Women’s professional travel clothing has raised standards in today’s world. More than just a formal shirt we have moved on to numerous options which are classy and not mainstream.

Today women are independent and outspoken and their attire and personality should reflect that. More than that, a woman can pull it off any attire if she is comfortable with it. For that matter anyone, not just women; when anyone is comfortable in their attire it adds to their personality, making them more at ease and thus appear confident.

So for all the women out there, we have an outfit list for you. Men can get their list for professional clothing here. Check and see if you already have any of these. Grab them if you don’t. These are the most comfortable outfits you can imagine to wear at work.

1. Trousers

Since you will be travelling, you need to be lightly packed. Women’s professional travel clothing should include basic dark-coloured trousers. Because these trousers are dark, they are not colour specific to match.

You can match a royal blue slim-fit trouser with a plain white shirt or a plain light pink shirt, over which you can wear a royal blue jacket or just let it be like that. Both these looks will make it a perfect outfit for business travel. You can even match a striped shirt with a slim fit trousers and the heels mentioned below can steal the show. It is good if the trousers are stretchable for personal comfort as trouser is the most preferable travel clothes for women.

Businesswoman wearing Blue suit
A woman wearing a blue jacket and matching trousers with a white top.

2. Wrinkle-free Shirts

An important outfit for women’s professional travel clothing is a wrinkle-free shirt. Fabrics like polyester, nylon, acrylic and olefin are comparatively more stable than cotton. They do not absorb water, hence are wrinkle-free. These fabrics need not be ironed. Even after washing they give a very professional, clean appearance. Since they are wrinkle-free, they give a clean and beautiful fall downwards. So You can always wear it with a skirt or slim-fit trousers and finish the look with heels matching your wardrobe.

Bonus tip: A blazer will be the cherry on top.

Women's professional clothing wrinkle free shirts
Wrinkle-free, worry-free shirts

3. Blazers

Blazers give a very professional look to the attire and the results of wearing a blazer turn out to be outstanding. When you are travelling, you will hardly get time to iron your clothes. So it’s better if you carry a wrinkle-free jacket or blazer with you that can be worn over a skirt and a plain formal top or a complete suit. Nothing can look as classy as this attire for women’s professional clothing. This is just more than perfect for your business meeting or a presentation.

Blazer over a white top and skirt for women's business travel cothing
Blazer over a white top and skirt

4. Wrap dress with heels

Wrap dress with heels is the easiest combination to pull off and is easily available in the market. Bloomingdales and The Label Life have a wide range of formal wrap dresses with them and in different ranges and colours.

These dresses have a different look. You can just pull it off without wearing anything over it. Or you can just wear an overcoat above it and you are good to go for the day. Grab a good pair of footwear to go with it and that is it. Heads will turn, the stage will be set on fire and you will rock girl.

Stylish wrap dress - women's professional travel clothing
Stylish wrap dress with a red scarf

5. Coat and skirt 

A plain solid-coloured top matched with a contrasting coloured skirt and a similar coloured blazer over it will give a very professional look to your personality. The skirt need not be a straight one, but make sure it looks professional and does not have any sparkling prints on it. Basic solid colours are the catch of women’s professional travel clothing. Always prefer matte colours over shiny colours. Matt always gives a professional and classy look.

A woman in a formal coat and skirt - women's professional travel clothing
Woman wearing a skirt and white top and jacket over it

6. Etsuko dress

Comfort is prioritised in Etsuko dress. This dress has three-fourth sleeves and is a figure-flaunting dress that will not just make you look beyond beautiful but also provides coverage. Not only inside the office but also outside the office and throughout the year you can pull off this dress.

Every professional woman should at least have one Etsuko dress with them.

If you want to flaunt your wardrobe and style, go for this. Usually, this dress comes with a side zip and a belt but it depends on the customer as to what attracts them.

Etsuko dress in blue colour - women's professional travel clothing
Etsuko dress in blue colour

7. Boat neck dresses

Boat neck dresses are one of those outfits that you should have in your travel or day-to-day wardrobe. Women’s professional travel clothing should be filled with such dresses. You do not need to wear any neck accessories. This will go with a pair of pearl earrings and a good watch, leave your hair open and you’re done! With few other attires, you might want to wear a few accessories. Forever 21 is the best place to find these work accessories and travel clothes for women.

Boat neck dress with stripes - women's professional travel clothing
Boat neck dresses for an elegant look

8. Suspenders

Women’s suspenders are so in these days for office styling. They come in different colours and buckle shapes. Widely available online, they make an outfit look great for women’s professional travel clothing. These days suspenders are not only worn with office attire but also with casual clothing. Black suspenders do look good with a white shirt and royal blue trousers or black trousers. Just do the mixing and matching. Make sure the experiment works magic on you.

Suspenders for office attire - women's professional travel clothing
Black suspenders over a white office top and blue trousers

9. Formal sweater

The best way to keep yourself warm in winter and Classy enough to give a formal look is a formal sweater or a cardigan. Staying in a blazer all day can be tiring if it is not a light one. Instead, wear a sweater that is light and warm enough. You can wear a blazer over it, no doubt but later you can remove the blazer if you feel hot or you want to be comfortable. And your basic styling for women’s professional travel clothing is done.

woman wearing a red formal sweater - Women's professional travel clothing
woman wearing a red formal sweater

10. Scarf

Brown blazer with printed scarf and sunglasses for an office look
Brown blazer with printed scarf and sunglasses

Accessorise your office look a bit by wearing a scarf. Women’s professional travel clothing should be a reason for you to buy a scarf and pull it off very glamorously. Match or contrast the look. It’s up to you. It is completely your choice to leave it around your neck just like that or wrap it around your neck. Both ways it is a beautiful thing for you.

Did you know you can look different and stunning just by draping your scarf in dozens of different ways?

11. Two-layered dress

This is an already experimented attire. No rocket science is needed for this attire. Take a normal boatneck or an Etsuko dress and accessorise it with a matching overcoat for winter so that you can take off the coat when in a heated environment. A pullover or a jacket may be contrasting or matching for summer.

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two layered dress - Women's professional travel clothing
Coat over a Formal dress

12. Stylish backpacks or sling bags

Give up the huge laptop bags and move on to stylish backpacks so that your beautiful women’s business travel clothing is not hampered by the big and ugly laptop bags. Trend it, style it and keep slaying. You can also carry sleek laptop bags with a sling strap to look trendy. They come in various colours, designs and sizes.

Woman carrying a Stylish backpack and file - Women's professional travel clothing
Stylish backpacks

13. Shoes

Be it flats or pumps or block heels, shoes for the office should be comfortable, nothing more or nothing less than that. Heels can be painful for your back and feet. Choose the ones that are not. Block heels are a comfortable choice. Kitten heels or wedge heels are also a good choice. But if any amount of heels makes you feel uncomfortable or give you pain, go for flats. Formal flats such as ballet flats (ballerinas) or strappy flats, not sneakers or sports shoes. The latter two do not count as formals. And try your best not to wear something bedazzled or sequinned! It could be a personal preference, but plain, solid colours look the most classy when it comes to formal footwear.

Shoes, bellies or heels for formal attire - Women's professional travel clothing
Style your outfit with great shoes

14. Accessories

Forever 21 is the brand you should look up to when looking for formal and simple accessories and professional travel clothes for women. That sleek necklace that you are searching for is available here. It is good to look good when it comes to office attire. Match these simple yet amazing pieces of jewellery with your formal tops and dresses and no one can beat your attire. Plus they are small so carrying them with you while travelling will not be a pain.

Tip: The best thing to do is carry something that is simple (such as plain gold or gold plated designs, or pearl/diamond earrings) and will go with anything so you can be set with carrying just one pair!

Woman smiling and looking at a simple neck piece - Women's professional travel clothing
Simple is classy when it comes to jewellery

15. Sleeveless Tops

Solid-coloured sleeveless tops have no limit to styling for women’s professional travel clothing. Pull off a jacket with it or a blazer or leave it like that and wear it with a skirt or formal slim-fit trousers. Nothing can stop you from looking drop-dead gorgeous.

Woman wearing a formal sleeveless top - Women's professional travel clothing
Formal sleeveless tops

These women’s professional travel clothing tips will work wonders when you girls will go out and wear them.

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Do let us know if there are any other office attires that you would want to try out. If you liked the post, hit the share button and tell more people about it. Also, tell us in the comments section how this post helped you in your selection of professional clothing.


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