As we all have entered into the last phase of the lockdown (hopefully), we are still trying to remain sane during this time. While staying home for almost two months now, each one of us is trying our best to entertain ourselves with whatever we can. Health workers are trying their best to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus while the rest of the world is just finding new and creative ways to spend their downtime. Since some people seem to have run out of shows to binge, skills to learn, and chores to do, we have compiled a list of the weirdest things we’ve seen during coronavirus pandemic. So let’s check out this list of the most absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus.

So, Here Is A List Of The Weirdest Things We’ve Seen During Coronavirus Pandemic

1Heard of Quarantini?

As bars, pubs and restaurants have shut down due to the nationwide lockdown, people are making their own cocktails at home with whatever is available in their cabinets or freezer.

2Apply essential oils on your butthole to cure the virus?

3A restaurant for squirrels?

4Eating cow dung or drinking cow urine can cure coronavirus?

5Educating cats about the virus

6Becoming potatoes during video calls

7Playing games – tik tac toe with pets

8High tennis from the window – keeping sports alive

9Clubbing in the balcony

10Can You Pick Your Favourite Weirdest Thing Out Of This Lot?

During these grim times, the only solution that we have is to keep ourselves entertained.  And as we can clearly see many have resorted to some hilarious ways to keep themselves distracted during the pandemic. Therefore, while this phase must look like it is weird, it is a perfect way to try your hand at these absurdities that will surely work for a laugh or two while we’re all stuck at home. If we have missed any of your favourites, do let us know in the comments below! And if you’ve tried any such absurd things yourselves, do share.

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