Biking is an excellent way to explore any city. It allows you to see what’s going on along the roads while being an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Some cities from around the world boast excellent biking infrastructure and safety. Here are some of the best cities for cycling:

1Copenhagen, Denmark

best cities for cycling

Often said to be one of the most bike-friendly cities, cycling is almost a way of life in Copenhagen. A large portion of its residents (62%) even commute by bike rather than by car. This is due to the well-defined cycling paths, and over 390 kilometres of designated bike lanes set throughout the city, making cycling both safe and easy.

2Amsterdam, Netherlands

Two bikes on a bridge in Amsterdam

Another city famous for its cyclists is Amsterdam. There are said to be over 800,000 bicycles in this city. Its relatively flat roads and wide lanes make it perfect for this. Additionally, it is extremely easy for visitors to rent cycles and start exploring the city, as well as many dedicated guided cycling tours and routes.

3Montréal, Canada

Montreal Avenue Mont-Royal Summer City Scene

This vibrant Canadian city is also known for its impressive bike paths. Covering almost 600 kilometres, they make it extremely easy to get around the city. Montreal also holds an annual bike festival, where cyclists of all ages take a tour around the town.

4Strasbourg, France

House tanners, Petite France district. Strasbourg, France

Located in the historic Alsace region, this charming and picturesque town is an excellent destination to explore by bicycle, as its narrow lanes and half-timber houses are quite difficult to navigate by car. The city is even looking to double the number of cyclists by 2025.

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5Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya crossing, pedestrians and cyclist crossing the road, street level, Game, Zodiac Signs

Japan isn’t really known for being bike-friendly, but Tokyo might just be the exception. The city is filled with bike lanes and parking spots, and even has dedicated divided sidewalks for both bikers and pedestrians. About 14% of the city’s commuters choose to ride bicycles, so why not join them on your visit to the city?

6Berlin, Germany

two bicycles in Berlin, city commuting

Berlin has over 800 kilometres of bike paths, making cycling a wonderful way to explore this fascinating and historic city. With no steep hills and well-marked lanes, there’s plenty to recommend Berlin for anyone looking for an unusual way to experience the city.

7Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bike in a great sunset at Ipanema beach

Rio de Janeiro first started building bike lanes in 1992, and today has a large population of cyclists. It has over 400 kilometres of bike lanes and excellent rental service (Bike Rio). The programme has 4,000 bicycles at 400 stations throughout the city for anyone to rent.

8Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana architecture and tourist bikes, capital city of Slovenia

The wonderful capital of Slovenia has a flat terrain perfect for sightseeing by bike. It has almost 250 kilometres of bike lanes and lots of rental stations across the city. Additionally, the city centre does not allow cars – it’s only open to pedestrians, cyclists.

Have we missed any of your top best cities for cycling? If so do share them in the comments below.


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