We first spoke about must-have travel outfits for women and then we thought, why leave the poor boys out? There are a few must-have travel outfits for men as well – to keep in their wardrobe all the time or to take with them when travelling. These outfits for men will help them not only carry themselves confidently but also are way too comfortable.

If you have the things listed below in your wardrobe already but are dumped at the back, take it out and start reusing it. And if there is something in the list below that you don’t have, go get it because these things will work like magic in your day to day life as well as in your travel baggage. These amazingly comfortable travel outfits for men are also extremely affordable and very much in trend these days. And it’s not to say that you should take all of these on every trip! Just keep ’em handy in your wardrobe and pack as per your destination or itinerary. Take a notepad and start writing boys and men!

Travel Outfits for men to have in their wardrobe

1. Shirts

You must be aware of the casual and the formal shirts that are available in the market. But did you know, the shirts are not only differentiated on the basis of the collars but also on the basis of cuffs. Here are a few types of them that will help you choose your style of shirts. Elitify is one brand that you do not want to miss shopping from. They have every brand categorized with them.

a. Based on collars

Spread Collars

More like a formal shirt that you can wear with a bow tie or a normal tie. Its collars are a little spread to give space to your tie knot to be completely visible. It looks more classy when worn with chinos pants. It is good if the shirt is of a slim fit style.

Ready to go spread collar shirts - Travel outfits for men
Spread collar shirt worn with chinos


Its collars are a little compact than the spread color shirts. They give your tie knot a very clean and compact look for formal or semi-formal look. These look Classy with folded sleeves and also with a jacket over them. Choose your style and nothing can beat it.

Man wearing semi spread collar shirts as travel outfits for men
A man wearing semi-spread collar shirts

Point collar

It is even further compact than semi-spread shirts. But if you have a semi-spread collar shirt, you are good to go. You don’t need a point collar shirt. If you have them already, don’t wear it with a tie, instead wear it with a jacket to give it a semi-formal look for your travel outfits. For a formal look, nothing can look better than a point collar shirt.

Point collar shirts for travel outfits for men
Point collar shirts

Buttoned down

This type of shirt is supposed to be a semi-formal look for you. Never wear it with a tie or a bow, it won’t be visible. A pair of jeans or chinos will make a great set. These are the most common styled shirts but somehow never fails to set a trend on fire.

These can be matched with a pair of jeans or chinos and loafers or sneakers.

These shirts do not set any barriers when it comes to travel outfits for men. You can just carry them on your dinner dates or for a beach day with shorts and you’re done!

man wearing a white button-down shirt for travel outfits for men
a man wearing a white button-down shirt.


Mandarin shirt types have an unfolded stand up collar. These collars are 2-4 inches above the neckline. This gives an ethnic as well as a casual look to your attire. Nothing above this shirt can make you feel comfortable and trendy. A more casual and classy look than this is not possible. This is a travel outfit you men should have in your wardrobe.

Mandarin collar shirt for casual look - Travel outfits for men
Mandarin collar shirt for casual look

b. Based on the cuffs

One button

This cuff has just one button on the cuffs and gives a crisp look to your attire. A crisp cuff can make your shirt look more than perfect. Probably this is what you are looking for when you go on a dinner date after having struck gold on Tinder or Bumble.

One button cuffs for shirts - Travel outfits for men
One button cuffs for shirts

Angle Cut

This shirt cuff has an elegant mitered angle at the button closure. If you are a little too much into perfection this shirt is for your fashion statement. The sleeves are a little visible when worn with a jacket. The shirts with these cuffs come with a slim fit usually.

Two button

This cuff is rounded and has two buttons instead of one button. It’s a little more stylish than one button cuff shirts. It usually should come out when you wear a coat or a jacket over it. Probably with a leather jacket and a pair of loafers, your men’s travel outfit will be complete and amazing.


This can make a good tuxedo shirt and can be worn with beautiful cuff links. It gives a very smart look when folded back. If not for your travel outfits, at least buy this for your official trips. Nothing more classic and formal you can buy.

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French cuffs with black cuff links - Travel outfits for men
French cuffs with black cuff links

2. Trousers

Every guy has a pair of jeans which is his lifetime favourite jeans, which is good. A pair of jeans in your wardrobe is something that completes your wardrobe. Apart from jeans, you have so many other choices that can make your appearance go charismatic. Here are a few types or travel outfits for men when it comes to the pants department.

Corduroy Trousers

These trousers are the most underused trousers, but if worn correctly corduroy trousers can work wonders. The fabric itself gives a formal look. It comes in stripes and can be worn with corduroy suits. When paired with a shirt or a graffiti t-shirt and sneakers probably this attire can turn heads for you. So go on, check this off in your travel outfits for men list.

corduroy trousers for travel outfits for men
corduroy trousers


This is a casual trouser that gives a completely classic look when worn with a pair of casual shoes. Go easy on the attire when you wear it. Sneakers and a full sleeve t-shirt or loafer and a shirt with sleeves folded. WOW!

Man wearing chinos as travel outfits for men
A man wearing chinos

Cropped Trousers

A little above the ankle and a little below from the waist they make it just right when worn with a casual or mandarin shirt and a pair of sneakers. Shirts will go perfectly with them and t-shirts are I guess made for these cropped trousers. These are casual and trendy.

Man wearing cropped trousers with loafers - Travel outfits for men
Cropped trousers

Cargo pants

If you are a pocket lover, this is a perfect choice for you. It is quite comfortable with 2-4 extra pockets so that you can keep some extra stuff for your journey. This is lower waisted and can go with any shirt or any graffiti t-shirt. Just match it with a pair of sneakers or loafers.

Cargo pants - Travel outfits for men
Cargo pants for travels

3. Reversible belt

These are two belts in a price of one. This dual coloured belt has a twist-able buckle that allows you to twist and wear the colour you want to according to the attire. This is a must thing you need to have in your wardrobe.

Reversible belt with dual colours - Travel outfits for men
Reversible belt with dual colours

4. Wrinkle-free suits

The next time you plan to buy a three piece or four piece suit for yourself, plan and buy a wrinkle-free one because while travelling you won’t be able to iron it every time, so instead look for option 2, which is just the best when travelling for office trips.

Man in wrinkle free suit - Travel outfits for men
Man in a wrinkle-free suit

5. Shoes

Different shoes with different attires, men have one shoe per attire ready. No idea why women are accused of having plenty of shoes in their drawers. Men have an equal number of shoe trends. Few of them are mentioned below, choose your attire type and choose comfort wise to make your travel outfits for men complete.


Open laces shoes and quite comfortable Derby shoes were originally meant to be worn with formals strictly. But that is not how it works these days. Wearing these shoes with shirts and chinos gives the attire a very different look, #breakthestereotype. You go, boy! Derby shoes are available on Elitify as a separate category for you to see and select your type. These make for classy travel outfits for men.

Shiny black derby shoes - Travel outfits for men
Shiny black derby shoes with open laces


The ‘casual attire’ look is never complete without sneakers. It’s not only comfortable but also comes in price ranges from low to high. This is a travel wardrobe must have. There is nothing with which these shoes do not go.

Sneakers for casual wear travel outfits for men
Sneakers with a yellow shoebox


This one type of shoe is a universal type of shoe. Wear it with casuals, or formals, semi-formals or the cargo looks, this piece will go with anything and everything. Shorts, cargo pants, Chinos and what not. Nothing can stop this piece from rocking the stage.

Man wearing loafers for casual travel outfits for men
A man wearing loafers with brown decorative laces

6. Sunglasses

This particular item is choice based and no man who is a style freak can complete his wardrobe without it. Just make sure whatever shape and size you buy, it should be UV resistant. All your travel outfits are just incomplete without a good pair of sunglasses. Shoppers Stop has a wide variety of sunglasses available in different price ranges. You can also try LensKart which has a huge variety and range. If you have a favorite brand then you can shop for those specifically from their outlets.

Man wearing Sunglasses - important piece of travel outfits for men
A man wearing a classy sunglass

7. Socks

Not only shirts or trousers but men also have choices in socks too. Trust me, girls do not have these many options for travel outfits.

To go with loafers

These thin layered socks that are less than ankle length is fit for loafers. These are not visible and do not make your shoes look shabby. Because of these, just the loafers are visible not the socks.

Ankle cut socks to wear with loafers - Travel outfits for men
Ankle cut socks to wear with loafers

Ankle length

If you are planning to wear chinos and sneakers below them, then ankle length is what you want to choose for your attire. They maintain a grip of your ankle and helps your loafers or sneakers stay in place. If you are wearing a new pair of shoes, never ever wear them without ankle length socks. They will protect you from getting a shoe bite.

Plain ankle length socks - Travel outfits for men
Plain ankle length socks


Mid-calf socks are worn with formal pants and shoes. Its thick fabric makes it comfortable for you to wear formal shoes without getting a shoe bite and provides firmness.

Although don’t wear them in that mismatched multi-colour nightmare of a way like in the image below 😉

Mid calf length socks - Travel outfits for men
Mid-calf length socks

Knee length

It is mostly worn by players for firmness and comfort while playing. It makes running easy. So if you have a game plan for your travel trip, go for these because they will maintain a grip for you to play comfortably and happily.

Ankle length socks for a good game plan or even a trek - Travel outfits for men
Ankle length socks for a good game plan or even a trek

These are some basic things you will need if you are planning a trip ( personal or official). Also if you are considering to redefine your travel wardrobe, this list is a must for it. If you have them, great! If not, grab them, boys! Look great and travel the world.

If you have any other suggestion for travel outfits, please comment below in the comments section and let us know your travel outfit ideas.


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