Travel enthusiasts spend most of their free time planning a trip to a new destination. Who doesn’t love a vacation, right? New destinations, new people to meet and so many memories to make. Everyone loves a long, exciting vacation that will help them unwind while also learning fascinating things about the world around them.

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Sure, a vacation is all that it’s made up to be and more, but you know what could be a lot more interesting? A Staycation! A trend that is catching up with travellers all over the world, a staycation is essentially a combination of a vacation and staying at home. You can choose to holiday in your own hometown and relax just the way you want to! Leave behind the stress of packing, sitting in traffic for long hours or rushing to get to a destination at a specific time.

staycationWhy is the staycation trend catching on? There are several reasons. Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why your next vacation should be a staycation. It is exactly the thing you need to try!

A staycation is easy-breezy!

Planning a vacation involves so much! Hotels, airplane tickets, detailed itineraries, and whatnot. It can often get a little tiresome. A staycation does not demand any of this. You can choose to go live in a hotel if you like, but that’s all. The rest of what you see and do requires little or no planning. Just go with the flow! There’s no routine or structure that needs to hold you back.

 Staycations are very affordable

Naturally, if you’re not spending any money on booking tickets or expensive hotels, you’re going to be saving money! But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a good time. You can choose to use your vehicle to roam around and save money on cabs, there’s no added, unnecessary expenditure.

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The perfect detox from a busy work schedule

Everyone’s intense work schedules leave little room for vacation time. With a staycation, you don’t have to worry about taking a long break from work. Choose a weekend or just a few days to unwind on your staycation. Check in to an affordable hotel, explore places you’ve always postponed seeing in your hometown, and just have a great time! Sometimes all you need is a few days off from work to feel completely rejuvenated.

Stress-free ‘Me’ time

A solo staycation is honestly therapeutic. You get to choose exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to eat! Spend a whole day lounging in bed binging television shows, or going out on quiet walks. A staycation is a great way to focus on yourself and slow things down. You can even start a new hobby and do things you’ve always wanted to but never got the time to do. Since staycations require the most minimal amount of planning there’s really nothing to stress you out.


Get to know your hometown better on a staycation

So many of us grew up or live in fascinating towns or cities, but somehow never manage to see a lot of it! A staycation gives you the opportunity to really explore your town (if you like). You can visit places you haven’t seen before, walk down alleyways you’ve always only passed by, or actually just go to your favourite places and relax! A staycation allows you to really discover the heart of a place instead of simply checking destinations off a to-do list.

So, would you go on a staycation? Let us know in the comments below.



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