The Ultimate Couples’ Destination: Aruba For Two

What says ‘romantic getaway’ more than breath-taking sunsets, powdery white sand beaches, clear turquoise water and 365 days of travel-friendly weather? Aruba has all that and more! Known to make its visitors fall in love with the island and return a countless number of times, this island is one the more popular of the Caribbean Islands. One thing’s for sure, each time you visit, you’ll have plenty to do and even more to see!

Set the mood

Sail out into the horizon in opulence with your special someone to witness mother nature create a stunning painting in the sky as the sun sets over the waters. The luxury catamaran will take you out towards the horizon for a leisurely two-hour sail during which you will be treated to complimentary food and drinks while enjoying some soul-stirring music. Some cruises even offer candlelit dinners. Others offer water activities. The sunset cruise is understandably one of the more popular activities among couples vacationing in Aruba because… well it’s obvious, isn’t it? Sailing across the ocean with the sunset in the background is pretty much the ending of all romance novels.

Witness some of the most gorgeous sunsets as you walk down the beach with your SO

If you thought that was as romantic as it gets, you’re wrong. Another popular couple activity is a horseback riding tour that leads you up a mountain, through a desert and to a beautiful natural pool that you can cool off at after your ride. Now, how’s THAT for romantic?

Dig in

After all that activity, it’s time to fuel up with some of the most incredible food the island has to offer. The cuisine is Aruba is highly influenced by all its surrounding countries as well as the various nationalities that have now made the island their home. Sample some delectable and incredibly fresh seafood at the beach, a five-course meal at a high-end restaurant or a juicy rib at the nearest steakhouse. When it comes to food in Aruba, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Dine on fresh seafood
Au Natural

Being a Caribbean Island, it goes without saying that Aruba is covered with natural beauty and then some. The landscapes in this relatively small island range from beaches to deserts to mountains to rocky terrain. You can climb intriguing rock formations, run down a powdery desert sand dune, discover the intricacies of the caves and walk across the stunning natural bridges all without ever leaving the island. Apart from these incredible sights, Aruba is home to a national park, a bird sanctuary, a butterfly park and even a donkey farm!

Walk across some natural bridges and gaze at the gorgeous natural landscapes in Aruba
Dive in

A trip to Aruba would be incomplete without visiting the island’s most popular inhabitants- its incredible sea life. A kaleidoscope of colour awaits you on your snorkel and with coral being visible just a few feet from the shore, it is a perfect activity for both amateurs and professionals alike. The crystal-clear water and fantastic all-year-round weather makes Aruba one of the best places for all water-related adventures.

The Caribbean waters host some amazing marine life

Whether you plan to have an itinerary on your trip or just wing it, be adventurous or relax, go sightseeing or just chill at the spa, there is no right or wrong way to travel in Aruba because with the love of your life by your side and the beautiful island as your oyster, you’re guaranteed to come away with experiences and memories to last your lifetime and pictures that will make you want to plan that next trip back!


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