Here Is The City You Should Visit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If we could assign every zodiac sign a city that matched their personality, where would they go? Is your city an optimistic Aries or an impulsive Gemini? Get to know in this article where which zodiac signs can best represent the characteristics of these cities:

Aries: Chicago, USA

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Aries is active, energetic, and competitive, so they’re perfectly suited for Chicago and its fast pace and busy lifestyle.

Taurus: Paris, France

panoramic view of paris, france

The ‘City of Lights’ will surely fall under one of the most down-to-earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus. This Venus-ruled sign is perfect for Paris as it loves being surrounded by beauty.

Gemini: Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya crossing, pedestrians and cyclist crossing the road, street level, Game, Zodiac Signs

The best city that describes the phrase ‘two sides of a coin’, Tokyo perfectly falls under the category of Gemini. As Gemini’s mind can change on a dime, so what’s a better place than the city that has just about everything and will fulfil their ever-changing needs.

Cancer: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The warm and caring personality of Amsterdam makes it a 100% Cancerian. The Golden Age canals lined by tilting gabled buildings whole-heartedly welcomes you to its treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops and hyper-creative drinking, dining and design scenes.

Leo: Hollywood, California

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What sign could describe the tinsel town better than the party animals of the zodiac signs? Leos are known to be proud, ambitious, and the life of the party. They’re social butterflies and definitely the sign most adept at handling the ‘extra-ness’ of Hollywood.

Virgo: Moscow, Russia

Above St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square and Kremlin panorama, Moscow, Zodiac Signs

The old and the historic Moscow definitely will be a Virgo. Why? Well, the city’s balance between the neatness, efficiency and cultural history falls in perfect line with the characteristics of a Virgo; that is: reliable and success-oriented.

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Libra: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Sugarloaf mountain in morning mist and Botafogo bay, Rio de Janeiro, things to do in Rio de Janeiro, Zodiac Signs
The Sugarloaf mountain in morning mist and Botafogo Bay, Rio de Janeiro

The ‘Marvellous city’ (Cidade Maravilhosa) of Brazil will fit well with the Libran characteristics. The tropical landscapes, captivating beaches and the rhythm of Rio will match the romantic and beauty-loving sign.

Scorpio: New York, NY

New-York-Manhattan, Zodiac Signs

The intensity of New York can only be covered with the most passionate sign of the zodiac: Scorpio. An Epicentre for art, culture and history, NY is an irresistible feast for all while its fast-moving, unrelenting pace isn’t for everyone. Just like a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Unconventional and adventurous, Honolulu will perfectly match the qualities of a Sagittarius. This cosmopolitan capital city of Hawaii brings in flawless beaches, extinct volcanoes, bustling industrial districts, and a culturally rich local population.

Capricorn: Montreal, Canada


The vibrant city of Montreal will be a perfect fit for Capricorn because of its similar characteristics. This fun and diverse destination is ambitious and driven by success; it is also rich in culture and history which is a perfect place for a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Dubai, UAE

Zodiac Signs
The Dubai skyline

This former fishing village with its redefined luxury brings in challenge and adventure just like an Aquarius. It’s stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision not only lets one bring souvenirs but also travel stories wrapped in Dubai’s starkly evocative desert splendour.

Pisces: London, UK

london car free day

Fall in love with the melancholy and dreamy atmosphere of London. Innately creative, the city is perfect for the water sign: Pisces; also, indulge in everything related to art and culture.

So, which city will you be travelling to next based on your zodiac sign? Let us know about your travel plans in comments below!


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