Haven’t we all met those annoying people who don’t understand how much of a privilege and luxury travel is? Here is a list of the top 50 annoying habits of Indian travellers If you do some of these things then sorry to break it to you – you probably are an annoying Indian traveller. 

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50. Leave all your stereotypes at home 

It’s annoying when people have a set understanding of a destination and its people even before visiting the country. All Africans do not live in a hut and Africa is not a country it is a continent. 65 per cent of Africa is literate. 

49. Do not assume that your country is “the best” 

It is so annoying when you start your sentences with “Well, where I’m from….”. You are in a new country. The whole point is to indulge in their culture and experience their way of living and “doing things”. Just don’t patronise others!

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48. Please stop trying to find Indians abroad 

You aren’t in a Karan Johar movie, mingle with the locals for once. You’ll make new friends and maybe even learn a bit about the place you’re visiting. 

47. Stop travelling in a large group

Related to the above point, we understand large tour groups are easier; but honestly, it’s so annoying when people travel with large groups. Why? Because they are loud, patronizing, and just hang around with the same people wherever they go.

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46. Stop trying to speak slowly or loudly at people who don’t understand English

Even though more than half the world speaks the language, try and learn some phrases from locals or just google it. Comprende?


For heaven’s sake, please stop making so much noise. No one is interested in your conversation. Stop airing your dirty laundry at airports, lounges and especially in public areas. No one wants to know how much Sharmaji and you loved Pattaya’s walking streets.

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44. Humans are not tourist attractions 

Do not travel to areas just to see indigenous people unless it is considered okay by that community.

43. People are not photo props!

Again, taking pictures with an underprivileged community won’t make you a saint – it’s actually a big no-no, especially when they are kids.

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42. Also, stop taking pictures with foreigners (i.e LOCALS) 

Unless they are people you know or are okay with it. It is so odd and might I mention so uncomfortable to watch Indians pull a foreign for pictures in Goa!!

41. Let’s say it all together now, do not treat humans as props
40. Check the luggage limits before you reach the airport, not after

You get to have two carry-ons- not three not four (with the exception of families with children), but seriously, you get TWO carry-ons 

39. Just don’t overpack

There is a reason airlines have a weight and size limit on suitcases. Pack accordingly. No one wants to wait while you fight with airline representatives about your luggage, nor watch you repack in the already stressful busy check-in line.

38. A quick FYI- you can pay to carry extra bags! Just like everyone else
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37. Do you really need to pack that bottle of pickle and that packet of snacks? 

Why is it that Indian travellers need to pack extra food on their travels? You do realise we live in a world where you now get everything everywhere. It’s okay for you to carry it on, we all miss home once in a while, but…..

36. And must you really open it on the flight? 

I don’t think your neighbour appreciates the smell of fish early morning in an already stuffy tin can. 

35. We get it Indian Food is great and all – but…

Why do Indians abroad usually go for Indian food? If you want to try local delicacies don’t stop yourself from trying them.

34. Why stick to dal and roti when you got some Angotti

You are in Italy; have some pizza, pasta, focaccia bread, bottarga, or even maybe some gelato – don’t just go in search of an Indian restaurant just so you can eat some rice and dal (you can eat as much once you go home).

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33. Also if you do have food abroad, appreciate the cuisine 

There is a vast difference between having Chinese food in India compared to what you get in China. (Everyone knows that food in India is crafted and re-invented for the Indian palate). So don’t complain that the food is not similar to Indo-Chinese cuisine. 

32. Stop littering

We know most of you won’t own up to this, but you probably have thrown trash out your car or even haven’t separated your wet waste from dry. But when you do it abroad it just represents us wrong. 

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31. Learn eco-friendly travel habits 

Stop buying pre-packed water bottles, there is the option of eco-friendly travel kits that will help you reduce waste generation when you travel. 

30. Spitting in public!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO 

Whether you’re in India OR abroad. Respect the country you are in, do not spit pan (betel leaf juice) out on the road, even your bubble gum. Use a bin!

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29. Follow basic public toilet etiquette

When you tinkle, do not sprinkle. Be a dear and put down the seat. Don’t forget to flush because come on.

28. Know what your limits are

We love getting drunk abroad, all of us. But that doesn’t mean we get too drunk and misbehave. Know your limits and understand that it’s rude to be too drunk in some foreign countries. 

27. Loud drunkenness is annoying as hell

Other than misbehaving, don’t scream and cheer so loud that a nice restaurant becomes a party house.

26. Stop asking for discounts and haggling

In some markets around the world, it is okay to haggle but if you’re at an establishment and you haggle that is just stupid and annoying. Most places run on entry fees and other charges, so pay the price, if not keep moving homies. 

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25. Do not show off

It’s not okay to show off regardless if your travelling or not. No one wants to know that you have a luxury car picking you up, or that you have a wad of dollars in your bag. It’s annoying as hell, but might I mention it’s more dangerous (you can get mugged).

24. Please stop faking accents to pick up local women 

Do not even pretend you don’t- I see you, I hear that horrible British accent. 

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23. This one is mostly for men (maybe even some women) 

Travelling abroad does not mean every woman/man you see is ready to sleep with you. 

22. No gawking for you, you and you!

Stop gawking at everything please! Especially stop staring at people on the beach (I mean unless it’s Chris Hemsworth with his shirt off on an Australian beach). Because it makes the other person uncomfortable and makes you look like a fool.

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21. No matter where you are- No Means No 

If someone says they don’t want you to do something, then don’t do it. Whether it’s taking their picture, or having sex, always ask them. It’s that simple. #consent isn’t a suggestion. 

20. Sex tourism is not okay

Visiting walking streets in Pattaya or gawking at sex workers in Amsterdam is not okay. First, people are not attractions. Second, if you do get to the walking streets, make sure you know the legal implications of your actions.

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19. Stop trying to snap for the ‘gram

Taking a picture atop a Nepalese monastery or on sacred Hawaiian stones isn’t “COOL”. Respect the area. Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean you can disrespect the monument.

18. If you’ve visited London, it does not mean you’ve seen all of England

“I went to London last week, so yeah, I’ve seen England” – Just because you went to London and saw the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, does not mean you visited England. The country has 48 diverse counties, and you shouldn’t just scratch the entire country off a map after visiting one place. Similarly just because you climbed the Eiffel tower does not mean you travelled through France, nor have you seen Indonesia if you’ve just been to Bali.

17. Rules are rules. Don’t try to be a badass

If the rule says do not litter, then don’t do it. When you know you cannot spit in public at a certain country, don’t try to be a smart-ass and do it anyways. Certain rules are set for a reason.

16. Stop cutting queues 

There is a system of service in many places including India when you wait like others to get what you want. So, stop trying to cut in queues.  But, worse than this is …

15. Stop holding places in queues 

Do you know how annoying it is to wait in line, just to have 10-20 people suddenly join in the front? Come on – either stand in line like others (unless you have a VALID reason, such as old age, a disability, etc) or just don’t bother waiting.


14. When the seat is for two people don’t try and fit 3

Personal space is a very important concept. Are you the kind who tries to fit 4 people in a two-seater? You need to stop. It is annoying to have to adjust to this “jugad” culture when it is your fault that you did not book your seats in advance.

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13. Service Industry workers are not your personal punching bags

Flight attendants and waiters (and all other service industry workers) are not your doormats. Please treat them with respect. Yes, they are they to help you, but not to deal with your inappropriate behaviour and mood swings.  


12. AND Please learn to tip them

besides working long and tiring hours, service industry workers get paid in peanuts, so don’t be stingy miserly Scrooge, tip the poor punching bag (because they have to deal with you).

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11. Be considerate of those who stay around you

It’s annoying to be woken up by heavy footsteps in the middle of the night in a hotel with paper-thin walls. Or to hear your renderings of all the sappy Bollywood songs. Or worst, your impromptu 5:00 am parties. 

10. Are you feeding and petting cubs? Don’t

Why are you petting baby animals in zoos and other animal parks when you know the downside to it- lack of survival. The term endangered is not used for fun. Yes, a tiger cub is cute and all, but why would you want to rip it from its mother and it’s natural habitat so you can take a selfie of you feeding the poor animal.

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9. Stop taking photos with sedated/chained animals

This one should seem like a no-brainer, as these animals often face abuse and are sedated and chained so that tourists can get pictures with them. Whether they’re tigers, elephants, dolphins, or monkeys, the animals are often starved or beaten so they learn to be submissive.


8. Hotel rooms aren’t free-for-all shops

It is okay to take toiletries from the hotel as long as they are complementary. Don’t take the towels, slippers and robes. It makes you and all Indians look bad. 

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7. Even if you take them (which is not okay) don’t be an asshole if you get caught 

Don’t throw money at the problem. It’s considered very disrespectful in many cultures to steal, but it is straight out rude when you throw money at people’s face for your own mistakes. 

6. Trust me, it just makes you look so bad, and it gives all Indians a bad name
5. Please wear appropriate attire at the beach 

Swimming in running shorts and an oversized shirt is not only dangerous for you it can also lead to drowning and death. There are so many options in swimwear where you can choose clothes that are modest, and not only complement your body but also protect you from such situations. 

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4. Special note to Indian Uncles- PLEASE DO NOT WEAR RUPA FRONTLINE! 

#Bodypositivity is all great, but it’s so annoying to see Indian uncles in tiny underwear in the pool or the beach. Love the confidence but hate the outfit (please think of others around you).

3. Stop graffiti-ing your names on historical monuments 

Annoying AF. “Himesh luvs Reema” just doesn’t belong on the walls of the Taj. I’m sure Himesh can proclaim his love for Reema in many other ways.

2. Stop hogging up space to take a million pictures

Take candids or do some crazy poses, but don’t make it into a photoshoot session. I think two-three pictures should be fine- not a whole album from which you end up choosing one or two. Also, do not walk in front of someone taking a picture.  

1. Truth is the Truth

All of the above are subjected to individual opinion and observations. As always terms and conditions apply.  

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So, if you do a majority of these things, my friend you might just be an annoying Indian traveller. Have fun when you travel, but not so much that you become a travel hindrance.

What do you think? Are you an annoying traveller? Or do you know any more things Indians do when they travel that’s annoying? Let us know below in the comments section.


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