Do you know what kind of a person your partner is at work? Is he or she the chatty Kathy, or the one-more-question Micheal? Well, now you can easily find out since both of you are together at home – WORKING. Since we are all working from home at the moment, couples are surely unveiling new secrets about their spouses or partners as workmates. Reading these stories will make you think that working from home with your partner is a different ball game altogether. Well, at least this way we can say that there is a new and different side to your partner to explore, right?

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Couples Reveal What They’ve Learned About Their Partners While Working From Home

1Who knew, really?

2Who is this new person?

3Maybe planning to revisit this marriage?

4He had patience all along? 

5Yikes! Don’t we all know a ‘just to clarify’?

6Are we though? On the same page?

7Keeping professional and personal lives separate? Even in the same house?

8*In Chandler’s voice* – what did I marry into?

9Curate space? Do people say that?

10The only solution now

11Aw, we always want an ‘I don’t think Laura was done speaking’ guy


13New ventures to explore in the bedroom?

14A civilised work ego

15Well, thanks for the review

16Mutual embarrassment

17Raise your hand if you know a ‘per my previous comments about this’ condescending prick


19Who does that?

20How drunk would you get?

21Only mildly?

22Well, lucky you

23New discoveries here

24Looks like WFH is going quite well

25Well, someone has to take the blame

26Communicating with co-workers

27It will be easier to dump him then

28Wow, new ideas

29Oh my. Should she divorce or give it a few days?

So, WFH Is A Blessing Or A Curse?

As couples all over the world get to spend more time with each other, they get to learn more than they used to. And these shocking discoveries about each other, if nothing, have definitely led to some hilarious stories or tweets. Out of these funny working from home with your partner stories, which do you (or your partner) relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below! If you think we have missed any of your favourites, you can also let us know about that in the comment section!

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