sport in Maldives?

Diving is the most popular of all the water sports in Maldives. Under this activity Scuba diving and wreck diving is what allures a lot of tourists to this Island nation. Almost all package tours of Maldives have these activities included in their itinerary. 

Which water adventure activities are safe for kids?

Stand up paddle boarding, Kayaking, Pedal boating, Surfing, parasailing and fishing are some of the water activities that are safe for kids.


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