The US is a very large and diverse country, one that encompasses a variety of temperatures and climates. It’s almost impossible to see it all at once. So, it might seem impossible to know what to pack on your next trip to the US, even if you’re just visiting in the summer.

Clothing for the US often varies greatly by both weather and destination. But, don’t let the weather fool you. Remember to pack for the unexpected wherever you plan to go. Here are some essentials that you need to carry with you on this trip:

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Before you start packing for your trip to the US

Before packing for your trip to the US, ensure that you have all your documents in order. Keep your passport, visa, travel itinerary, hotel information, and insurance handy; you can also send yourself scanned copies of all the important documents just in case. If you’re planning to drive, also see that you have your driver’s license and an international driving permit (if needed).

Clothes for a summer trip to the US

woman traveller bag trip to the US1. A small bag for sightseeing

It’s always good to carry along a small bag, purse or day pack so that you can have all your essentials (such as phones, wallets, keys, water, tickets, etc.) with you when you’re out during the day. Consider getting a small collapsible pack that won’t take up space in your suitcase, and that you can take out to use once you arrive.

2. Lightweight jacket

Even during the summer, when it’s pretty hot in the afternoon, nights can get a bit chilly in the US. So, take along a lightweight sweater or a jacket to keep yourself covered at night. If you’re going to be out all day, take one along with you in your bag or purse.

Plus size women bathing suits3. Swimwear

If you plan to hist up beaches, pools, or amusement parks on your vacation, swimsuits are a must. Even if you don’t, remember that many hotels and hostels have pools and that there are a ton of lakes and rivers across the country that you might want to take a dip in.

4. A cap or a hat

A cap/hat will protect you from the sun when you’re out busy sightseeing around the US. As previously mentioned, it is bright and sunny in the afternoons. You can also carry along sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Hawaii Outfit Ideas5. Nice clothes for going out

While you can wear almost anything and get away with it during the day, bring along some nicer clothes if you plan to dine out at nice restaurants or visit any upscale bars or clubs. An excellent option would be a little black dress/buttons up shirt and nice pants.

6. Flat Shoes

There is so much to see and do on a trip to the US, that you’re sure to do lots of walking. So carry along a pair of walking shoes, or some comfortable flats, to roam about it. You can also add flip flops for the beach, and dressier shoes for going out.

Black evening dress and shoes on a wooden background. Fashion concept. Top view, space for textOther essentials for the US

7. Wet wipes

Refreshingly cool wet wipes are a must wherever you go this summer, and a trip to the US is no different. They will help keep you refreshed during the day, as well as all kinds of other uses. You can use them to clean toilet seats and other surfaces.

8. Carry some essential medicines

While you’re sure to get most over-the-counter medicines on your visit, you may not get any specific prescribed medications for pre-existing conditions right away. Just make sure you have a prescription from your doctor with your name on it as you may be asked for it by the TSA.

wet wipes trip to the US9. Cosmetics

Much like medicines, you will find all kinds of cosmetics in the US if you’d rather not carry your own and buy it at your destination. But, just keep in mind that things like foundation and concealer may not come in the exact shades you’re accustomed to.

10. Miscellaneous

Other things you mustn’t forget include: the proper adapters (so that you can actually charge all your devices), some converted cash, and your toiletries.

Summer makeup flat lay for beach holidays11. A foldable extra bag

If you want to make the most of all the shopping you do on your trip, why not bring along some extra luggage to store your new stuff. A foldable bag is a good option, as it doesn’t take up much space when empty and packed away.

12. Domestic flights may charge extra for check-in luggage

It’s standard for airlines to allow passengers one carry-on bag and one personal item (like a purse, laptop bag, or backpack) onboard, but charge extra for any checked in bags when flying domestically. So, be sure to check up on your airline’s baggage-fee policies and their specific size requirements for onboard luggage to avoid excess fees.

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