The world seems to be slowly reopening, but the majority of us are still stuck inside and travel experiences seem to be a thing of the past. As travel won’t be an option for a while yet, you might find yourself wistfully scrolling through your camera roll, pining for tropical sunsets and chic cafés. So, here are some fun ways to relive your past travels and the associated memories to help you deal with those can’t-travel blues.

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Here’s How You Can Relive Your Past Travel Experiences From Home

1. Retrace the footsteps of your past travels on Google Street View, and even check out any landmarks you might have missed

Google map street views, relive past travels

2. Organise your old travel photos, then design and print your own photo album

3. If you’re good with video-editing, why not even make a compilation video of your trip?

4. Write down any old travel memories in a journal (you can even illustrate it!)

5. Try to recreate a favourite meal from your last trip

6. Or, if you don’t think your cooking skills are up to it, order your favourite international snacks online

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7. Invite the friends you travelled together with and have a video chat to relive all your fun travel memories

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8. Brush up on your language skills with online courses

via Giphy

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9. Binge watch your favourite travel movies and shows, or read you favourite travel books

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10. Travel virtually with online tours that you can take from the comfort of your sofa

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11. And finally, start planning your next trip!

So, How Are You Keeping Your Travel Experiences Alive While Staying Home?

Many people’s travel plans have been overturned due to the global pandemic and stay at home orders, but that doesn’t mean your plans have to be totally cancelled; just postponed until times get better. Until then, there are lots of ways to keep the travel zeal alive—well, at least mentally and virtually!


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