Big things, small packages – Prague, Czech Republic

When you visit a typical European city, its architecture stands out and screams at you. But Prague is a whole other ball game. Stone bridges, a hilltop castle and an inspiring river all contribute to 1% of what people know of Prague – because what people really come here for is its haunting beauty, impeccable fashion and exquisite beer. The art world is also Gothic, sensual and luscious in its own way.

Prague is a beautiful maze that brings to life hidden courtyards and cute cafes. Because this is almost unexplored land for tourism, I suggest you get there ASAP. When I was a kid, what fascinated me the most about discovering new places is the mystery of not knowing what you are going to eat, who you are going to see or where you are about to go – everything was best left to chance.

In friends, when chandler is lying to Janice about going to Yemen he makes up an address – as a bet I had used that line to tell the cab driver that is where we are staying. He knew exactly what we were talking about and had a laugh with us. The reason I’m telling you this is because the greatest of trips stem from the connections you make. He offered to be our tour guide for our entire stay and it was completely worth it. He made sure to take us to really traditional pubs that had the world’s finest brews.

View of square and astronomical clock, Prague

Prague is quite the fashionable country. Nobody knows from where the scene started or how it grew like a revolution – but people referred to Prague as a fashion capital second to Milan. I guess it’s just the boom of designer clothes and boutiques that have taken the city by storm (to me this didn’t make a difference at all, but I know women/men who would just die for things like these). If you are a person like me who most of the time finds comfort in shorts and t-shirts, then you might feel a little out of place here (because everyone is so well dressed for some reason – like they have all come out from a catalog). Anyway ladies and gentlemen, you will enjoy window shopping and actually buying things that are exclusively designed in Prague, so that your fashion statement will be talked about in your home country.

The city does offer a picturesque view from roof tops and cobbled lanes (I would like to meet the person who started this – what a visionary). The old-fashioned bars are something that come to life when the sun sets, while the colors that bounce off domes (churches in Vinohrady and Bubenec) are just waiting to be captured. Prague offers so much more than it should be capable of. Looks like, big things do come in small packages – not the amount that will take to go, but the memories that you will come back with.





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