Flamingo Beach: Your Travel Guide to Visit the Exquisite Pink Birds in Aruba

If you have got enough time to spare, and look forward to exploring an exotic place that offers a heavenly experience on the plant blue, then flamingo beach in Aruba is the place you should be hitting. Apart from the beauty of the beach that is replete with crystal clear blue waters, palm trees, and clear skies, another aspect that draws the attention of visitors is the pink flamingos from whom flamingo beach gets its name.

Flamingos belong to the category of wading birds that can be seen along seashores scrounging for food. There exist only six species of flamingos. The pink bodies of flamingos with their large beaks resting on long legs make them look all the more enormous. Flamingos are known for their longer lifespan. Some have been known to thrive for 70 years.

Flamingo beach, Aruba
Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Flamingo beach is owned by Renaissance Hotel. The hotel has a small island called Renaissance Island to which you have to take a ferry to visit Flamingo beach. While the beach is usually reserved for guests of the hotel, outside guests can get a day pass at the cost of $99. However, the first priority is always given to hotel guests.

The ferry or boat service to the flamingo beach is provided by the hotel itself. Kids can have access to the Renaissance Island, but their entry is prohibited at the Flamingo beach. This is to ensure that the habitat of flamingos is not disturbed. Another reason is to offer privacy to the couples. Hence, the beach is reserved for adults only.

Things to do at Flamingo beach

As it is quite a popular beach for flamingo sightings, your first preference is likely to feast eyes on flamingos. Have good times at the beach taking stills of the pink fellas. Once you are done with bumping into flamingos, you have the entire beach to explore. The beach is aptly furnished with all the essential stuff that you seek at beaches such as restaurants, chairs, hammocks, a spa, bathrooms, towels, etc.

Flamingo Beach, Aruba
Flamingo Beach, Aruba

There are not many beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Renaissance Hotel, hence the flamingo beach serves the purpose of attracting tourists. A boat is the only option available to reach the flamingo beach. Boats leave from the Renaissance hotel at an interval of 15 minutes.

Entry Fee or Permit

The guests on the beach are at liberty to explore the island at their own discretion, but they should keep in mind the rules and regulations of the authorities. For those who are not the guests of the hotel, as mentioned above, a day pass is required to enjoy the beauty of this famous beach. This day pass lets you enjoy lunch and drinks at the restaurant on the island. Renaissance hotel provides day passes only in case the hotel is not fully packed. This is done to ensure that the flamingo beach doesn’t get overcrowded.

Flamingo beach at Aruba. Renaissance Aruba Private Island
Flamingo beach at Aruba. Renaissance Aruba Private Island

Pack all the necessary stuff, with a camera topping the list, so that you don’t miss the golden opportunity of taking selfies and photos with these glorious birds on the beach. Also, ensure that you are carrying your swim gear along.

At the beach, you will find a vending machine which dispenses food for the flamingos, but it only accepts US quarters. It is undoubtedly a lot easier to lure flamingos with food rather than just sitting around with your fingers crossed and hoping one comes to you. Also makes sure that you are at the perfect spot on time, otherwise the flamingos meant for you are likely to turn to other guests. For any other information, you can always get in touch with Aruba tourism. Weave some unforgettable memories that serve better than any souvenir while frolicking with the flamingos of Aruba.

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