Travel packing for men’s business travel wardrobe can be really fun if the right things are selected to be worn. Men’s business wardrobe styling has many items that can be mixed and matched to make an entirely new outfit.

In fact, it is good to shop for each piece individually. Doing this helps you to not get your mind stuck on a particular outfit. You keep mixing things and keep flaunting your outfits as if all of them are freshly worn. Listed below are a few things that will help you make such attires look flawless. Check out and see if you already have any such attire ready for yourself. Women can check out their professional travel packing info here.

Must-have Things in Men’s Business Travel Wardrobe

1. Blazers

Nowadays men’s business travel wardrobe is all redefined. These days there is a trending business just based on the ‘business casual look’. This look is super comfortable plus you do not look like a dork. Casual yet classic.

If you really want a different look and want to flaunt your business travel wardrobe, go for this look.

Grab a plain white shirt, wear a dark-coloured cardigan (light coloured cardigan will also work if you are wearing a dark-coloured shirt inside) and over it wear a blazer that is a little shorter in length and is a little softer than a normal blazer fabric. White sneakers will look fabulous with them and you will look more handsome than usual.

Formal look for men's business travel wardrobe
Blazer over a formal shirt

2. Spread collar shirts with Cardigan

Men’s business travel wardrobes should be filled with these pieces. They are outfit saviours. Not only do cardigans make you look classy but you can also experiment with this attire. A spread collar shirt can be worn under a cardigan and sleeves can be folded upward so that the cuffs are visible and the collar can be taken out.

A good watch, chinos and loafers or derby shoes will make this attire more than just a professional outfit.

men's business travel wardrobe
Spread collar shirt with a black cardigan

3. Polo T-shirts/Mandarin shirts

Let’s not be a part of the crowd – wear something out of the blue! Maybe a polo T-shirt or a mandarin shirt under a contrasting coloured blazer. This can be matched with chinos and sneakers or even loafers.

This is the most untried attire and I do not see a reason why.

This is more than normal and the level at which this attire can be deemed classy cannot be explained.

men's business travel wardrobe
Polo T-shirt to wear with a jacket or a blazer

4. Shawl collar cardigan

Make a list of men’s business travel outfits and add jumpers or shawl collar cardigans to it. Have you ever seen anything as cosy and as stylish as this? Nope! Not possible. This will cost you style points – nothing else. The warmth provided by these is not even a point of discussion. Try a Button-up shirt with it or a T-shirt and chinos instead of jeans and Oxford shoes on top of it. You are winter ready, my friend! Since it is light in weight, carrying it on a business trip will not be a problem.

Men's business travel outfit
Shawl collar sweater with a checked shirt inside

5. Chinos vs Trousers

If slim-fit trousers are a star for men’s business travel outfits but chinos are the superstar. Chinos are much more comfortable and the fabric is softer than normal trousers. Chinos look good with shirts and blazers, t-shirts and blazers, cardigans and shirts, Phew! Basically, there is nothing chinos do not go with.

Men's travel outfit for business
Man wearing Chinos

6. Suit up for men’s business travel wardrobe

If you ask me, what can look better on a man than a suit?! I will not have an answer to that, and also it’s rhetorical! There is nothing classier than a suit for someone who is planning a list of men’s business travel outfits. It is best if you buy a wrinkle-free suit for yourself because you will have to pack it eventually and you might not get time to iron it.

Or you can just wear it and grab all the eyeballs on your flight 😀

selection of suits - men's business travel wardrobe
Suits for business travel wear

7. Double-breasted suits

This coat has wide overlapping flaps which have on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons. The buttons are placed in a  parallel way. The overlapping flaps give it a royal look and soft and warm provide the required heat. If you find it difficult to pack this you can always wear it and take it with you or keep it in hand while travelling. The fabric is soft enough and you can’t just leave it behind. This is perfect wear for a formal professional meeting.

8. Shirts

a plain white shirt - men's business travel wardrobe
White collar shirt

Men’s business travel wardrobe has shirts as their basic attire. If you do not find anything to wear in your travel wardrobe, you can just wear a shirt and match it with good trousers with a loafer that is as classy as the shirt is and a trendy watch, not to forget the belt, which is not shiny. The belt should be subtle yet classy.

9. Sleeveless sweaters

A man in a sleeveless sweater - Men's business travel wardrobe
Man in the office wearing a sleeveless sweater

Sleeveless formal sweaters are the easiest form of outfit and the cutest looking men’s business travel wardrobe part. Every second guy has one sleeveless sweater with them because it is the easiest to carry along on a trip. It doesn’t take up much space in the luggage. You can always roll it and take it somewhere in the luggage which by the way will always have space for this one attire.

10. Scarf

Man wearing formals - men's business travel wardrobe
A man wearing a scarf with formal

If you are not a winter person and yet you want to look good in what you are wearing, just add one scarf to your attire. You have no idea what can this little piece of cloth do to your attire and make it look so exclusive. If you think, wool can make you feel bulky, you have misunderstood wool. Cashmere, Alpaca, and Pashmina are wool that can keep you warm enough in winter and aren’t too bulky. If you are looking for breathable fabrics, you should go for, cotton, linen, and jersey.

11. High-neck sweaters

Elegant gentleman wearing a high neck sweater - men's business travel wardrobe
An elegant gentleman wearing a high-neck sweater

An overcoat and a high-neck sweater with formal shoes and a pair of sunglasses are all you need to make your look as stylish as it can get. High-neck sweaters can usually be folded to provide a double layer of warmth around the neck.

12. Tie

tie for a formal look - men's business travel wardrobe

businessman fixing his tieYou can drape a tie in many ways to accessorise your formal attire. You can select which way you want to drape it and look like a professional and just see what a difference this one piece makes to your attire. The commonly used fabrics for neckties are silk, polyester, wool blends, rayon, nylon, cotton, linen, and ramie. These materials are soft and give a finish to the fabric.

13. Reversible belts

Because you are travelling, you can not take the entire men’s business travel wardrobe with you. So pack smartly so that you can utilize the luggage space as much as you can. Reversible belts give you dual colours in one belt. The buckle can be reversed and you have a belt of a different colour in your hand. Colour choices depend on your preferences.

reversible belts for two colours - men's business travel wardrobe
Reversible belt

14. Shoes

There is a list of formal shoes that can be worn with an outfit and can look amazing with each one of them.

  • Derby: Classic Derbies are plain leather shoes without any jazz elements in them. They are perfect for everyday wear or for formal attire.
  • Brogues: These are a style of low-heeled shoes characterized by sturdy leather uppers and decorative perforations.
  • Sneakers: These are for business casuals. The attire will look cool and professional at the same time.
  • Oxfords: An Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs. Unlike the Derby, these shoes have closed lacing, which means that the laces are attached under the vamp.

So select one for your outfits and you’re done! Style at its peak.

Classic polished men's brown oxford brogues
Formal oxford shoes

15. Laptop bags

Go stylish this year with stylish laptop bags that are sleek and completely affordable. Laptop bags are available on different websites and in different styles. Be different and choose something that you have never selected for yourself. Be different, be you! Grab one of these for your men’s business travel wardrobe list.

men's business travel wardrobe
Stylish laptop bags

Hopefully, you would have selected items for your men’s business travel wardrobe list now. Like and share the above style with your friends and family. Spread some love.

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  1. Amazing tips regarding the men’s wardrobe. The checklist helps a lot for the confused men and who usually forgets things and always end up with the new purchase!!!
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