When we plan to take a vacation, we keep a track of airfare, the best hotels to stay in, and car rentals. What we sometimes overlook are local tours and activities to experience, hoping we’ll get a sense of them when we reach our destination. But booking these local events and excursions in advance helps save time and money, and also gives you an idea of the culture of the people you are about to visit. They will enhance your overall travel experience, where you can either see the city from a different vantage point or get in-depth, local knowledge on landmarks and lesser-known spots. Book local experiences for an enriching travel experience wherever you go. And here’s is a list of the best apps/websites for booking local experiences.

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Find Local Guides And Book Local Experiences And Tours With These Websites

1Airbnb Experiences

Book Local Experiences

They might be best known for their accommodation services, but Airbnb also offers over 15,000 unique experiences, activities, tours, and unique things to do in cities and towns all around the world. These experiences can be hosted individually where the activity goes beyond the typical tour or class. Unique experiences include cooking, crafting, kayaking and more — all designed and led by locals. o

2Tours By Locals

Source: Tours by Locals

Tours by Locals connects travellers with local tour guides worldwide, with tours typically charged per experience rather than per hour. Changing the way people travel, Tours By Locals has made it easy to find reliable, experienced and inspiring local tour guides absolutely everywhere. Through the website, travellers can discover new cities, towns, and regions through many lenses such as history, photography, food and wine, architecture, art, music, nature and local culture to name a few!


Source: Youtube

One of the biggest names in this list, Viator hosts tours, activities, sells tickets to attraction sites,  and local tour guides for more than 1,300 destinations.  A TripAdvisor company, Viator gives direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities allowing the travellers to discover, research and book thousands of these curated tours.

4Show Around

Source: Show Around

Show Around helps you book local guides that can help you see an edgier, more beautiful and authentic version of the host city. This way users have the freedom to tailor tours with guides (or residents) before they arrive at their destination.

5With Locals

Source: With Locals

This travel marketplace helps you book unique private tours and activities with locals worldwide. It has over 2,000 unique experiences with verified locals in 88 destinations. You can also personalise your experience to your desires.

6Get Your Guide

Source: Get Your Guide

This travel platform offers a great selection of local tour guides who will help book the best local experiences your destination has to offer. Headquartered in Berlin, they introduce unbeatable activities for all ages and interests, where you can get personalised recommendations before and during your trip to experience all your destination has to offer.

7Couch Surfing


This global homestay platform allows travellers to stay with the locals and meet other travellers as well. You can stay or share your home and hometown with travellers.

8Spotted By Locals

Source: Spotted By Locals

This site has published online city guides and offline apps with up-to-date tips curated by handpicked locals in 80+ cities across Europe and North America. These guides are made by ‘Spotters’ who live in the city and speak the language—thereby providing a unique up, close and personal look at the destination you choose to visit.

9Free Tours


This website has made authentic local tour experiences accessible to all, regardless of a budget. Unlike regular tour providers’ services, Free Tours has no set price for tours. Here, you can discover various cities from more than 80+ countries, with free walking tours and unforgettable local guides.

Change Your Way Of Travel: Add Some Local Activities In The Mix

While we all are trying to get used to a new normal, let’s look forward to travelling and also try to support local businesses by travelling locally in the future. Book local tours with the abovementioned sites and get ready for a unique experience with local history, authentic culture, food and traditions. Book local experiences and share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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