Many of us thought at the beginning of the quarantine and lockdown situation that working from home will be a dream come true. But parents are realising what it means to juggle their work WITH restless kids and distance learning. With extended school closings and lockdowns, many parents are experiencing being home with their kids all day, every day for the very first time. They are learning how hard it is to work remotely while balancing the needs of their children. Several parents have shared their funny stories online via tweets and Instagram or Facebook posts describing how tough it’s been to juggle distance learning, keeping the house somewhat clean AND working from home with kids. With parks and libraries closed, play-dates off-limits, and not a break in sight, the coronavirus pandemic has surely brought a lot of dramatic situations to many young parents out there.

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These Hilarious Posts About Working From Home With Kids Will Just Make Your Day


I know the C-Virus is scary, but try working with a 4 year-old dressed like Spiderman perched on the kitchen table behind you whispering "can you hear me breathe".Day 6.

Krista Myers Duzan यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, १८ मार्च, २०२०

4The conference call will have some interesting background music

5Well, at least they aren’t faking the love

6Tough times, right?

8A little extreme, don’t you think?

9If only we could mute the kids

10A mutual understanding has been reached

11Not to brag, but seriously though

12Well, that backfired

13Declaration of war

15New make-up regime?


Parents Across the World, Can You Relate?

These pictures, posts and tweets about working from home with kids range from funny, exhausting and even to mildly infuriating. If nothing else, the pandemic has certainly taught all of us (especially parents) the value of patience. These little beings demand attention all day long, run around the house, turning even a simple task into a Mission Impossible. So, our little post is a shoutout to all those who are hanging in there during this lockdown period and trying their best to work while taking care of their kids.

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