Being one with nature is a rare feeling in today’s world, but eco-resorts are making this a reality. Along with completely green experiences, eco-resorts also safeguard the biodiversity and local communities around them. They promote a sustainable lifestyle and teach guests how to live in consonance with nature. Many tourists are environmentally aware and are engaging in organisations that are choosing to minimise their carbon footprint. Green resorts and tourism in India are slowly picking up the pace, and these eco-resorts in India are a must-visit. 

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Adopt The Sustainable Lifestyles Of These Eco Resorts In India

1. Lost In Nature: Banasura Hill Resort, Kerala

One of the most luxurious eco-resorts, Banasura Hill Resort is situated at an altitude of 3,500 feet, in the pristine environment of Wayanad. The eco-resort is surrounded by waterfalls, gurgling streams and mighty mountains. Additionally, it also features lush tea, cashew, coffee, and pepper plantations. It’s spread over 35 acres of farmland and has plenty of ecosystems around it, as it is a constituent of the Western Ghats UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is among the few eco resorts that give off a rustic and rural vibe with their ‘earth rooms’ and huts that are made of a type of mud called rammed earth. The cottages also have bamboo furnishings and thatched roofs made of grass. The eco-resort further has an Ayurvedic spa, and trekking trails, and invites you to interact with the local tribes to add to an immersive experience. 

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2. Ayurveda, Yoga, And Meditation: SwaSwara, Karnataka

SwaSwara is one of the eco resorts that concentrates on wellness aided by nature. Situated on Om Beach in Gokarna, it aims to give its guests peace and tranquillity through yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Guests can also explore their artistic flair in the art studio and indulge in some pottery classes taught by local artisans. Amongst the green resorts that are all about health, this eco-resort serves organic produce procured from their farms. It runs on rainwater harvesting with open-air showers and is built with clay tiles, with roofs made with natural materials.

Furthermore, the eco-resort also recycles wastewater, does vermicompost, and produces biogas using kitchen and other waste. The eco-resort looks after the local communities by employing them and making sure they have a steady source of income. While the property is spread across 26 acres, 15 acres of this land lie unutilised to safeguard the biodiversity of the region. 

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3. Respecting The Past While Looking For Tomorrow: Coconut Lagoon, Kerala

Situated amidst the backwaters of Kumarakom, Coconut Lagoon is one of the best eco resorts to head to if you want an indulgent natural experience. Set against the backdrop of Vembanad Lake, the only way to reach the resort is by water. The accommodation is unique and enticing, as the guest houses are built from the ruins of the mansions of the Tharavads, the most affluent family in the area. This helps preserve the heritage and architecture of the past. The interiors have been inspired by the traditional homes of Kerala and crafted by local artisans.

Studded with coconut trees, the eco-resort is good for bird spotting. They also have a special section of the property that is a forested area that they call the ‘sacred grove’. Nature resorts like this also actively engage with traditional art forms and local people by hiring them, and this also reflects the eco resort’s community ambience. They also practise vermicomposting, produce biogas, and reuse dry waste. 

4. A Page Out Of ‘Jungle Book’: Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Established in 1982, the Kipling Camp is one of the oldest wildlife camps in India. Set against the backdrop of Kanha National Park, the eco-resort is run by tiger conservationists Anne and the late Bob Wright. It is one of the eco resorts with a colonial flair with its cottages, wildlife paintings and photos, wooden sofas, and log fires. The interiors are decorated with artwork by the Gond tribal community. The Camp supports local communities in their art and works closely with the Baiga tribal groups. The eco-resort also offers Ayurvedic massages, treks, and walks, a tour of nearby villages and caves, and a jungle safari in the Kanha National Park. The camp also has a water body that helps to harvest the rainwater, but the camp does not have a pool due to environmental reasons. 

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5. 100 Acres Of Lush Flora And Fauna: Elephant Valley Eco Farms, Tamil Nadu

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Elephant Valley is situated in the Pani Hills of Tamil Nadu and is just 20 km away from the pristine hill station of Kodaikanal. The eco-resort is surrounded by organic farms and plantations and is spread across 100 acres. Located close to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, the eco-resort derives its name from the location which is believed to be an ancient elephant migration route. It has eco-friendly bungalows made using locally sourced natural items, powered by solar lights, with firewood-fuelled showers.

Every bungalow overlooks the Gangavaar River and has a private garden. The Valley Restaurant serves Indian and continental food with produce from organic farms and coffee fresh from the plantation. Their organic farms also grow guava, lemon, pepper and more. They are one of the few nature resorts that also offer treks and nature walks, and this is a treat as the eco-resort is situated in one of the most biodiverse spots of India. 

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6. Building A Forest: Kalmatia Sangam Resort, Uttarakhand 

With a breathtaking view of the Himalayas, the Kalmatia Sangam Resort in Almora has a variety of natural vegetation and wildlife. The eco-resort is also the right place to spot different kinds of migratory birds. It’s located on an expanse of 14 acres and has a forest right on the estate. The eco-resort plants different types of trees depending on the season. It also ensures that the forest remains home to deodar, oak, lemon, pomegranate, plum, and peach trees. This also makes sure that birds like whistling thrush, Himalayan magpies, and pheasants, and animals like pine martens continue to reside here.

The resort also practices rainwater harvesting and composts organic waste. The stone cottages share similarities with the Kumaoni style of architecture with an added modern element of tin roofs. The eco-resort arranges treks around the Kumaon village led by locals who act as guides. The locals also work at the eco-resort ensuring that they receive added benefits. 

7. Inside The Village: Shaam-e-Sarhad, Gujarat

With clear skies and mud houses, Shaam-e-Sarhad is the perfect getaway from the busy city. An initiative of the Government of India and the United Nations Development Programme, the eco-resort is run by the village locals. Shaam-e-Sarhad started as an attempt to create livelihoods and promote rural tourism. Staying at the eco-resort gives an insight into Bhuj’s villages and their lifestyles. The eco-resort has two types of accommodation—mud huts and eco tents. The mud houses are called bhungas and are adaptable to weather conditions, keeping the interiors cool in the daytime and warm during cold nights.

As per village traditions, organic mineral colours are used to paint the bhungas. The huts also have Kutchi paintings, traditional block prints, and mirror designs. This is one of the most unique eco resorts because it is run by the locals, so the flavours of a rural lifestyle are evident right from the food sourced from the village called Hodka, to its personnel and the atmosphere of the place. It is situated very close to the famous Rann of Kutch so tours can be organised. You can also attend workshops that teach you about local folk dances and traditions.   

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8. Growing Natural Wealth From Nothing: Khem Villas, Rajasthan

Built from scratch, Khem Villas is a jungle camp started by Usha and Goverdhan Singh Rathore. Now the eco-resort is for lavish and sustainable holidays, but the land it stands on was completely barren when purchased in 1989. To make it a natural home for flora and fauna, the couple and their team planted native species and created streams and ponds. Since their efforts paid off, the eco-resort seems like a part of a jungle so animals keep strolling through the property.

At the eco-resort you have the opportunity to see around 175 species of birds and to guide you through the property and its wildlife, there are two in-house naturalists too. The eco-resort has 13 tents and cottages that are spread across a small portion of the 25 acres that the couple owns. The resort uses solar energy and grows its own vegetables. The lights of the eco-resort are dimmed in the evening, so as to not disturb the wildlife. Their rainwater harvesting system has helped restore the water table. The locals are the eco resort’s 95 per cent of staff.  

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9. Spirit Of The Forest: Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa

Situated on the border of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, Chorla Ghat is home to the lush Swapnagandha Valley. Amidst its green grandeur lies the Wildernest Nature Resort. Sprawled over 450 acres, the eco-resort has around 16 cottages with a view of the forest and the valley. The eco-resort is close to both Mhadei and Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuaries. The eco-resort relies on solar power and the cottages are made using acacia wood. They also hire locals and serve traditional delicacies. The naturalists at the eco-resort also help you get acquainted with the trees and wildlife around like the loris or vanmanas (spirits of the forest). 

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For Nature And For You

These eco resorts nestled in the lap of nature offer a change of scenery and teach you how to have sustainable lifestyle options. These eco-resorts breathe life back into the forests and lead the way towards a green tomorrow. They are a source of inspiration and also a window into a natural way of living. Eco-friendly methods not just help nature but also enhance your health.


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