Howdy dear explorers! We are back again with an exciting blog on Bali. With a myriad of exciting and delightful experiences you can have at this place, your heart will never get tired of this place. What are we going to talk about this time? This time, the blog is gonna be all about the best night clubs in Bali. The magnificence of Bali is not just confined to beaches and sunsets. It extends to having an enthralling nightlife at some of the best night clubs in Bali. From dancing your heart out on the dance floor to the beats of the euphoric music, to enjoying the stacked menu of drinks, you can have it all in the clubs in Bali. 

Brace yourselves for abundance of thrill and excitement, because we are going to take you on a virtual tour to some of the most exciting clubs in Bali.

So let’s get going!

Best Night Clubs in Bali

1. 40 Thieves

40 Thieves will surround you with New York City vibes!
40 Thieves is one of the best nightclubs in Bali.

First on our list is 40 Thieves, an amazing spot that is going to steal your heart with its magnificence. As you step inside, you will feel as if you have entered into the Lower East Side of the New York City. The walls of this space have been adorned with vintage pictures, interesting memorabilia and interestingly enough, rifles as well. The seating arrangement of this place includes plush, comfy sofas. The live DJ playing the beats adds to the charm of this place. Furthermore, the menu of this place has some pretty good options ranging from drinks to delicious bar bites. 

2. Jungle Fish

The Jungle Fish Club has a very fancy cocktail menu.
Featuring interesting designs, Jungle Fish Club is of the best night clubs in Bali.

Based in Ubud, Jungle Fish describes itself as a “no beach beach club”. Fancy, isn’t it? This interesting spot is a Chapung Sebali Resort and Spa’s exquisite restaurant and pool bar. The designs of this place feature a blend of Scandi style and Balinese culture. The 115 feet long pool on a ridge’s edge is the center of attraction that gives stunning views of the Osh river valley. What a majestic sight it must be! From mojitos to margaritas, the cocktail menu of this place is quite fascinating.

3. Eat & Drink at The Slow 

For those who love to explore Eat & Drink at The Slow is an amazing place with a unique vibe.
Featuring a luxurious ambience, Eat & Drink at The slow is a very fascinating place.

Eat & Drink at The slow has one of the most luxurious ambience featuring grey concrete coupled with wood panelling. The bohemian and contemporary ambience of this place radiates a unique vibe which makes it a fascinating place for those who like to discover something new. To add to its wonder are the amazing cocktails and culinary pleasures. You can fulfil your appetite for delicious treats after surfing in the Batu Bolong Beach, to have a memorable experience. 

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4. The Night Rooster

The Night rooster has an amazing vibe and is a very refreshing place.
You can enjoy exotic drinks and have absolute fun at The Night Rooster

The Night Rooster features an amazing vibe of its own and is taking Bali by the storm. This cocktail bar is a very refreshing place where you can enjoy exotic drinks and immerse yourself in the soothing ambience. What sets this place apart is its exceptional cocktail menu, that has some very different and refreshing drinks to offer. 

5. Rooftop Sunset Bar at Double Six

Rooftop Sunset Bar at Double Six gives some of the best sunset views.
Rooftop Sunset Bar at Double Six is the largest rooftop bar of Bali.

Double Six is a cosmopolitan lounge that has its presence 50 feet above Seminyak’s Double Six Beach. This is the largest rooftop bar of Bali that offers some of the best sunset views, comfortable seating options and a very chill vibe that will relax you out and at the same time fill you with euphoria. As the sun goes below the horizon, the soundtracks change from mellow to rock and pop. Not only this, this spot has some of the most exotic drinks ranging from iced teas to fruity mojitos. 

6. The Plumbers Arms

The Plumbers Arms has a classic menu that features an all-day breakfast.
Flaunting a unique type of pub vibe, The Plumbers Arms is a great spot in Bali.

Having a classic menu that features an all-day breakfast, roasted delectables and a lot more, The Plumbers is another spot to enjoy and have fun in Bali. If we talk about the interiors, the pub has a typical English pub style featuring benches for seating arrangement, outdoor seating space, and menu written down on chalk boards. If you want to experience a different kind of pub vibe, then this is just the place for it. 

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7. Arena Pub and Restaurant

If you want to catch up with friends, then Arena Pub and Restaurant is the perfect place.
Arena Pub and Restaurant is an English pub that has a very comfy ambience.

Having its presence in Sanur, Arena Pub and Restaurant is an English pub that has billiard tables, TVs showing sports and beers on tap as well! If you want to experience something comfy in a pub setting, then this is the right place for you. It has a very comfortable ambience, ideal for socializing and catching up with friends. If you want to have a refreshing evening where you can enjoy watching your favourite sport with your friends, then do visit this place! 

8. The Orchard

The Orchard is said to be one of the best live music venues in Bali.
The Orchard is a very popular English pub and is one of the finest night clubs in Bali.

Crowned as one of the best live music venues in Bali, The Orchard is a very popular English pub. Offering home style food and a huge range of fancy beverages, the vibe of this place is quite enjoyable. To add to your delight, there is music as well that makes the whole setting more enjoyable. Perfect for family and friends, The Orchard is definitely a must visit place in Bali.

Final thoughts

Clubs in Bali are undoubtedly the best place to catch-up with pals, grab some drinks and enjoy the jovial ambience of the club. Surrounded by lively music and enthralling environment, the clubs in Bali offer you a wide range of exciting experiences. What’s makes Bali even better is that there are plenty of clubs and pubs to choose from. 

Adorned with the gem of having an exciting nightlife in various clubs and pubs, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Bali is and idyllic spot for people find of clubbing. 

Do you know any more clubs and pubs in Bali that we have missed out on? Let us know in the comments! 

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What is the main street in Bali with bars?

Jalan Raya Legian, alternatively known as Downtown Legian is the nightlife street of Bali that is lined with some of the best clubs and pubs. This place also has spas, bars, art shops, tattoo studios, restaurants etc. From getting yourself inked with vibrant tattoos to enjoying culinary delights there is a lot that you can do here. With so much exciting things to offer, this spot is literally one of the best places to spend your night in Bali. 

How much does alcohol cost in Bali? 

If you are planning to have alcohol in Bali, then you can expect to incur an expense of around IDR 80,000 to IDR 150,000 (around $6 to $10 in USD) per cocktail. Furthermore, if you want to consume spirits, then the prices can range from IDR 100,000 to IDR 250,000 (roundly $7 to $18 in USD) per glass, which can vary depending on brand. If you want some cheap options then local beer is the cheapest, the price of which ranges from USD$1.50-$4 per bottle or can. If you want something expensive then you can have imported beer which costs USD$ 6-8 per bottle.

What time do bars shut in Bali?

There is no specific opening and closing time for bars in Bali. Typically, the bars are open throughout the night, with the music playing till the early morning hours. So if you plan to spend the whole night drenching yourself with thrill and excitement, then spending time in night bars is the perfect way to do so. 

What is the main party area in Bali?

Jalan Raya Legian, also famous as the Downtown Legian, is the main party area in Bali. This jovial spot is lined with restaurants, pubs and bars offering you a plethora of options to choose from. Depending on the variety of amazing spots that this place has, you can choose how you want to spend the nightlife depending on your likes and preferences. Potato Head Beach Club is another area where the party never stops and is the perfect spot for party animals. Jenja Club is another name which is quite popular when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in Bali. 
Apart from these, Bali has plenty of options when it comes to enjoying nightlife and spending time in a thrilling party area

Which are the best things to do in Bali at night with family?

Bali offers some of the most magical nightlife experiences. There is a lot that you can do in Bali with your family at night. You can explore the bustling night markets shopping for souvenirs and interacting with the locals. Furthermore, you can enjoy a movie in the open setting at a beach with your family, munching on some snacks. You can also take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline enjoying the cool breeze, with the moon casting its glow on the landscape. Enjoying the authentic Balinese Street food is also a great option to spend quality time with your family. 


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