7 Advantages Of Being A Third Culture Kid While Travelling

Third culture kid (TCK) or third culture individual (TCI) is a child raised in a culture other than their parents. TCKs are common due to the globalization and most millennials’ careers. Since they can relate to different roots, explaining where you are from takes inappropriately long and they are often found to be struggling when it comes to personal identity.

1. You will feel at home anywhere.
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TCK are highly adaptive and are not new to changes and stressful experiences which is quite common in the travel space. The notion of home, however, remains unclear for them and they can feel at home pretty much anywhere.

2. No cultural shock
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They grew up dealing with cultural barriers and miscommunications, as a result, they will have a strong cultural competency which makes it easier for them to interact with people from different cultures.

3. Grasp of foreign languages
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Mostly bilinguals, they are comfortable with languages other than their native language. On a trip abroad, people can never guess where they are from based on their accent.

4. Better at communication
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Cross-cultural communication is important when you are interacting with the people from different cultural backgrounds. They are better at dealing with cultural influences that influence our choices.

5. You can save on holiday accommodation.
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TCKs are global nomads and it’s not a surprise if they want to jet off for a sleepover with their childhood friend living on the other side of the globe.

6. Open minded
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They don’t take it granted the way we interpret things, instead, they respect and value other cultures. TCKs are culturally mindful and they don’t find it hard to understand the diversity.

7. More empathetic
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Interacting with people with a limited worldview can be frustrating. TCKs understand that we have all had different lives and experiences and are more accepting of others views.

If you are a TCK or know someone who is, comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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