Oman has become the destination of choice! A tourism hub, as travellers across the world, are realising what this ancient land holds. The nation of Oman offers natural beauty and authentic Arabian culture that is very difficult to find in other parts of the fast-moving Middle East. In the mountains west of Muscat, is located the Nakhal Fort – one of Oman’s most magnificent and popular attractions, after Nizwa Fort.

This fort was rebuilt in the 17th century)  and is located in Nakhal, a beautiful palm oasis further from the city of Muscat. It’s a beautiful drive which should take you approx. 2 hours. I travelled to Nakhal in search of great forts and culture and found an authentic piece of Omani heritage. 

Image Credit: Ahana

What To See At Nakhal Fort In Oman

Nakhal Fort has been expanded and renovated multiple times throughout history, the current form being renovated by Sultan Qaboos in 1990. The fort has an irregular outline and shape as it does not follow any uniform shape, which makes it one of the key features of this fort.

The lower level of the fort includes a mosque, a well, and a dates storage room. Beautifully designed with vibrant colours, the fort displays a variety of other traditional rooms too. 

The upper level of the fort houses residential quarters with a variety of rooms that showcase traditional exhibits. These rooms explain how life went on during the old times. There is a guest room which features a gorgeous ceiling with geometric designs and Arabic scriptures. If you are in Oman, try paying a visit at Nakhal Fort from Saturday to Thursday between 9 am to 4 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 11 am. Entry fee is 500 baizas for adults.

Other facts: 

  • The fort is operated by the Ministry of Tourism. 
  • The fort also exhibits historic guns.
  • Every week, the fort organises a goat market.
Nakhal Fort in Oman - Ahana 2
Image Credit: Ahana

Shooting On a GoPro

While your mobile phone can surely capture great pictures, here’s what GoPro can do as well. This may not be your best photography device, but it’s great when shooting videos. Not used for regular photography, but I still used it during my travel to the fort. Just keep in mind about the benefits it offers and you can decide whether you want to make this your travel camera or not!

  • Tiny, Light that can fit your pocket
  • Rugged
  • Point and shoot
  • Wide-Angle which is great for wide landscapes
  • Super Battery Life
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy Controls/Navigation
  • Super to capture small actions
  • Hands-free, point-of-view recording
  • Image quality is good

Check out the video of the Nakhal trip here and let me know your thoughts!

Other Forts to Experience in Oman

Oman’s known for its beautiful, architectural forts. Other forts such as Bahla fort ( Unesco World Heritage List) and Rustaq fort are worth a visit too. Both offer something interesting with a rich history. So, if you’re planning your next travel, do get them included in your bucket-list!

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